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Email List Secrets Review - (FREE) Bonus of Email List Secrets PowerPoint Presentation
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Email List Secrets Review - (FREE) Bonus of Email List Secrets

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Email List Secrets Review - (FREE) Bonus of Email List Secrets - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Email List Secrets Review-TRUST about Email List Secrets cand 80% discount. TRUST review and Download MEGA bonuses of Email List Secrets:
Email List Secrets is a complete 12-part email marketing home study course covering essentials to advanced topics of email marketing
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Email List Secrets Review - (FREE) Bonus of Email List Secrets

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    1. Email List Secrets – Brand New High QualityPLR Product You CanResell… Email List Secrets is a complete 12-part email marketing home study course covering essentials to advanced topics of emailmarketing What Is Email List Secrets? Enough is enough! It's simplyfrustrating! When you've put so much work into your online business only to see very little to no results. You've tried affiliate marketing, only to see a sale here andthere. You've tried ranking your site on Google, but it's taken so much time and money to get it ranked. All-in-all, you've basically tried everything that the experts have told you and just can't seem tobreakthrough. And what about creating an information product or training course? It's even more difficult! What if I told you that there was a quick, easy and painless solution to having your own product to sell and not worry about the whole process of creating one in the firstplace? Just imagine having a simple system that's all done for you so you all you need to do is: Download, Edit, Upload, andSell. Well, that's how easy it is when you grab a brand new private label rights product you can proudly call yourown... Introducing: Email ListSecrets Email List Secrets is A Complete 12-Part Step-By-Step Email Marketing Crash Course That Comes Complete With Private Label Rights. This product isn't just another "101 tips" type of eBook; it's a full-blown course containing supplemental cheat sheets, mindmap and resources so that your customers can take action on the course, rather than leaving it to collectdust.

    2. How Does Email List SecretsWork? Special Features of Email ListSecrets: Here's Exactly What You're Going To GetInside... Module 1: 12 x High QualityEbooks

    3. The main eBook is called Email List Secrets. It's a completely brand new guide sharing A Complete 12-Part Step-By-Step Email Marketing CrashCourse. • It's not just another eBook filled with theory and fluff, it will guide the reader all the way and get him or her to take action by the end of the guide. It is a practicalguide. • You can rest assured knowing that this eBook was written by a fluent, native U.S. writer who holds a Certified English Degree, and was chosen based on industryexpertise. • What'sincluded? • Over 24,000 words (140+ pages!) of "how to", step-by-step content. 100% unique andoriginal. • It is separated into 12 sections (12 PDF's) for an "e-Learning" style home study course. It can be sold as a complete course or separate, individuallessons. • Also provided as one eBook which is 140+ pages intotal! • Editable DOC file included so you can freely edit the eBook as youwish. • Professionally and beautifully formatted andstyled • PDF versionincluded. • Here Are All 12 Ebooks Included in ThisCourse: • Ebook #1: Lesson 1 - Introduction To EmailMarketing

    4. This lesson goes through the basics of email marketing, some important stats and reasons why you should implement email marketing into yourbusiness. Ebook #2: Lesson 2 - Autoresponder Comparison &Review This guide goes through the most popular autoresponder services, compares its features andprices. Ebook #3: Lesson 3 - Top Tools For Creating LandingPages This lesson goes through some of the most popular landing page creators as well as other email marketingtools. Ebook #4: Lesson 4 - Opt-in Landing PageTactics Want to know how to convert more visitors into subscribers? This lesson goes through ways to tweak and optimize your opt-in page for highconversions. Ebook #5: Lesson 5 - EmailCopywriting Now that you have subscribers, how do you write emails that get them to take action? Whether it's to get them to buy or check out your latest post, knowing how to write email copy isimportant. Ebook #6: Lesson 6 - Subscriber RelationshipBuilding Building an email list isn't just about getting subscribers onto your list. If you want them to stay on your list and trust your recommendations, then you need to learn how to build a relationship with them. This guide walks you through how to develop an authentic relationship with yoursubscribers. Ebook #7: Lesson 7 - Autoresponder SequencePower This guide walks you through how to create an autoresponder sequence that follows up on your subscribers so you can have more opportunities to make the sale and get them coming back formore. Ebook #8: Lesson 8 - Landing PageTraffic Once you have your opt-in page up, how do you start driving targeted traffic to it? This guide shows you ways on how to get traffic - free and paidmethods! Ebook #9: Lesson 9 - List Monetization Tactics Building an email list is just one aspect of email marketing. The bottom line is, you want to make money from it but where do you start? This lesson goes through ways to monetize your hard earned emaillist.

    5. Ebook #10: Lesson 10 - List Segementation • Now comes a more advanced topic - list segmentation. Segmenting is important than ever nowadays. Building an email list is one thing but sending the right offer, newsletter or piece of content to the right people is another. You'll find out how to segment your emaillist. • Ebook #11: Lesson 11 - Getting Inboxed - Your Guide To EmailDeliverability • Let's face it. We receive hundreds of emails every day, most of which are promotional. How do you, as an email marketer, reach the actual "Inbox" (not Promotions or Spam box) of your subscribers? That's what this lesson willshare. • Ebook #12: Lesson 12 - Email ListMaintenance • Email list hygiene essentially means making sure that your email list is not only ‘clean’ but also targeted, engaged and effective. You can have a huge mailing list but it can still be worth very little to you if it is filled with people who don’t read your messages and who don’t really want to bethere. • Periodically, your email list will need to be "cleaned up" of any inactive and non-existing subscribers. Avoiding this will hurt your "email sender reputation", and that's usually the cause of most marketers' emails landing straight to the spamfolder. • Here's How You Can Use ThisCourse: • Create a membership site which members can join and learn email marketing on a lesson-by-lesson basis. Remember, you get 12lessons! • Drip-feed the 12 lessons into an autoresponder sequence. You could offer it as a paid or freecourse! • Sell each lesson on its own. That's 12 guides you can sell under yourname/brand! • Use the ebooks as free reports subscribers can opt-in for to build your emaillist. • Create your own home study course. It could be a 12-week course that you run or combine a few lessons to make it a 4 week course instead. It's up toyou! • Or simply offer the course as a single, comprehensive eBook guide. There's over 140+ pages in total when all 12 lessons arecombined! • Plus, anything else of your choosing. You get private label rights so you are free to customize the wholeproduct! • Module 2: PrintableChecklist

    6. As soon as your customers finish going through the eBook, they can follow this complete checklist that's like a summary of all the important points from the eBook, except in actionable steps that easy todigest. • Formatted for print. You can simply print and check off the points you've completed. • A great companion to the main eBook that your customers will highlyappreciate. • Module 3: Resource CheatSheet

    7. In this resource cheat sheet, you'll get a rolodex of top sites, books, tools, software and more! It includes resources such as: • Top apps, tools andsites. • Top blogs andforums. • Top tips and howto's • You can add your own resources, too! You could add products/services you're an affiliate of, and of course your own products so you can increase your profits on the backend! • Module 4:Mindmap

    8. A quick glance over this mindmap and you'll get an instant refresher of all the major points and action steps from the mainguide. This mindmap adds even more value to your customers because some are more "visual" learners. Provided in high-resolution 2000px wide JPG & PNG (transparent) format making it perfect forprint. Module 5: Ready-Made Salesletter & Thank YouPage NEW! 100% Mobile-Friendly And Responsive On AllDevices!

    9. Sell this product right away using this ready-made sales page. You literally only need to insert your order button, add your name as the seller and you can start collectingorders. • No copywritingfees. • No wasted time trying to write a sales pageyourself. • Add your order button and you'redone! • You keep 100% of thesales! • You build your customerlist! • The included sales page was written to convert visitors into customers. You'll also get a Thank You page so that your customers can download the product. Simply insert your download link. Take a look at a sample of the sales page and thank youpage:

    10. Module 6: Lead Magnet & Opt-inPage • Trying to make a sale and spending your hard-earned money to drive traffic to the sales page is a big waste. I'm sure you know that,right? • And you also know that giving value and establishing a relationship with your prospects first will give you a higher chance of makingsales. • Give This Report Away To Build Your List As Well As Your Credibility & Authority. • It's been proven that the highest-converting "lead magnet" offer are ones that share things like the "Top 10 tools...." or "Top 5 Mistakes...." in a niche. This report shares the 21 Email MarketingHacks. • This will be the lead magnet/bribe/incentive/opt-in bait or whatever you'd like to call it, so that you can build a hot list in this niche and get them in your sales funnel to buy the full Email ListSecrets. • 10+ Pages of content including images! • Includes source DOC file forediting. • The Email List Secrets product has been automatically featured as the "Recommended Resource" in the report so you can make sales on theback-end.

    11. Lead Box Opt-inPage A lead magnet is incomplete without a page where you can offer thereport. Formatted and structured for high-conversions based on multiple tests completed in the past. Simply insert your autoresponder code and you're ready to generatesubscribers! Easy to edit and doesn't require programming knowledge and complicated landing page software. And don't worry, I've recorded a step-by-step video tutorial on how to quickly & easily set this module up in just a fewminutes! Module 7: High-Quality ProfessionalGraphics • You'll get access to the entire graphics library whichinclude: • Minisitetemplate • Arrows andcheckmarks • Ecovers - eBook, box, CD, DVD, report and combostyles. • PNG/JPG and source PSD Photoshop filesincluded. • Also included are a set of 5 banner graphics in the following popular sizes: 120x600, 125x125, 200x200, 300x250, 468x60 and 728x90pixels. • Module 8: 10 x QualityArticles

    12. You'll get 10 top-notch articles around the subject for multiple uses. Here are the 10 articles you'llreceive: • What can you do with thesearticles? • Use these articles for content on your blog to train and educate readers on the subject • Compile all the articles to create a short report to promote the mainproduct • Load it in your autoresponder sequence so your subscribers see you as an expert in the field and gains theirtrust • Use it as a bonus, giveaway or freebie for anypurpose • Private label rightsincluded • Each article is at least 400 words inlength • Formatted in TXT version for easy copying andpasting • Includes all articles in DOC format aswell • Module 9: Promotional EmailSwipes

    13. Use these email swipes to immediately and easily make sales from emailing your subscribers. Simply choose your choice of email swipe, pick a subject line, paste it all to your autoresponder and you'redone! These swipes have been written for high open rates and click-throughrates. Module 10: Social Media Viral ImagesPack With almost everyone on Facebook and the evergrowing Instagram social media platform, why wouldn't you engage with your audiencethere? Upload any of these inspirational, graphical quotes to get your audience engaging and share your quote with theirfriends. PSD files included so you can edit the images, use them as templates and even add your URL on the images forexposure. Original image size: 1080 x1080 How ItWorks: It Couldn't Get AnyEasier!

    14. Downloading, modifying and making sales is easy when you grab this PLRpackage. All you need to dois... Step 1: Make a fewmodifications Step 2: Upload yourfiles Step 3: Send sometraffic Why Should You Get Email List SecretsNow? Here are a few top reasons why you need to grab this PLRpackage: High-Quality Content. Copyscape Passed100%. Rest assured knowing that the content produced is original and not plagiarized, recycled or copied. They use native English (U.S. & U.K.) writersonly! Professionally Designed Graphics And WebPage Includes eCovers, minisite, buttons, checkmarks and banner graphics. PSD, JPG & PNG filesincluded Quick & Easy ToSetup Simply modify a few details, upload and you’re done! We’ll even provide you with step- by-stepinstructions. Complete Sales Page & Landing PageIncluded All the sales materials done for you. Just add your order button and autoresponder code! Checklist, Resources & MindmapIncluded It’s not enough just to have an eBook – You need accompanying actionable checklist and resources. Keep 100% of TheProfits! As you’ll be the owner of this product, you get to keep 100% of the sales plus anyleads yougenerate. Email List Secrets includes lots of benefits and points that you can leverage for youbusiness:

    15. PRODUCTPOINTS: • Includes a 60 page high-quality eBook ready to put your name on • Professionally-designed graphics by a topdesigner • Includes a checklist, cheat sheet andmindmap • Ready-made email swipes so you can promote the product rightaway • Done-for-you sales page so you can start makingsales • High-converting opt-in page and lead magnet to build yourlist • A hot topic that makes it a no-brainer for anyone interested in internet marketing and making moneyonline • All the hard work’s done for you – the eBook, graphics, sales copy and much, much more! • “WHAT CAN YOU DO?”POINTS: • Use it as blogcontent • Provide it inside your paidmembership • Translate the content to otherlanguages • Use it for offline clients, coaching, speaking,etc. • Turn it into a physicalproduct • Use the product as abonus • Use is as an upsell for yourproduct • Edit, modify, add and manipulate thecontent • Put your name as theauthor • 8 Smart Ways To Use This PLRProduct • GIVE IT AWAY AS A BONUS when your customers buy through your affiliate link. Bonuses have proven to convert prospects into paying customers! Sky- rocket your sales using thistactic! • INCREASE THE VALUE of your existing product for more sales. You can do this by offering this PLR product as a bonus to your existing product. Customers ALWAYS love it when youover-deliver! • Use the content to POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA profiles to re-engage your followers. What better way than to simply swipe some content out of the PLR and share it on social media! It brings engagement and establishes yourself as an authority. • SPLIT THE CONTENT and post to your blog so readers have a reason to come back to your blog. Again, it's as easy as swiping some content and putting it on your blog. More readers = moresales.

    16. RE-PURPOSE the content for OFFLINE USE. Use it for your keynote presentations, turn it into a physical product and sell it at a higher price of$100, • $200, even $500, it's up toyou! • Use it in your COACHING PROGRAM. Use the PLR contents as part of your curriculum when training yourstudents. • CREATE A 7 DAY ECOURSE. for your newsletter subscribers. Build trust and pre-sell your list by offering tips via yourautoresponder. • Split the eBook into 2-3 SEPARATE EBOOKS. The eBook you get in this PLR package is approx. 60 pages, which could easily be split into 2-3 smallerreports. • Add it as an UPSELL or one time offer in your funnel. Don't have an upsell yet? Offer the PLR product and double your profits easily! • Split the content into 52 PARTS, which gives you A YEAR'S WORTH OF CONTENT. delivered once aweek! • TRANSLATE the content to other languages, enabling you the power to reach a wider, less saturatedmarket! • INTEGRATE the product on your JV partner's sales page as a special bonus or on their downloadpage! • Add the product to your paid MEMBERSHIP SITE so you can retain and keep them active, payingmembers! • Re-purpose the content into audio or videoformat! • Add more valuable MEAT to your existing product by adding the content from this PLR product toyours! • Re-write, re-brand, re-title, customize, manipulate and change the product the way you'd like or simply sell it as is! It's yourchoice! • Sell the ready-only, resell rights or master resell rights to this product for 100% of theprofit! • Even if you have no plan or desire to resell this product, you'll get a ton of value out of what's shared in theguides! • What Others Are Saying About Their PLRProducts: • “Pleasantly surprised by the quality - I’ve purchased a couple of Aurelius’ PLR products and each time have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the content. So many PLR products seem rushed and sloppily put together, but I know with Aurelius’ stuff it’s going to be of a quality where I can pass it on to my list without feeling bad. The price is great too!” - Damien Elsing , • How Much Is All This Worth ToYou? • When you consider everything you're getting in this PLR package, it should be a no brainer. • Remember, we've done all the hard work in creating this potential best-seller foryou:

    17. eBook -DONE • Checklist, resources, mindmap - DONE • Professionally-designed graphics -DONE • Ready-made sales page, lead magnet and opt-in page - DONE • Step-by-step video tutorials on setting it allup! • They've saved you time and a heap of money, and you and I both know that time is valuable. • Exclusive Bonuses From Email ListSecrets • Grab These Amazing Bonuses When You Take ActionNow! • BONUS #1: QuickstartGuide • I know your time is valuable and you want to get started as soon as possible, so I prepared this guide on how to set everything up from the ground up, so rest assured, you won't get lost! You'll findout: • How to customize the main eBook and turn it into a PDFdocument. • How to edit the included sales page and opt-inpage. • How to customize thegraphics.

    18. The tools you'll need for customization (most arefree). • How to add an opt-inform. • How to add a PayPal order button so you can start collectingorders. • VALUED AT $27.00! YoursFREE! • BONUS #2: 12 Step-By-Step VideoTutorials • In this in-depth video training series, you'll find out how to customize the core contents of the PLR product you'llget. • It contains 12 how-to video tutorials in high-qualityformat: • VIDEO 1: Overview and introduction to the private label rightspackage • VIDEO 2: A quickstart guide to get you up and runningfast • VIDEO 3: PLR licensesexplained • VIDEO 4: Two ways to get your PLR productout • VIDEO 5: How to customize theeBook • VIDEO 6: How to convert your eBook to PDFformat • VIDEO 7: How to customize thegraphics • VIDEO 8: How to work Photoshop "actionscripts" • VIDEO 9: How to customize theeCover • VIDEO 10: How to add an order button to the salespage • VIDEO 11: How to add your autoresponder opt-in code to the opt-inpage • VIDEO 12: How to upload all your files to make your web pages ready fortraffic! • Stream the videos online or download the video files to your computer.It's almost like having your very own coach who shows you exactly what to do - "go here, click this, do this" and so on. I made sure every step was crystal clear so that there's no doubt in your mind how to use and customize your PLRproduct.

    19. VALUED AT $97.00! YoursFREE! • BONUS #3: PLR Training Camp - 2 Hour Video TrainingCourse • In addition to the bonuses you're getting, I'm also going to hand you a 2 hour 14 minute video training course that I especially recorded for you. It's all about Private Label Rights and getting your first product up and running. It's a complete, over-the-shoulder video recording on mastering Private Label products. You'll seeexactly: • The mindset needed to succeed in your onlinebusiness. • How to customize the PLR product and make it yourown. • How to get your PLR product up and running - from start tofinish. • The exact steps and techniques to start profiting from PLRproducts. • Step-by-step how to edit and customize eBookcovers. • How to drive free and paid traffic to yourproduct. • You'll get FREE access to the entire 2 hours 14 minute course and the tools and resources. • This special bonus is strictly for customersonly! • Conclusion • With a complete PLR package including a comprehensive eBook on a hot topic, sales materials, graphics, email swipes, and big bonuses, you've got everything you need to start selling it forprofit! • The only thing left for you to do is take action and make your investment rightnow. • GET: • Email List Secrets, Email List Secrets review, Email List Secrets review and bonus, Email List Secrets reviews, Email List Secrets reviews and bonuses, Email List Secrets discount, Email List Secrets bonus, Email List Secrets bonuses, Email List Secrets review and discount, Email List Secrets review in detail, Email List Secrets ultimate review, Email List Secrets demo, Email List Secrets demo review, Email List Secrets hugediscount