nuestra se ora de la soledad n.
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Nuestra Señora de la Soledad

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Nuestra Señora de la Soledad. By: Bethany Folks Mission number #13. History of the Mission. Mission thirteen was founded by Franciscan Lasuén .

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nuestra se ora de la soledad

Nuestra Señora de la Soledad

By: Bethany Folks

Mission number #13

history of the mission
History of the Mission

Mission thirteen was founded by Franciscan Lasuén.

It is located near the present- day town of Soledad, California, is linked between Carmel and San Antonio de Padua, and is a days walk to missions 15, 12, 14, and 11.

Mission Soledad was founded October 9, 1791.

daily life
Daily Life

Indians and padres lived at this mission. Also several herds of cattle, thousands of sheep, and five hundred horses. The Indians worked in the field and tended with the animals. Padres preached to the Indians and brought them to Christianity.

special features
Special features
  • Mission 13 has two nicknames. Soledad mission, and mission Soledad.
  • At Soledad there were many rooms. There was a church for praying, a kitchen (of course!) for eating, fields for the animals and crops, and the bell tower.
  • Did you know? In 1824, the Salinas River rose and destroyed the church. Four years later, floods destroyed the chapel replacing the church.
historic highlights
Historic Highlights

All the Indians and padres died of sickness.

Near 1835, the mission fell into disrepair and was soon left in ruins.

The mission was made out of abode brick and is now rebuilt and located in the heart of “the wine country.”

mission today
Mission Today

Because it was destroyed near 1835, mission Soledad was rebuilt and is open for mission tours today.