4 th year dance n.
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4 th year Dance

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4 th year Dance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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4 th year Dance . Warm up and Cool down . http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyjF8j9Kdw4. Warm up . The aim of an effective warm up is to gradually get your whole body prepared for work. This will ensure that you prevent injury to muscles, tendons and ligaments. . Warm up conti….

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4 th year dance

4th year Dance

Warm up and Cool down

warm up
Warm up

The aim of an effective warm up is to gradually get your whole body prepared for work. This will ensure that you prevent injury to muscles, tendons and ligaments.

warm up conti
Warm up conti…

Four key stages involved in an effective warm up

  • Increase pulse rate by raising the blood flow to the muscles. This can be achieved through aerobic exercise such as jogging.
warm up conti1
Warm up conti…

2. Complete stretching for large muscle groups

warm up conti2
Warm up conti…

3. Refresh a few specific skill-related practices for the activity you are participating in. For example, if the activity is basketball, practise a few lay up shots for a further few minutes.

warm up conti3
Warm up conti…

4. Prepare your mind for the activity ahead. You might wish to note these down.

badminton example
Badminton example

Stage 1 – increase pulse rate

Gentle jogging and light running for a few minutes around the court

badminton example1
Badminton example

Stage 2 – complete stretching

Complete stretching exercises. Make the stretching specific to the activity. For example arm swinging for the arms and lunges for the legs.

badminton example2
Badminton example

Stage 3 – Refresh specific skill

Carry out specific skill-related practices. In the first practice the aim is to run, change direction, and stay in balance when moving through using precise footwork.

badminton example3
Badminton example

Stage 4 – Prepare your mind

Prepare your mind for the badminton game.

2006 credit pass paper question
2006 credit Pass paper question

Sometimes a performance will prepare physically for an activity.

Name three parts of a warm up, and explain why each one is important.

  • Warm up part 1/reason for doing this;
  • Warm up part 2/reason for doing this;
  • Warm up part 3/reason for doing this

2 marks for each correct answer

2001 credit
2001 credit

The body requires a constant supply of oxygen to function.

  • Describe why the body needs more oxygen when we start to warm-up. (1)
  • Describe how the body increases the amount of oxygen that is taken into the body. (1)
  • Describe how the body transports this oxygen. (2)
warm down
Warm down
  • The warm down is to help your body to recover after exercise and for your heart rate to decrease slowly.
  • It should start with jogging or light running. This will help the blood circulation to carry more oxygen to the muscles, which in turn will help reduce muscle stiffness as lactic acid is removed more quickly. This exercise should last a few minutes.
warm down conti
Warm down conti...

Complete your warm down with some stretching. This will help keep muscles supple.