Cis101 introduction to computing
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CIS101 Introduction to Computing. Week 01 Professor Catherine Dwyer. Agenda. Class Introductions What is CIS101? Using the Pace Portal, Pace e-mail, and Blackboard Post a message Introduction to Excel Using the digital drop box Next week’s homework and assignments.

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Cis101 introduction to computing

CIS101Introduction to Computing

Week 01

Professor Catherine Dwyer


  • Class Introductions

  • What is CIS101?

  • Using the Pace Portal, Pace e-mail, and Blackboard

  • Post a message

  • Introduction to Excel

  • Using the digital drop box

  • Next week’s homework and assignments

Catherine dwyer lecturer is dept
Catherine DwyerLecturer IS Dept.

  • Full time since Fall 2000

  • Other classes taught: CS121, CS122, IS112 (now), IS223, IS323, IS396E (Java), IS660Z(Programming Games Using VB)

  • Lead developer for Web Assisted CIS101 (2002)

  • Revision Chair for IS Undergraduate curriculum (2003)

  • Co-author with Dr. Jeanine Meyer of Programming Games With Visual Basic, Course Technology, 2001

My is background
My IS Background

  • MS in CS (Pace), PhD candidate in IS program at NJIT, research area virtual teams

  • Two daughters, Sophomore and 8th grade

  • Prior Experience: Programmer/Analyst at NYC investment bank, Technology Coordinator at Graphics Design Firm

  • Husband journalist with The New York Times

  • Hobbies: reading, bike riding, swimming, cooking

  • You?

Required texts
Required Texts

  • Excel 2003 Introductory Concepts and Techniques

  • HTML Complete Concepts and Techniques, 3rd ed.

  • JavaScript 101, Version 3.0

  • Security Awareness: Applying practical security in your world

What is cis101
What is CIS101?

  • Fulfills core requirement for computing course

  • Has these components

    • Computer security

    • Learning pod (Computers and Society)

    • Application software (Excel)

    • HTML and Web Development

    • Introduction to Programming (JavaScript)

What is a learning pod
What is a learning pod?

  • Theme that integrates technology with another topic

  • Technology is a part of all aspects of modern life, and all professions

  • In this section, we will research and discuss the ethical and legal issues that must be addressed with relation to the impact of technology on society

Computer security
Computer Security

  • Computer security affects individuals and organizations

  • Do you have spyware on your computer?

  • How is your computer vulnerable?

  • Do the organizations you work with protect your information?

Web assisted classes
Web assisted classes

  • Hybrid class structure

  • Combines in class meetings and online content

  • 2 hours in computer classroom

  • 1 credit delivered online (equivalent to one classroom hour)

What is online learning
What is online learning?

  • Class interaction and learning delivered using technology

  • Online site combines readings, quizzes, and discussion forums

  • Pace uses Blackboard course management software to administer online courses

Pace portal
Pace Portal

  • First year using the Pace portal

  • Allows you to register, see your grades, and access other information

  • Go to Pace Web site and try to access Portal

Your pace e mail
Your Pace e-mail

  • Official university communications will be sent to your Pace e-mail

  • E-mail from Blackboard (this course) will come to your Pace e-mail

  • Need Pace e-mail to register for personal web space

Finding your e mail id
Finding your e-mail ID

  • Find your e-mail ID in Pace Student E-Mail Directory (link to Directory from

  • Enter your first name and last name

  • Your e-mail ID and Alias will be displayed

  • You will need e-mail ID to access your student e-mail and access Blackboard

  • Your Alias is another account name others can use to e-mail you

Access your pace e mail
Access your Pace e-mail

  • Go to

  • Initial password is social security number with no dashes and no spaces

  • Enter ID and password (lower case)

  • For further instructions on setting up Pace e-mail go to

Using stmail
Using STmail

  • All e-mail sent to Pace services (doit, etc) must originate from your student account

  • All Pace communications will be sent to your student account

  • To forward student account e-mail to another account:

    • Click Options and styles, select forwarding, enter e-mail you want messages forwarded to

Sign on to blackboard
Sign on to Blackboard


  • Username is Pace e-mail ID

  • Password is the same as the portal

What if it doesn t work
What if it doesn’t work?

  • Access class documents at

  • Post message at

Cis101 blackboard site
CIS101 Blackboard Site

  • Syllabus and course schedule

  • Assignments

  • Course content

  • Discussion Board (post message under welcome)

  • Student Tools

Try it out
Try it out!

  • Read

    • Course syllabus

    • Class schedule

    • CSIS student rights and responsibilities

  • Post your introduction in the Discussion Board

Your grade
Your grade

  • Homework/Assignments - 20%

  • Discussion Board - 20%

  • Midterm - 15%

  • Final - 20%

  • Group mid-semester presentation – 10%

  • Group Web Site – 15%

Excel 2003
Excel 2003

  • Part of Microsoft Office

    • Word, Access, PowerPoint

  • How to start Excel

  • Windows and tools in Excel 2003 interface

  • Saving in Excel

Practice with digital drop box
Practice with Digital Drop Box

  • Try out the digital drop box

  • Save Excel file with yourlastname_yourfirstinitial_test01.xls

  • Example:dwyer_c_test01.xlsjones_j_test01.xls

  • Go to student tools, digital drop box, select send file

How to participate in the online portion of cis101
How to participate in the online portion of CIS101

  • Read your Pace student e-mail or have it forwarded

  • Participate in to Discussion Board each week

  • Keep up with assignments

    • Assignments – description of each week’s homework, class, and readings

    • Syllabus – course schedule

Week 1 assignments
Week 1 Assignments

  • Complete Excel Project One and submit to digital dropbox (must use Excel, not Works!!)

    • use naming conventionlastName_FirstInit_excel01.xls

  • Discussion board assignment for Computer and Society, and Security

Next week
Next week

  • Bring your Excel text to class

  • See you online!