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Generation Rx

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Generation Rx . Quotation and Summary . Prescription Drugs .

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Generation Rx

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generation rx
Generation Rx

Quotation and Summary

prescription drugs
Prescription Drugs

When putting this situation into perspective it is clear to see the authors strong feelings on the subject. Through the statistical data and the specific cases presented we see the immense amount of knowledge the writer possesses. The main blame goes to the advertising done for these drugs in the doctors office. The explanations given throughout the first two sections help make this even more clear to see.

the questions begin to come
The Questions Begin to Come

To open the mind of the reader and pose certain questions of the argument he poses. “ Should a drug be able to distribute, vi highly trained and restrained medical affairs people, studies showing that a drug for one approved purpose also “seemed” to help kids, with, say, stage-four cancer, and unapproved cause?” By putting these thoughts into the mind of the reader ideas of the authors argument begin to sway the opinion of the unbiased lector.


Talking about a new pill that could be the saving grace on the Leschly legacy, Paxil, it is discussed that “…in the back of everyone’s mind was the bad experience with Valium in the late 1970s, when thousands discovered they were hooked on something that was not supposed to be addictive.” Through this citation of the book the fear and uncontrolled grip these prescriptions have on the public are seen. They took the American people by surprise making them quickly addicted.

fake studies
Fake Studies

Jan Leschly a big pharma owner decided that to make his sales go up he would “Instead on focusing on whether the drugs worked – something already established – the researchers were charged with looking at something more subjective – how were the patients “feeling” and whether the feeling resulted in better compliance.” To him like most business men the most important part was the profit he was making not the people he was “helping”.

start of chronic disease
Start of Chronic Disease

The greedy business men behind these operations found the way to make an even greater profit. The way to get to peoples wallets was easy, make them believe they needed this medicine for many different reasons. “Instead of trying to hit its goal by selling Paxil as an antidepressant, why not enlarge the base by selling it as a cure for a number of related psychiatric disorders?” When people begin to believe they are dependent on this drug live, the sales will evidentially raise.

first large chunk
First Large Chunk

The overall message and argument found in the large first chunk of the book Generation Rx is concise. The large companies in charge of pharmaceuticals make maneuvers so people like you and me get addicted and hooked onto drugs that seem to be casual. The way these companies manipulate us into “needing” these medicines is not only astonishing but is the first step toward the epidemic that is turning the future of the United States to nothing.