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What were the different cliques? PowerPoint Presentation
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What were the different cliques?

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What were the different cliques?

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What were the different cliques?

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  1. What were the different cliques? • They had stoners, guidettes, jockettes, and the “brains” • Now we have the jocks, stoners, nerds, and the popular crowd.

  2. What did you do for fun? • Then they hung around at local parks, drove around, and played softball. • Now in our free time we hangout with our friends or go to the mall.

  3. What did you do on Friday nights? • Went to the drive-in, or had hotel parties • Now almost everyone goes to the football games, go to the movies, or just hangout.

  4. How did you dance at homecoming? • Front to front, mainly individual • Back to front, big groups of people

  5. What did you wear to school? • Uniforms- plaid skirt, white polo, v-neck sweaters • Jeans, sweat pants, t-shirts, sweatshirts

  6. How did you and your friends communicate? • No cell phones; they wrote notes or had to call house phones • Cell phones (texting), social networks, notes

  7. What did you wear to prom? • Dresses had straps, ratted hair, long or short • Long of short dresses, fitted or poofy, curled hair or up-dos

  8. Since you wore uniforms, what did you wear on a normal day? • Stretch pants, forenza sweaters, slouched socks, keds, half shirts, Z. Cazaricchi jeans, neon colors • Jeans, T-shirts, sweats and sweat shirts

  9. How was smoking viewed? • It was common, pot smokers were looked at as “scum bags.” • Very common, you’re used to seeing it all around

  10. What were the common places to work at? • Record stores, preschool, pizza places, or bakery. • Retail stores, food places, grocery stores.

  11. I think that over time things have changed so much do to people changing their interests and norms. Fashions have changed so we don’t wear the same things anymore or wear the same type of clothing. The way people act has changed because certain things have become socially acceptable where as before there were not. Places people work have changed because we don’t have record stores anymore and its harder to get a job in our time. For a lot of them you have to be 18 or meet certain requirements. We look back at our parents and grandparents and think the things they did and the way they grew up was weird but 30 years from now people are going to look back at us and think that we’re weird too.