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Augusta Ada Lovelace

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Augusta Ada Lovelace
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  1. Augusta Ada Lovelace The first computer programmer. by Tyson Collier Comp 1631, Winter 2011

  2. Background • Born in London, England on December 10, 1815 • Died in London, England on November 27, 1852 • She is the daughter of Lord Bryon, a poet, and Anne Isabelle Milbanke

  3. As a child Ada was ill very often • In 1829, she was paralysed after having the measles, being bed rest for nearly a year • About two years after this she finally regained the ability to walk with the aid of crutches

  4. Even with these problems, Lady Byron did not want her daughter to be like her father, so she was given tutoring for math, science and music, to counter dangerous poetic tendencies • Contrary to this, in 1828 she made a design for a flying machine

  5. After working under William King for ten years, Ada and King married in 1835 • Ada gave birth to three children from this union • In 1838, King inherited a noble title: Earl

  6. Influence • She was once taught be Mary Somerville, who not only taught her math, but gave her the idea of putting it into human context • In 1834, at a dinner party, Ada first heard about Charles Baddage idea for the Analytical Engine

  7. Work • In 1842, Louis Menebrea published a memoir in French on the subject of the Analytical Engine • Babbage looked for aid from Ada, and enlisted her for nine months to translate

  8. She worked hard to translate the article and had her own notes on the subject. • This notes were published in ‘Scientific Menoirs’ under the initialism ‘AAL • In one of her letters to Babbage, Ada even stated that machine could be used to compose music, produce graphics, and would be used for practical and scientific use

  9. Once Ada suggested to Babbage to write a plan for how the engine might calculate Bernoulli numbers, this is regarded as the first computer program.

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