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Your Training. Your Journey. PowerPoint Presentation
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Your Training. Your Journey.

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Your Training. Your Journey. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Your Training. Your Journey.
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  1. Your Training. Your Journey.

  2. Shoot for the stars Get2Expert is your personal 3-stage training program, exclusive to Microsoft Partners, to get skilled up in Microsoft technologies. Whether you are working on your own or with a training manager, the programme will guide you through each stage, selecting the courses that are most relevant to your goals and objectives. Each of the 3 stages will: • Test your knowledge • Help you get certified • Help your organisation attain new competencies

  3. What is it?

  4. This is where the fun starts. The first stage, Launch, is for beginners in the technology industry. Courses will introduce you to the basics of Microsoft technologies, as well as licensing fundamentals that back each of these offerings. These courses will: • Introduce Microsoft’s offerings • Help you attain your MLSS lite certification • Give you a peek at technical certifications through First Look clinics

  5. You’re on your way up. Start gaining your competencies with a Sales Specialist or Pre-sales Technical Specialist Accreditation. Alternatively, follow a technical track with a Microsoft Product Focus Day. Ascent days are perfect for individuals who are settling into their roles and are looking for further training to deepen their knowledge and gain some certifications. These courses will: • Deep dive into a specific Microsoft technology or offering • Help you get an SSA or PST accreditation in a specific MPN competency

  6. Get to the top. Enjoy the view. The third stage, dedicated to help you gain the highest level of accreditation with Microsoft Certified status on Microsoft technology. Practice Accelerator provides the tools and training to develop and grow your Microsoft practice. Orbit days are perfect for individuals who are looking to further their careers with industry-recognised certifications, whether you come from a sales or technical background. These courses will: • Help you pass a Microsoft Certified Professional exam • Help you achieve a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert or Solutions Developer status • Help you achieve a Microsoft Technical Advisor certification if you have a sales background

  7. What’s in it for me? (The Training Manager) “…after having the training and doing my Sales Specialist Accreditation, I found that my confidence in the product and the ability to sell and distribute the product has greatly improved. I must say that the SSA is well worth taking because it will give you the confidence you need.” – John, Microsoft Partner Get2Expert provides an easily-identifiable and aspirational training journey for your teams. • All courses are designed to fit within one to two days, taking less time away from the office • Most courses are free of charge, with the rest being heavily subsidised • Many courses will result in a professional certification, which can be applied to your organisation’s competency attainment

  8. Get2Expert For more information, resources, and to register for courses, please visit: