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Essentials OF IONIC TUTORIALS PART III - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  1. Essentials OF IONIC TUTORIALS PART III By Tutorialsplane

  2. INTRODUCTION • Here we are again in this week with next section of Ionic learning. In last blog we read about element on Ionic form, toggle, checkbox, radio button and Ionic range. More we move on to ionic Select, tabs, grid, colors and Ionic Icons each of these small parts are necessary in understanding the basic learning in Ionic programming. Lets us start this third section of tutorial with ionic dropdown select box.

  3. IONIC SELECT • Creating Ionic Select Box will give the user the option to choose from the multiple options which need to carefully set. It is done by using the specific classes within HTML input tag functionality. • There are sequences of classes that one should use to display in correct order i.e. list, item, item-input, item-select and finally input-label and in the end all the multiple options are coded one by one in the ‘option tag’ respectively. You can find easy specimen on Ionic select example.

  4. IONIC TABS • For accurately placing the menus in top or bottom Ionic tabs are used. A Ionic Tabs Example includes use of basic HTML tags with specific ionic tab classes which can be positioned as per need on the top of the screen or bottom respectively. • For using ionic tab icons in place of text in tabs you need to add specific classes in the ‘I’ tag as needed.

  5. IONIC GRID • Ionic also uses grid system functionality for displaying content in proper order. Flexible box is applied here with basic 12 layout column. • These are done by assigning specific classes to particular div tags i.e. class row, class col to arrange it responsive manner. • Find a simple Ionic Grid Example here.

  6. IONIC COLOR • Ionic Framework has their own color utility which they use to their respective mobile application in development. Most of Ionic color classes include major colors in their default system functions only i.e. dark, stable-dark, dark, calm, positive, balanced, energized, assertive, royal and adding ‘-bg’ in the suffix will make this background of that specific color easily. These are added to particular tags for right visual effect.

  7. IONIC ICONS • This language also gives a lot of in-built icons to use with basic functions. With specific understanding like Home Icon, Settings Icon, Delete icon, User Icon, chat icon, Battery, image, wi-fi, and Volume options too. This Ionic Icons list gives the developer multiple options to put that particular icon wherever needed.

  8. THANK YOU FOR READING • More Info can be availed at following • Source: - Step By Step Ionic Tutorials • Email: - • • Find more online tutorials with syntax examples and more written • Under expert guidance only at TUTORIALSPLANE now!