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Something traditional - . Folklore in Poland. Designed By Anna Wojtczak. Polish folklore – a tradition in many regions. There are : Highland folklore , Folklore of Wielkopolska, Kaschubian folklore , Folklore of Kaszuby, Folklore of Krakow , Folklore of Kurpia,

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something traditional

Somethingtraditional -

Folklore in Poland


By Anna Wojtczak

polish folklore a tradition in many regions
Polish folklore – a tradition in many regions

Thereare :


Folklore of Wielkopolska,


Folklore of Kaszuby,

Folklore of Krakow,

Folklore of Kurpia,

Folklore of lowicka

highland folklore

Folklore includes the region Podhale, Spisz and Beskids. Highlandfolklore is cultivated every day. Center of highlandfolkloreis Zakopane. At every step we can to meet the elements of folklore as costumes, dialects and cuisine.

folklore of wielkopolska

Wielkopolska is one of the oldest Polish historical regions. It was here that began the process of building the Polish State. The whole history of the First Piast is associated with Greater, it is not surprising that the Greater was the mainstay of Polish culture during the occupation and forced Germanization.

kaschubian folklore

Kashubians characterized by a very interesting folklore, crafts a powerful and beautiful embroidery. The greatest treasure of this group is their language, which is not only considered a dialect, but a separate language. It is interesting that the Kashubian language can be taken for graduation.

folklore of kujawy
Folklore of kujawy

Kujawyis a small region located between Wielkopolska, Mazovia and Kashubs.The tradition is still alive there. One of the most famous elements of folklore Kujawy, a dance melody, which received national status. Kujawy also developed its own kitchen trend, which to some extent is related to the kitchen Wielkopolska.

folklore of karkow
Folklore of karkow

Krakow was during the reign of the Piast Polish capital. At the time of partition in time with the whole Galicia came under the rule of the Emperor of Austria. In contrast to the Russian Tsar and the power of the Prussian, Austrian Emperor allowed the Poles to cultivate native traditions. During this period, the capital city of Krakow was so Polish culture and tradition. It is here, lived and worked prominent Poles for exapmle:Jan Matejko, Oskar Kolberg and Stanislaw Wyspianski

folklore of krupia
Folklore of krupia

Kurpie is located in Mazovia region, in Forest Green and White Forest. The most wellknowisKadzidlo .

folklore of lowicka
Folklore of lowicka

It’srange includes areas, historic region,principalityLowickie. A big impact on the popularization of the region was the novel "Peasants".