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The Guardian

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  1. The Guardian By: Nicholas Sparks Genre: Romance

  2. Summary • Julie Barenson a widow received a dog named singer after her husband’s death. Jim made a promise that he would watch over her. Singer was suppose to be her protection. Julie wants to start dating again but she doesn’t know who yet. There was two Guys Mike who was her husband best friend and Richard a guy she just met.

  3. Point of View • The Point of view of this Book is in First Person and sometimes its third person. It tells allot from Julie's Point of view but it also tells from others like Mike and Richards. It also is third person because they talk about each other using the words he, she, him, her, them, they, theirs, and ect.

  4. Conflicts • Julie has to get back in dating but its hard because she still loves her husband and she doesn’t think she will find anyone. • Julie has to choose between Mike and Richard. • Julie Dates Richard but one weekend he went out of town and Julie went out with Mike.

  5. Conflicts • Julie has to deal with singer who doesn’t like Richard. • Richard Becomes Julie’s Stalker. • Julie Likes Mike more then she likes Richard, and Richard Starts popping up in places where her and Mike go.

  6. Main Characters • Julie Barenson- is a widow at 25 years old. Who’s wanting to find love. Shw has a bright personality and loves her dog singer. • Mike Harris- is a mechanic who is obssed with Julie. He gets jelous when she goes out with richard. He wants to teell her he likes her but doesn’t know how. • Richard Franklin- is a guy that Julie first dates. She’s thinks he’s wonderful. He had a horible child hood from the obbuing of his father. When Julie starts seeing mike behing his back he starts getting angry with himself.

  7. Literary Devices • Irony is used when julie recivieves a locket from richard she thinks it meant he was proposing but it really meant that he was just ebing nice and getting her gift. • Foreshadowing is used when Mikes around allot in the beginning and it doesn’t seem like julie likes him so you never think they would actually date until it happens.

  8. Likes • I liked that singer was a big part in julie’s life and that they let him go everywhere with her except when pet’s weren’t aloud • I like when Julie and Mike hang out together at her house and they just talk about what they’ve gone through with the death of her husband and his best friend. • I like that Mike and Julie spend allot of time together before they actually consider themselves a couple.

  9. Dislike • I don’t like how Richard becomes a stalker and follows Julie and Mike around. • I don’t like when Julie just forgets about Richard when he goes out of town to his mothers funeral, • I don’t like when they tell about Richards child hood with them telling how he got abused and how his father treated his mother.

  10. I would recommend this to my friend Harlie because she likes to read books like this. Books with a Love Story with also a little mystery.

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