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Eastview Lacrosse. 2011 Player / Parent Meeting. www.eastviewlacrosse.com. Eastview Lacrosse. Meeting Agenda. Allina Heart Safe AED Donation Coaches, Captains and Booster Club Introductions Booster Club Announcements Program Philosophy & Expectations (handout)

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Eastview Lacrosse


Player / Parent Meeting


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Eastview Lacrosse

Meeting Agenda

  • Allina Heart Safe AED Donation

  • Coaches, Captains and Booster Club Introductions

  • Booster Club Announcements

  • Program Philosophy & Expectations (handout)

  • Season Important Dates (handout)

  • Registration Information

  • Equipment for 1st day

  • Camps available before season starts

  • Summer updates (grizzlie, non-grizzlie, graduating seniors players)

  • College Selection

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Eastview Lacrosse

Allina Heart Safe

Kim Harkins

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Eastview Lacrosse


Coaching Staffs


Tim Roche

Colin Achenbach

Josh Kuhn

Junior Varsity

Brad Gobar

Mike Freeman

Andy Lee

Prep Squad

Paul Cook

Tim Rondorf

Aaron White

Luke Wagner

Weight Lifting

Eric Vandeberg

Kelly Sherwin

Youth Program

Director: Terry Johnson

Youth Coaches

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Eastview Lacrosse


Team Contacts


Eric Gage

Bill Lawrence

Ryan McNamara

Sam Schovanec

Jack Schweich

Alex Wohl


Karina Devine

Allison Kenney

Sam Peterson

Booster Club

President: Jeff Hamill

VP: Mike Wohl

Asst VP: Bob Heppner

Treasurer: Katie Williams

Asst Treasurer: Sean Pearson

Secretary: Karen Neal


AD: Matt Percival

Asst to AD: Joan Beckmann

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Eastview Lacrosse

Booster Club Announcements

  • Jeff Hamill

  • Booster Club Meeting Updates

  • Fees, Donations, Fundraising

  • Apparel Orders

  • Committees

  • Game broadcasts

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Eastview Lacrosse

Team Philosophy, Expectations and Policies

Respect all, including yourself

Be early with 100% attendance.

Teach the game of Lacrosse to others.

Do not break any laws.

Give 100% effort to everything you do.


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Eastview Lacrosse


All concerns must start with a player/coach discussion.

Even if the player does not feel comfortable discussing conflict or concern, he must take the risk to do so. This is a life-lesson that fits with our expectation of being responsible for our actions.

No discussion with parents can start without this.

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Eastview Lacrosse


Important Dates

March 28th – Practice Jersey and Equipment Distribution

March 28th – Tryouts

April 2nd – Junior Varsity Jamboree

April 5th – Jersey Distribution & Pictures

April 6th – Prep Squad Player/Parent Meeting

April 8th – All Program Jamboree

June 14th – All Team Banquet

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Eastview Lacrosse


Important Dates

March 28th – Tryouts – Olympic Day

First day is testing day.

40 yard dash, laps in 6 minutes, plyos,

bench 70% of your weight, wall ball.

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Eastview Lacrosse


Important Dates

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Eastview Lacrosse


Important Dates

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Eastview Lacrosse


Important Dates

April 2nd – Junior Varsity bubble players scrimmage

Between 10 am and 5 pm.

Busing provided.

Lunch provided by booster club.

Parents are welcome to attend scrimmages.

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Eastview Lacrosse


  • Team assigned by letter on Monday, April 4th

  • Coaching staff goal is to get the best 24 players/teammates on the playoff roster. It is a season long process.

  • Varsity/JV 50/50

  • We do not cut freshman, sophomores or juniors.

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Eastview Lacrosse


Important Dates

April 5th – Jersey Distribution & Pictures

Jerseys distributed in grade then last name alpha order. Only returning Varsity players can keep their number from previous year.

Picture order forms will be handed out to players the week prior.

Extras in Office.

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Eastview Lacrosse


Important Dates

April 6h – 6 pm - Prep Squad Player/Parent Meeting

Final Schedule

20 games – 40 players Distribution & Communication


Refund from School, Payment to Booster Club

Parent Volunteers

Weekday vs. Weekend games


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Eastview Lacrosse


Important Dates

April 8th – All Program Festival

At Eastview 6 to 9 pm.

Youth & High School, Boys & Girls, Players & Families.

Pot Luck, Silent Auction, Youth Clinic

Hardest Shot Contest, Gladiator Course, Dunk Tank

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Eastview Lacrosse


Important Dates

June 14th – All Team Banquet

At Eastview.

Money to attend collected at later date.

100% participation.

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Eastview Lacrosse


Practice Times

Weight Lifting after school

Once outside we practice from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Rain Schedule is 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in gyms.

March 28th to April 1st will be from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the gyms

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Eastview Lacrosse


  • Helmet – Black with Blue trim, White Chin Strap

  • Gloves – Team Color (Black)

  • Elbow Guards – Team Color (Black, White, Blue)

  • Undershirts – White

  • Compression Shorts – Black

  • Sweatpants – Grey

    Practice Gear

  • Black Shorts

  • Black and White Practice Jersey

  • Home and Away jerseys and shorts to be provided.

  • Some equipment available ~ Talk to Mike Wohl

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Eastview Lacrosse


Forms available at Joan Beckmanns desk in main office.

Begin registering after March 7th.

You must be registered before tryouts.

You cannot tryout without being registered!

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Eastview Lacrosse


February 26th – 6 to 9 pm – Duluth Practice (watch)

February 27th & March 13th - UMD Offensive Camp

March 6th & March 13th – UMD Defensive Camp

February 27th, March 6th & March 13th – Goalie Camp

Captains Practices – See handout

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Eastview Lacrosse

Summer Opportunities

Grizzlies – Champ Camp Tourney, Johns Hopkins Camp, University of Virginia Tourney, White House Tour

2 practices a week, 1 game a week in Homegrown

(11 Offense, 7 Defense, 3 Goalies)

Non Grizzlies – 1 Practice a week, 1 Game a week in Homegrown

Graduating Seniors – Homegrown League

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Eastview Lacrosse

College Selection

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Eastview Lacrosse


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Eastview Lacrosse

Thank you

Booster Club!

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Eastview Lacrosse