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HFPO Guide

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HFPO Guide

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  1. HFPO Guide What’s a Wiki?

  2. Long Ago there was the HFPO Manual…

  3. Purpose • Introduce you all to the new • Health Facility Project Officer’s Guide

  4. Background • The HFPO Guide began as: • A thin pamphlet to provide key information to newly assigned HFPO’s • Organizational info – who is HFPA, their role, role of the Resident Engineer, and others • Evolved into a 3-Ring Binder with 11 Chapters, and an alphabet of appendices • Not just an orientation to items, but a description of processes • Samples and Templates

  5. Scope Evolution • Our scope was to update the HFPO Guide, • Provide it in electronic format such as MS Word • Make it easier to distribute • Make it easier to search • Make it easier to update • Past efforts with the HFPO Guide have proven the difficulty to update it

  6. and along came a wiki… With the aforementioned goals it was recommended that the format of the wiki be used…. Based upon the same software as wikipedia it would allow “google” like searches, real-time updates and something else…

  7. What is Wiki • WikiWiki from Hawaiian means “quick” • Wiki's original description was : The simplest online database that could possibly work. • Server software that: • allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser. • supports hyperlinks • Has simple text syntax for creating new pages • allows cross links between internal pages on the fly. •

  8. Wikis in Business “Although wikis have been around for a decade, they're just starting to take off in business. Like the Web did when it first caught hold in the corporate world, wikis will likely go through a period of wild growth, fierce competition, and inappropriate usage.”

  9. A Collaboration Tool Wikis excel at collaboration. They are intended to maintain a series of unique documents as their content evolves and to provide an organic means of organizing that information.

  10. Which Wiki? The HFPO Guide is based upon the MediaWiki platform a php/MySql based system that is one of the more popular and more stable systems. MediaWiki is used by WikiPedia:

  11. Back to that other advantage… • Collaborative real-time environment • No longer, a year or more to effect changes • the potential for a Culture of learning and sharing • The decision to err on the side of trusting to the professional culture of HFPA, rather than the tried and failed model of submit, wait and forget…

  12. Ribbon Cutting!

  13. Starting Point • What it’s for: Provide guidance to HFPO’s and other interested parties about the project’s processes • What should be documented: Any methods, processes regarding support to a project, background, sample tools • Wiki Culture: HFPA professionals, everybody can contribute, critique and be critiqued, with identification of contributor • How to get started: get Registered • Links for Help in editing: Available on the main page.

  14. The HFPO Guide Navigation on the left Login prompt to the top right Edits, history along top Let’s take a look…

  15. RSS Feeds • Allow you to be kept up to date on changes • You decide frequency of delivery • Changes delivered to your IE • RSS will appear in Outlook •

  16. Feeds in Outlook

  17. Pages • Instead of Chapters or Topics the term is Page • There are two methods to create new pages • While editing an existing page, place double brackets around the proposed page name/topic • i.e. [[New Page Name]] • Will create a “broken link” to the new page, displayed in red • Click on that broken link to be taken to the new page for editing. • Edit the URL in the web browser and change the Title reference to the new page name. •

  18. Contributing… • Simple Editing. • Headings are identified by a series of equal signs on either side, the more signs the lower the heading in the hierarchy i.e. ==Heading 2== • Bullets are anything with an asterisk at the start of the line. i.e. * a bullet line • Numbered paragraphs begin with a pound sign (#). • External use a single bracket around the URL and the display, e.g. [URL display words] • Internal link to a wiki page is a double bracket around the display word, a pipe separator, and then the page name. i.e. [[Name of Page|displayed text]]

  19. Discussion Pages • A discussion page exists for every wiki page • A place to discuss the topic page, any logged on user may edit • Each User also has a Page which can be used as a personal introduction of yourself (CV, resume), while the discussion page could be a forum-like environment

  20. Discussion Pages – Tips Respect other’s comments Sign your comments -> four tildas “~~~~” or use the toolbar button New discussions with a ==level 2 heading== or click on the ‘+’ tab Indent replies with Colons ‘:’

  21. Getting Registered • Complete the entry form at • Provide your name as you would like it displayed, include rank if applicable • Provide your AKO email address. • A logon will be assigned with an initial password. You may change the password after your first logon. • Your logon will be emailed to you, upon verification by HFPA.

  22. Questions

  23. Agenda Purpose Background of the Guide Scope Evolution Why a wiki? Ribbon Cutting Orientation & Demo Questions