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An Enterprise Business Technology Company PowerPoint Presentation
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An Enterprise Business Technology Company

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An Enterprise Business Technology Company - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CREATING COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES THROUGH UNIQUE SOLUTIONS. An Enterprise Business Technology Company. About PositiveEdge Solutions .

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An Enterprise Business Technology Company


About PositiveEdge Solutions

PositiveEdge Solutions (PES) is a global leader in business and technology services. Headquartered in Newark, California with offices in Dubai – UAE, Bangalore & New Delhi – India. PES (PositiveEdge Solutions) offers software solutions and services that

solves customer-facing business challenges. Our mission is to create the tools our clients need to be successful and efficient with the benefit of having a competitive edge.

Our solutions are based on our winning combination of insight, innovation, and deep knowledge of numerous technologies. We offer the best blend of skills—backed by tools, methodologies, and best practices that reduce the cost and risk of deployments.

With experience in global industries, we’ve partnered with both fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial start-ups alike. We are driven by excellent service and committed to every partners success.



Unlike other business technology consultant companies, PositiveEdge Solutions transforms concepts into strategic action. With exceptionally talented team players and forward-thinking leaders, we are committed to hiring and retaining only the best industry professionals.

In partnering with PES, our clients trust us to achieve results and to concur complex business goals. With experience working with small start-ups to fortune 500 companies, we continuously stand up to challenges by servicing our clients with tangible results that increase ROI.

If you are seeking to work with energetic, collaborative, out-of-the-box thinkers, then PES is your team. Our team is not only results-driven but we thrive on the success of our own accomplishments as well as the success of our partners alike.


Approach to Success

It takes more than technical expertise, experience, or a global team of talented people to get results. However, those are the fundamentals needed to initiate a successful job. Our initial approach into any partnership is to establish great collaboration from start to finish. This allows us to gain insight of our partners needs and ultimately assist them to the road of success.

Collaborative approachOur approach for great collaboration is to gain insight to our partner challenges which permits us to see the bigger picture and the ability to form a conclusion to a successful solution. Your PES team will get to know your organization and its unique challenges on a personal level. This approach allows PES to formulate an optimal innovative solution that positions our partners for future growth.


Global Delivery Model

Reduced Time to Market

Initial Assessment & Planning


  • Business Objectives & Vision
  • Business Requirement
  • High Level Process Understanding
  • Scope Definition & Cost Estimation
  • Creation of Business Case/Project Plan

Global Teams

Increase Business Volume

Global Delivery Model

  • Highly Integrated Teams
  • Planned Knowledge
  • Innovation
  • Centralized teams managed across Business Units
  • Quality & costs of project assured

Higher Business Agility

Reduced Business & Operational Risks

Strategic Partnership

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Implementation of Client’s dedicated Development Center/Offsite Delivery Center
  • Strategically aligned partners share goals, risks, and rewards
  • Blend alternate channels of services delivery to create a highly adaptive model
  • Quality & cost of engagement assured

Responsive Resource Management



PES Advantage

  • PositiveEdge helps bridge the gap between packaged and custom technology by extending the out-of-the-box functionality and capabilities to fully customized applications. Irrespective of size or sector, PES provides
  • businesses with:
  • One central database - providing a complete view of all prospects, customers and suppliers
  • Complete customization to specific business requirements
  • Improved Communication & Collaboration
  • Automation - making it easier to perform administrative tasks
  • Enhanced staff efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Standardized & automated business processes
  • Enabling single source of truth of corporate information
  • Enabling smart decision making at all levels
  • Advanced analytics on Structured and unstructured data

Technology Solutions

PES Technology Model

  • CRM
  • Custom Application Development
  • Portal Development
  • CMS – SharePoint
  • Web development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance
  • Business Intelligence
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Cloud Computing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Project Management

Mobile Platform


Web development

Cloud / On-Premises

Web Platform



Business Intelligence

Social Media, Mobility

Social Media

Portal development






Industry Verticals

PES has the depth and breadth of experience and expertise that you need to achieve your business goals and succeed amidst the fiercest competition.



Financial Services

Effective customer relationship management connects sales, marketing, and services across a diverse array of manufacturing relationships.

From retail banking and wealth management to insurance, Positive Edge can give you a comprehensive view of your customers so you can:

Provide an efficient one-stop service to citizens, recruit new businesses to communities and manage grant requests and funds with PES services for government.




  • Business Intelligence
  • Case Management
  • Funds Management
  • Grant Management
  • Advisor Platform/Wealth Mgmt.
  • Institutional Client Platform
  • Customer Knowledge
  • Insurance Agent/Broker Services
  • Channel Management
  • Champaign Management
  • Service Management
  • Business Management

Industry Verticals (cont.)

PES has the depth and breadth of experience and expertise that you need to achieve your business goals and succeed amidst the fiercest competition.


Professional Services

Health Care Provider

Get tools to boost your success, whether your firm is in IT, advertising, legal, accounting, engineering, real estate, or another service industry. With PositiveEdge you can:

With PositiveEdge healthcare providers are improving the delivery of care, lower costs, and helping patients manage their health.

PositiveEdge helps media companies become more successful by better serving the needs of their audiences and partners.




  • Information Management
  • Referrals Management
  • Business Process
  • Business Intelligence
  • Advertising
  • Broadcast
  • Publishing
  • Studio/Post-Production
  • Project Management
  • Resource Management
  • Customer Management

Featured Clients

  • Large Implementation of MS CRM 1600+ users
  • xRM (Renewals) + Portal using Sharepoint
  • Data Warehouse Design, ETL and Reporting
  • MS CRM Implementation
  • Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Technical Support
  • MS CRM System for Bio Marker Opp. tracking
  • xRM with Pharma Specific Extensions
  • MS CRM Implementation for Real Estate Tracking
  • xRM (Real Estate Investment) + Sharepoint Integration
  • MS CRM Rollout to 350 Users across India
  • xRM implementation for different operations functionality

Success Story – Roche

A Leading Life Sciences Company


  • Roche needed a system that would allow them to track customer requests as well as manage the transitional stages including centralized system for R&D opportunity management


  • PositiveEdge implemented a comprehensive multi step, multi user opportunity management system
  • A complete XRM solution with visual and interactive elements was developed for ease of use
  • All the business rules were captured and implemented via advanced workflows and alert notifications

Tools & Technology

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft .NET
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server Reporting Services

Success Story – NanoSolarA Leading Manufacturer of Thin Film Solar Cells


  • Manual business processes hampered the production of test performances on incoming materials inspections


  • Integration with Oracle database
  • Integration with testing tools
  • Timer jobs

Tools & Technology

  • .NET 3.5
  • C# 3.0
  • SQL Server 2008
  • SQL Server 2008 reporting services
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • AJAX

Success Story – ServiceSource Inc.

A Global Leader in Service Revenue Management


  • ServiceSource, Inc. needed a stable, scalable platform to keep up with the growing demands and to also manage customer service renewals for its large pool of global business partners


  • Implemented a service revenue management system on a Microsoft Dynamic CRM platform.
  • Increased efficiency of Service Representatives due to new easy to use system.
  • Enabled Self Service for ach business partner portal
  • Established Advanced analytics and dashboards for business partners
  • Enabled advanced cross-selling and up selling opportunities with integrated knowledge base

Tools & Technology

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • SQL Server 2005 and 2008

PES - Intellectual Property Pool – LIVE CHAT

What is it

  • Live support chat gives your customers answers to their questions on the spot in real-time, which increases customers' satisfaction level.

Allows User To

  • Serve queries from a customer effectively
  • Convert a particular chat session to a lead or opportunity
  • E-mail the current thread / chat transcripts to the customer
  • Refer the historical conversation with the customer
  • Initiate a chat with the user hanging onto a specific segment on a portal

Business Benefits

  • Facilitate another mode of communication to the customer
  • Deliver a better customer support with personal and proactive customer service
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Increased Sales and Improved Corporate Branding

PES - Intellectual Property Pool - SMS CONNECTOR

What is it

  • Connect with customers for better support
  • Connect with Field Sales Executives

Allows User To

  • Create a case with Helpdesk
  • Notify Field Sales executives on the field about the scheduled appointments via SMS
  • Respond the outcome of the meeting to CRM via SMS
  • Create and qualify lead via SMS
  • Run a Quick SMS campaign for specific customer base

Business Benefits

  • Drive business insights to generate new services revenue
  • Facilitate another mode of communication to the customer
  • Deliver better customer support
  • Stay in touch with your clientele

PES - Intellectual Property Pool - 360 degree Customer View

What is it

  • The 360 degreeCustomer View creates an integrated view of the customer – right across your organization. It captures all information pertaining to their accounts and interactions with an organization

Allows User To

  • Serve customers effectively as all the aspects related to a particular customer are available in one screen.
  • Enable real time information any where, any time & any device for fact based decision making

Business Benefits

  • Reduces time to market with new products and services by providing an accurate view of customer buying patterns and product service bundles
  • Increases an effectiveness of a CRM user.
  • Marketing staff can leverage core data and segmentation data to compile a customer feed.
  • Sales staff can use core data to provide more personal and proactive customer service and thus can maximize up-sell and cross-sell potential.

PES - Intellectual Property Pool - Go Social

What is it

Allows User To

  • It allows Microsoft Dynamics CRM users to discover online conversations, identify influential people, and engage with them on social networking sites.
  • It allows Microsoft Dynamics CRM users to discover online conversations, identify influential people, and engage with them on social networking sites.
  • Minimizing duplication with automation workflows
  • Users can post new information on multiple social media platforms simultaneously
  • Users can capture unstructured data and can covert this into a meaningful business information

Business Benefits

  • Extends CRM capabilities to engage conversations with customers and the market.
  • New way of engaging customers with the brand and thus increasing the loyalty
  • Identifies new business opportunities and improve cross/up-sell abilities through increasing contact with existing and potential customers
  • Social media generates conversations about brands, products and customer experiences that an organization can follow.

PES - Intellectual Property Pool - Customer Portal

What is it

Allows User To

  • The Customer Portal accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides businesses the ability to deliver portal capabilities to their customers while tracking and managing these interactions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Search a resolution for the issues / challenges in products or services referring the Knowledge Base available.
  • Allows businesses to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to distribute sales leads and centrally manage sales opportunities across channel partners.
  • Enables information visibility by role, access level

Business Benefits

  • It consolidates the functionality of Portal Integration, eService and Event Management into one consolidated portal.
  • A complete Self Service Portal (SSP) that allows customers to log cases 24x7.
  • A rapid development tool to integrate your own or partner portal
  • This can be deployed on organization’s web server or on in the cloud with Windows Azure.

PES - Intellectual Property Pool - Mobile Express

What is it

Allows User To

  • It delivers customers a fast and familiar experience, helping sales, customer service, marketing and management professionals connect with their customers and each other on multiple mobile devices through a security-enhanced environment.
  • Enable field workers to get instant access to customer data from most popular portable devices – smart phones and tablets.
  • Enables 2 –way communication from corporate information system and mobile devices real time.
  • Works off line mode as well.

Business Benefits

  • Works online and offline - seamlessly - Changes to the records are cached when offline and automatically synchronized when returns online.
  • Increased productivity, Less effort – It shortens the reaction time as your sales force and Customer Support Representatives (CSRs) are able to communicate real time.
  • Improve organizational communication by sharing , distributing customer interaction across the organization.

Global Locations

CONTACT US:SunnilDadlani

Vice President Professional Services



PositiveEdge Solutions

Corporate Office:39899 Balentine Drive, Suite #300

Newark CA 94560

Phone: 510-315-0061

Fax: 510-315-0061

GURGAONPO Box 500013, 203, EIB Building #5Dubai Internet CityDubai, UAEPhone: +971 4 4469713Fax: +971 4 4469703


PO Box 500013, 203, EIB Building #5Dubai Internet CityDubai, UAEPhone: +971 4 4469713Fax: +971 4 4469703

BANGALORE:#597, Maple15th Cross Ring RoadJ P Nagar 6th PhaseBangalore-560078Phone: +91-80-22441636,+91-80-26655597(Sales)