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TallyCats 2.0: Re-envisioning student engagement initiatives Student Government & Student Affairs @ UKTallyCats # PowerPoint Presentation
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TallyCats 2.0: Re-envisioning student engagement initiatives Student Government & Student Affairs @ UKTallyCats #

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TallyCats 2.0: Re-envisioning student engagement initiatives Student Government & Student Affairs @ UKTallyCats # - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TallyCats 2.0: Re-envisioning student engagement initiatives Student Government & Student Affairs @ UKTallyCats # TallyCats. The People. Karah Brown TallyCats Coordinator (SGA) Todd Cox Student Government Advisor Jack King Student Affairs IT professional Adam Recktenwald

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Presentation Transcript
TallyCats 2.0: Re-envisioning student engagement initiatives

Student Government & Student Affairs



the people
The People
  • Karah Brown
    • TallyCats Coordinator (SGA)
  • Todd Cox
    • Student Government Advisor
  • Jack King
    • Student Affairs IT professional
  • Adam Recktenwald
    • University of Kentucky IT professional
the path
The Path
  • Program & People Overview
  • History of TallyCats
    • How it started
    • Student Learning Outcomes
    • How it works now
  • Statistical Results & Data Analysis
  • Future Goals
  • Conclusion & Lessons Learned
program overview
Program Overview
  • Tally Cats is a Student Government incentive program designed to reward students who get involved on campus.
  • We focus on events that promote:
    • Diversity on campus
    • Campus traditions (school spirit)
    • Educational topics
    • Student Government events
    • Connection with the surrounding Lexington community
history of tallycats
History of TallyCats
  • Concept has been talked about for years
  • 2007 Leadership Summit
    • Student group discussed the idea
    • No follow-up or funding available
  • 2008 Leadership Summit
    • Student group discussed the idea
    • Little follow-up and no funding support
  • 2008 Emerging Leadership Institute (Fall semester)
    • Student small group decided this was their leadership project
    • Approached Student Government about implementation
history of tallycats1
History of TallyCats
  • Student Government developed a proposal (Spring 2009) and approached the following campus groups:
    • President’s Office
    • Provost
    • Athletics
    • Public Relations
    • Student Activities Board
  • A collaboration between the groups listed above was born. Each committed financial backing to this initiative ($3,500 each)
history of tallycats2
History of TallyCats
  • Student Government began to implement the program by focusing on technology
    • Contact: Chip Carter
    • Database:CSGold
    • Scanners: CBORD MC50 (pocket PCs with wifi)
    • Programming: Custom; created on site by a CBORD Rep
  • Began to realize the importance of other aspects (marketing, incentives, staffing, etc.)
roll out process fall 2009
Roll Out Process (Fall 2009)
  • Promotions
    • T-Shirts
    • Brochures
    • Cups
  • Incentives
    • Donated by UK departments
      • event tickets, iPod nanos, free semester of books
    • Some were purchased
      • TVs, digital cameras, flip cameras and one (1) laptop
  • Staffing
    • TallyCats Co-Coordinators
    • SGA executive leaders
    • Senators
  • Website
    • General information
    • Incentives listing
    • Calendar (40 total)
      • Student Activities Board
      • Athletics
      • Student Government Events
student admin partnerships
Student/Admin. Partnerships
  • TallyCats coordinator is a student involved with Student Government. This position manages marketing, technology, building/motivating the team, communicating with campus partners & managing the website.
  • Several brainstorming & training sessions occurred over the summer months. Advisor & IT provide background, history & empowerment to the TallyCats coordinator.
  • During Orientation week, communication was especially important with IT to learn the system & provide feedback for improvements.
  • Represents a true collaboration & shared responsibility between various units.
team to coordinator transition
Team to Coordinator Transition
  • As a team member last year, I didn’t realize the amount of work that goes in to the coordinator position because it requires:

- organization (excel & googledocs)

- planning

- cooperation

- help (co-coordinator position)

- technological skill (can be learned)

- communication

what i ve learned
What I’ve Learned
  • Making decisions for the betterment of the program isn’t always easy.
  • You must have someone to help you – you can’t do it on your own.
  • You never know until you ask.
  • The SGA administration is so supportive of the program, which in turn makes the students enthusiastic.
easy as 1 2 3
Easy as 1 – 2 – 3

1) Show up!

2) Swipe ID!

3) Score Swag!

show up
Show Up!
  • Students can check out the TallyCats website or the UK Campus Calendar for the events
  • Additional avenues of marketing include…
    • Twitter campaigns
    • Brochures
    • TallyCats team shirts
    • Campus newspaper articles
    • Fliers & posters
    • Email listserv
    • Text Alerts
tallycats event profile
TallyCats Event Profile
  • Types of Events
    • Awareness and Diversity events
    • Career Planning sessions
    • Sporting events
    • Guest Lecturers
    • Art Gallery Openings
    • Concerts
    • Philanthropy Events
  • Who can submit events
    • Registered Student Organizations
    • Colleges
    • Departments
    • Academic Groups
submission process
Submission Process
  • Student Organizations/Departments submit their event via
  • TallyCats Coordinator accepts or denies the submission.
    • If approved, the Coordinator adds the event to the Campus Calendar and tags it as a TallyCat event
    • RSS feed pulls in the TallyCat events to &
swipe id
Swipe ID!
  • TallyCatteam member responsibilities:
    • Pick up the iPod touch & an iMag reader
    • Log in with active directory account
    • Arrive at the event 20 minutes beforehand
    • Swipe IDs until 15 minutes into the program
    • Return the iPod touch the following business day
  • Participant responsibilities:
    • Provide their student ID to be swiped
    • If they don’t have their ID, TC team member can hand enter their Student ID number
  • Open App
  • Log In
  • Select Events
  • Swipe ID
  • Enter ID
  • Snyc If Needed
technology back end
Technology Back-End
  • Mag stripe card readers
  • Ability to use iPhones or iPads for scanning
  • University built SQL database
  • Administrative User Interface
tallycats website
TallyCats website
  • IIS 7 Web Server (Win 2K8 SP2)
  • MySQL Server
  • PHP5
  • Custom CMS
data path
Data Path
  • Student ID Card (track 2 data containing Student ID number)
  • Swipes into wireless reader
    • If online, will display points, current rank & picture of the student. Team member can invalidate false swipes.
  • Reader then stores/transmits data indicating student checked into this particular event
  • Server then awards points per user once the data is uploaded to the server
score swag
Score Swag!
  • Partnerships between TallyCats and Student Organizations
      • Student Activities Board Concert & Event Tickets
      • Parking Passes
      • Free Semester of Books
      • Athletic Tickets
      • Autographed Footballs and Basketballs
  • Other prizes purchased by Student Government
      • Apple products (iPods, iPads)
      • Flat Screen TVs
      • UK Apparel (hats, jerseys, polos, sweatshirts, etc.)
      • Digital Cameras
incentive structure
Incentive Structure
  • TallyCats awards prizes at the end of each contest period (Orientation week, Fall & Spring semesters)
  • Students who earn the most overall points at the end of period are awarded prizes
  • Semesterly prizes are awarded at a reception near the end of the semester
  • Collaborate with other campus units for attendance contests (i.e. Athletics, Greeks)
  • Student Government & TallyCats team members are ineligible for prizes
general benefits
General Benefits
  • TallyCats not only benefits our student users, but is also valuable to Student Organizations & Campus Groups
    • The TallyCats calendar provides a free avenue to advertise events
    • Students engaged with the TallyCats program are more likely to attend these events (i.e. increased attendance)
    • Ability to run statistical analysis to determine if the program is succeeding in increasing retention
    • Ability to create attendance lists
first year of the program
First Year of the Program
  • 95% of participants were undergraduates
    • 46% - Freshmen
    • 20% - Sophomores
    • 16% - Juniors
    • 13% - Seniors
  • Retention
  • 4% increase 1st Fall to 1st Spring
  • 7-10% increase 1st Fall to 2nd Fall
fall 2010 survey analysis
Fall 2010 Survey Analysis

Participant Statistics

  • 90% were Freshmen participants
  • 70% of participants had attended at least 3 TallyCats events

Survey Results Highlights

  • 91% participated during K Week (opening week activities)
  • 76% plan to participate in the future
  • 84% are satisfied with the TallyCats program
  • 75% valued TallyCats as a way to get involved on campus and for being rewarded for that involvement

Recommendations or Improvements (based on Survey Results)

  • Prizes that students would like to see offered:
    • Tickets to basketball games
    • Gift cards
    • T-shirts
    • Electronics (primarily Apple products)
    • Plus account money
  • Make TallyCats workers at events more visible and easy to locate
ethnic breakdown
Ethnic Breakdown

White/Caucasian is virtually the same percentage (TC 76%, UK 78%)

future expansion
Future Expansion
  • Utilize social media contests for increased student engagement with the program
  • Revamp the incentive structure to reward more students for their participation
  • Staff 150-180 TallyCat events throughout the academic year (~1/day)
  • Incentivize for bringing a friend with door prizes & “double point” events
future expansion1
Future Expansion
  • Event Planners
    • Event profile report (demographics of who attended)
    • Ability to download an attendance list from the server
  • Student Affairs Profession
    • Tracking of student involvement data (retention)
    • Utilize trending data to inform programming decisions
    • Better able to assess programs via electronic surveys to participants (ex. Cats Cruiser)
future expansion tech
Future Expansion (Tech)
  • HANA server to collect & analyze big data
    • Modify programming choices
    • Create metrics for event profiles
    • Determine retention variables
  • Technology upgrades to come include:
    • QR Codes
    • Location-based check-ins
    • Integration with UK mobile application
  • Deeper reporting on co-curricular trends
lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • Incentive level doesn’t matter to most students; they just want to get something (can even be a t-shirt)
  • Staffing TallyCats with busy people doesn’t work. We implemented a team approach in spring 2010 and have used it since (20-25 students). Freshmen are the best because they are not over committed
  • Technology can be our friend or enemy. Having a good calendar and website are paramount to having a successful program.
lessons learned1
Lessons Learned
  • Picking a color theme for branding is very helpful (see highlighter yellow shirts for team members)
  • A hands on approach to training is much more effective than large group trainings. It requires more time on front end, but results in less issues later in the year
  • Monthly meetings keep the team up-to-date on changes and helps with scheduling
  • Systemize the internal processes like scheduling& team reminders as much as possible. Utilize technology like Google Docs to share the information easily.
  • Student Affairs
  • Student Government
  • UK Information Tech.
  • Apax Software