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MYRCA 2012 Slideshow

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MYRCA 2012 Slideshow

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When someone has a problem -- say, a cheerleader thinks her footballer boyfriend is two-timing her -- she can ask Jack to find out whether he is or not, and he will do it, supplying videos if required. Sometimes his “cases” have disastrous results, especially since, when Jack is stressed --and who wouldn't be stressed when a large football player is pounding you into the dirt -- he falls asleep.


The boys come up with a scheme to bring people to the town. With help they will create an 'ancient' artifact and place it where it will be discovered by the local vet who fishes at the same spot every morning. It was planted and discovered as planned. Experts poured in. The kids were careful to tell the local police and newspapers about the find so the whole world learned about it, and sightseers poured in. The hoax was, however, eventually discovered . . .


As the new kid in town, Mike is introduced to snowmobiling, camping, and Arctic sports. In turn, Mike introduces his new friends to the sport of lacrosse and witnesses their varying strengths combine to form a different type of championship team.


Henry Whelp is in a juvenile detention centre in Dust City and, yes, his dad's in jail because he's the big bad wolf who killed Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother Henry vaguely remembers the days when he was a cub and fairies dispensed real fairydust to help people realize their dreams and their potential. But the fairies have disappeared, and the fairydust people crave now is synthetic, produced by a pharmaceutical company called Nimbus. Everyone in town is hooked on dust, and there is an active black market to supply it for them.


Titus Sullivan, 12, stows away in the back of his brother Lem's wagon and accompanies him to Enniskillen swamp where the discovery of oil has attracted an assortment of labourers, opportunists, freed slaves, and criminals. Here, among the grit and the grime, Titus thrives, excelling at school, making new friends, even creating an upstart business. But the fragile peace that Titus finds is threatened . . .


Nothing in Ben's life compares with the arrival of Zan. Zan is a newborn chimp that Ben's parents - his behavioral psychologist dad and PhD student mom - are raising in a human environment as a part of an experiment to see if Zan will be able to acquire language using American Sign Language (ASL).


There are other people with roots here. I’ve passed their cold souls in the hallways, heard them moaning at night, smelled their earthy scents. My own mother is one of them although, ironically, she can’t seem to see my face as much as she searches for it. Yes, this house has been a magnet for the unsettled. And yet I can assure you that none of the others have an attachment to this place as strong as mine.


Lee loves to set records, not for publicity or fame, but to test himself and his determination. When he succeeds, he is on top of the world and feels he can accomplish anything.

When Lee in confronted with a real-life challenge which surpasses any of his self-imposed tests, the physical strength and mental toughness he has learned pay dividends in a way which he never could have believed possible . . .


"A big part of being twelve is not knowing where you belong," Prinny says and, at least for a time, she is unsure of where she belongs in relation to Travis and Laice. In almost every aspect of her life, Prinny is uncertain. "The barrens when I'm on my own, that's easy." But everywhere else, Prinny is clouded by doubts. "Recess. The rink. The school bus. Anyplace there's kids..." One of the many places in which Prinny's life is a struggle is in reading class. . .


1940-1942 -- Southern Manitoba -- Marie-Claire is at the mercy of the sanatorium staff, good-natured nurses and orderlies who force her into strange, uncomfortable treatments, such as sleeping outdoors in winter to fill her lungs with fresh, cold air. All the while, she is terrified for the well-being of her siblings, whom she is not allowed to visit. Her only companion is her insufferable roommate Signy, a chipper, rich, well-dressed girl from Winnipeg, who also happens to have a collapsed chest from an unsightly therapy for TB called pneumothorax. Signy’s determined cheerfulness, despite the terrible prognosis for her improvement, only exacerbates the horror Marie-Claire has for the place.


Nadia was apparently Gretchen Himmel and that she, i.e. Gretchen, and her sister Eva and her mutter had lived on a farm where, Marusia, a conscripted worker, was the family's cook. As further memories gradually emerge she recals that, as a five-year-old Ukrainian child named Larissa, she and her eight-year-old sister, Lida, were forcibly seized by the Germans. While Larissa was declared biologically fit to be "Germanized" and to be placed with a German family as their new daughter, Lida was deemed insufficiently racially pure and was forced to become a laborer.


Newfoundland 1929“Do you think he’s right?” asked somebody. “Should I take my children to the high meadow?”

Another voice answered, “Don’t give it another thought. You know Old Antoine; he’s such a worrier. A day doesn’t go by that he doesn’t predict some disaster or another. Sure, they get tidal waves in some places, but we ain’t never had one here. Not to worry. Go home everybody, make your dinners and put your little ones to bed. It’s all over now.”


Ellie knows as soon as she pulls up to her grandmother's house that "this wasn't a house that wanted me.“ Ellie struggles with her own feelings of abandonment. She discovers that her grandmother and uncle are also dealing with similar pain. Ellie's mother abandoned her family to marry her father and was cut off from her parents. Uncle Roger carries the scars of a fire on his face and the life changing decisions that came from those scars. Lonely, Ellie rescues and befriends a magpie who becomes her only confidant. The magpie, Sammy, also helps Ellie to learn a lesson about love. . .


With little magic left and a dying queen, the lives of the remaining faeries of the Oak are threatened. The impossible quest to restore the magic of the Oakenfolk is placed on the slender shoulders of 15-year-old Linden, the Olkenfolk's smallest and youngest.

Timothy is not adjusting well to life at his English boarding school. He is suspended for fighting and sent to stay with his cousin in Oakhaven – a property with a remarkable oak tree.

Soon the lives of Linden and Timothy become entwined, and their mutual survival from the evil Empress depends on Linden's success.


1877 --Before reaching his destination to discover his father's fate and survive a climactic gunfight, he is beaten and robbed; recovers from his wounds in the care of an eccentric old hermit, who fills him in on the importance of having a story; meets a cousin of Cochise ; and learns of his own family's gore-spattered history.


When Violet’s dad leaves the family to be with his new wife and twin babies, he causes a crisis. Violet’s mom is sad at first, but then she is determined to attract a new man, even if that means inappropriate clothes and makeup. Unfortunately, every new boyfriend is a loser and certainly can’t replace Violet’s dad so Violet is determined to take action.


Salman and Lu become pawns in a game of jealous one-upmanship between Oberon and Titania, the King and Queen of Faery. The mischievous Puck with the help of a magical crow tries to keep the peace, but at what cost to the kids?


As the race to find the 39 Clues builds to its explosive finish, Amy and Dan must explore an ancient culture and steal a Clue guarded by thousands of the world's best-trained soldiers. It's the most dangerous Clue search yet. As their enemies crowd in, Amy and Dan find themselves separated for the first time ever. The choice lies before them – find the next Clue, or find their way back to each other.