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Science Safety in the Lab

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Science Safety in the Lab - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Science Safety in the Lab. Dress Code. Goggles – No contacts! Lab Coat, gloves Tie back long hair, loose sleeves, and necklaces. No sandals . General Precautions. *Always* read directions first ! WAIT for instructions ! No food or gum…period . Keep lab area tidy and clean

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dress code
Dress Code
  • Goggles – No contacts!
  • Lab Coat, gloves
  • Tie back long hair, loose sleeves, and necklaces.
  • No sandals
general precautions
General Precautions
  • *Always* read directions first!
  • WAIT for instructions!
  • No food or gum…period.
  • Keep lab area tidy and clean

–potential safety hazard.

  • Leave backpacks in lockers

or in very back of room.

  • Absolutely NO horseplay!!
first aid
First Aid
  • Report all accidents and injuries immediately.
  • Know location of emergency equipment.
  • Nearest phone is in the

nurses office.

heating fire
Heating & Fire
  • When using a heat source….
  • Wear goggles!!!
  • Never heat anything until you are instructed to do so.
  • Never use a flame near a combustible chemical.
  • Use an oven mitt or tongs to handle glassware. Always assume it is HOT.
chemical safety
Chemical Safety
  • Wear goggles!
  • Never touch, taste, or smell chemicals.
  • Always double check labels.
  • Dispose of chemicals properly.
  • Notify the teacher of any spills immediately!!
glassware safety
Glassware Safety
  • Never force glass tubing into rubber stoppers.
  • If heating glassware, use a wire screen.
  • Always assume glassware is hot.
  • Never use broken or chipped glassware.
  • Never eat or drink from lab glassware.
sharp instruments
Sharp Instruments
  • Handle all sharps carefully.
  • Cut AWAY from yourself and other students.
  • Notify the teacher immediately if you cut yourself.
  • No horseplay!
animal plant safety
Animal & Plant Safety
  • Be respectful of all animals, especially during lab!
  • If you are allergic to any animals, plants, or molds please tell the teacher beforehand.
  • Recognize poisonous or irritating plants and do not touch!
  • Wash hands!
end of experiment
End of Experiment
  • Clean up work are as instructed.
  • Dispose of waste materials as instructed.
  • Always wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
safety symbols
Safety Symbols

Wear lab apron!

Handle plants carefully, wash hands.

You may use a flame, tie back hair and loose objects.

Poison! Do not touch or inhale!

Beware of sharp objects!

General safety, read and follow instructions!

Always wear safety goggles!

Use tongs or oven mitts, glass may be hot!

Wash hands with soap and water.

using safety equipment
Using Safety Equipment
  • Fire Extinguisher- PASS
    • P-Pull: Pull the pin on the handle, stand 8-10 ft. back.
    • A-Aim: Aim at base of fire.
    • S-Squeeze: Squeeze top lever or handle.
    • S-Sweep: Sweep nozzle from side to side.
using safety equipment1
Using Safety Equipment
  • Fire Blanket
    • Take blanket out of it’s container.
    • Shield your face, arms, & hands by wrapping your arms in the outside of the blanket.
    • PLACE, do not throw, the blanket on the burning material.
    • If safe, turn off heat source.
    • Leave blanket at least 30 minutes, do not remove until cool.
    • If you are trying to smother a clothing fire (on a person) wrap it around the person and roll them on the floor.
using safety equipment2
Using Safety Equipment
  • Emergency face/eye wash
    • Hold eyes open with hands to ensure water gets in the eye.
    • Flush eyes with water for at least 10-15 minutes. DO NOT RUB.
    • Get medical assistance immediately.