5 misconceived ideas about spray tanning n.
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Misconceived Ideas About Spray Tanning in Salons PowerPoint Presentation
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Misconceived Ideas About Spray Tanning in Salons

Misconceived Ideas About Spray Tanning in Salons

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Misconceived Ideas About Spray Tanning in Salons

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  1. 5 Misconceived Ideas About Spray Tanning

  2. Spray tans are one of the hottest beauty methods used by celebs and those who desire to spice up their complexion. However, there are a lot of myths regarding the tanning procedure and these misconceptions must be disregarded. Some people even believe in these fallacies that they consider them dangerous.

  3. Indoor tanning is dangerous Spray tanning, like any other tanning method, makes use of similar beauty chemicals found in typical tanners. Saying that spray tans are toxic is false. Spray tans are only dangerous when swallowed in the process of application. That is why the entire face is covered during spray tanning.

  4. Spray tans make the skin unnatural Most people fear that spray tanning will give them an unnatural orange-like color. It is easy to regulate the skin complexion by use of spray tans. Top-notch tans are particularly designed in color moderators for special skin tones to produce a natural and healthy skin tan.

  5. Spray tanning is a messy procedure Professional spray tanning salons offer exquisite services that aim at taking care of the client’s needs. Color run-off is unlikely to happen since the mist is applied on the skin at an extremely swift speed. The best tans dry fast than you can imagine and within no time, you get out of the salon. Also barrier creams can be used in skin areas that do not need tanning.

  6. Skin tans fade quickly, so they are a waste of money The better the skincare method, the longer the tan lasts. To increase durability, skin exfoliation should be done before the tanning process and moisturizers applied. Sunlight is better than spray tanning It is true that the sun helps in the manufacture of Vitamin D but prolonged exposure to the Ultra Violet light can cause detrimental effects. So spray tanning is safer method since the intensity of radiation can be regulated. Understanding the true facts about spray tanning enables people decide whether or not the method suits their lifestyles and bodies. There’s no need to dread visiting a tanning salon in Tulsa.

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