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Product Map Business information for going global

Market Analysis Section. Product Map Business information for going global. Business Information for Going Global. Applying Product Map to Market Research. Presentation guide: The rationale behind Product Map In what area of market research can Product Map help? Product Map – a closer look

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Product Map Business information for going global

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  1. Market Analysis Section Product Map Business information for going global

  2. Business Information for Going Global

  3. Applying Product Map to Market Research Presentation guide: • The rationale behind Product Map • In what area of market research can Product Map help? • Product Map – a closer look • Product Map – live connection • Conclusion: How to access Product Map and how to make the most of it

  4. Why Product Map? An information overload... Business Information: the current environment

  5. How Product Map can help? • Provides a guide for more effective market research • Creates a centralised industry specific information platform • Facilitates market research by regrouping quantitative and qualitative market information • Takes care of time consuming tasks  allows user to focus on analysis rather than data hunting • Gives trade support institutions and businesses a head-start in their market research efforts • Gives businesses a targeted audience worldwide

  6. Get the business contacts Go in-depth: Find out more on the market Initial commercial links Networking tools Analyze the market Qualitative Analysis Market Intelligence Tools Quantitative Analysis Market positioning tools Product Map Learn and apply the trade practices Define the product to trade and its uses

  7. Product Map Learn and apply the trade practices Get the business contacts Go in-depth: Find out more on the market Networking Analyze the market Market Intelligence Define the product to trade and its uses Market Positioning

  8. Musical Instruments • Nuts • Oilseeds and products • Optical and precision instruments, spectacles and glasses • Packaging materials • Paper and printing • Perfumery, cosmetics and toiletries • Pets, pet food and accessories • Pharmaceutical and medicaments • Photo - cinematographic film • Plastics and plastic products • Precious, semi-precious stones and jewellery • Rubber and rubber products • Specialty Food Products • Spices and culinary herbs • Sports wear, sports and leisure goods • Stationery, office machine and supplies • Sugar, molasses and sugar confectionery • Tea and tea products • Telecommunications equipment • Textile fibres, fabrics and specialty textiles • Toys and games • Transport equipment • Wood and wood products • Agricultural machinery • Animal feed • Art, collection, decoration and cultural goods • Automotive components and accessories • Beverages • Carpets and wall covering • Cellulose derivatives and specialties • Cereals and cereal products • Chemicals • Cleansing and polishing preparations • Clocks and watches • Clothing and accessories • Cocoa and cocoa products • Coffee and coffee products • Colouring substances • Construction materials • Cut flowers and ornamental plants • Dairy products • Electrical machinery and equipment • Electronic equipment and components • Engines and motors • Fertilizers and plant protection products • Fishery products • Food ingredients • Footwear • Fragrances and flavours • Fruit and vegetable juices • Fruit and vegetables • Furniture and components • Glass and glass products • Gums, resins and extracts • Hand tools • Hides, skins, furskins and leather • Honey and apicultural products • Household and furnishing textiles • Household utensils and appliances • Image and sound equipment and accessories • Industrial machinery and equipment • Lamps, lighting and visual signaling equipment • Leather products • Live animals • Machine tools • Measuring, checking and precision instruments • Meat and animal products • Medicinal plants • Metal and metal products • Mineral and mineral products • Medical and laboratory equipment and instruments Fruit and vegetables Coffee products Plastic products Wood products Footwear Automotive components Clothing

  9. Register or Enter your Username: Password: Select a sector

  10. Market Positioning Quantitative market data for each of the 72 sectors, 5300 products and over 180 countries

  11. Quantitative Tools • World trade flows • Best performing countries • Best positioned products Product Map on the TextileIndustry

  12. Selection menu

  13. Country trade performance comparison in the textile industry

  14. Textile Industry – Product Champions

  15. Market Intelligence Published market research, links to information sources and to ITC’s trade inquiry service

  16. Qualitative Tools • Market Studies • MNS Price News / Smart Links • ITC trade inquiry service The Product Map on the Fruit & VegetableIndustry

  17. Market Studies Bibliography and option to download or print directly

  18. Gateway to Market • Information on the Web : • Trade events • Packaging • Standards • News…

  19. Create company storefronts & identify business contacts Networking facilities

  20. Business Contacts: Fruit and Vegetables Country and Product Directories Company Web Sites Other Web Sources Association Web Sites

  21. How to make the most out of Product Map… • Use Product Map search engine • Focus on analysis and interpretation of data • Use Product Map to save time • Use Product Map ‘suggest a link’ facilities • Disseminate access to your business community

  22. To conclude… Product Map… … is a unique Web-based tool integrating all key elements of market research - available for 72 individual product sectors … helps Trade Support Institutions to provide better services for their traders … assists businesses in developing more effective international marketing strategies … supports educational institutions in teaching international trade … is a valuable, structured information resource for libraries, research and reference centres

  23. For more information on Product Map please contact: http://www.p-maps.org or p-maps@intracen.org

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