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Sikkim tour packages from Mumbai with Flamingo Tarvels PowerPoint Presentation
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Sikkim tour packages from Mumbai with Flamingo Tarvels

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Sikkim tour packages from Mumbai with Flamingo Tarvels
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Sikkim tour packages from Mumbai with Flamingo Tarvels

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  1.     Sikkim tour packages from Mumbai With Flamingo Travels  Lachung Lachung Lachung is a town as well as       hillside terminal in northeast   Sikkim, India. It lies in the     North Sikkim district nearthe     boundary withTibet.Lachung     goes to an       concerning 9,600 feet and at   the assemblage of the lachen   and also LachungRivers,both     tributaries of   Teesta. Words   implies "little pass".                                               altitude         the       of                   River   Lachung The town is approximately 125 kilometres from thecapitalGangtok.Lachunghasactuallybeen             referred toasthe"mostattractivevillageofSikkim"byBritishexplorerJosephDaltonHookerin                 his clear­cut, The Himalayan Journal. Skiing is conducted in Phuni near this community.    Yumthang Yumthang The Yumthang Valley is a grazing             pasture bordered by the Himalayan           hills in theNorthSikkimareaofSikkim,                 India It is at an elevation of 3,564                 metres above msl at a distance of 150                 kilometres from the state resources           Gangtok. It is commonly called 'Valley             of Flowers' and also is home to the                 Shingba Rhododendron Shelter, which         has more than twenty­four species of             the rhododendron, the state blossom.           Yumthang is shut between December           and also March because of heavy             snowfall.    Gangtok Gangtok Gangtok is the capital of the northern Indian state of Sikkim. Established as a Buddhist               pilgrimage site, the city ended up being resources of an independent monarchy after British               policy finished, yet signedupwithIndiain1975.Gangtokisacommunity,thefundingaswellas                                                                                            

  2.   the biggest town of the Indian state of Sikkim. Situated within higher tops of the Himalaya as                 well as delighting in a year­round light temperate environment, Gangtok is at the centre of               Sikkim tour​​ market.                                        Ravangla Ravangla Ravangla Ravongla community located at an altitude   of 7000 feet in South Sikkim area         of the Indian state of Sikkim. It is       connected by state highway to     other major communities in the     state and lies in between Pelling         and Gangtok. It works as the     starting factor for the trip to     Maenam Wild animals Sanctuary.      or     Rawangla little               or         is a     traveler                                           Pelling Pelling Pelling is a community in the district of       West Sikkim, India. Nevertheless with the       influx of tourists,     undertaking a transformation, with the     roads being fixed as well as hotels being         set up. The Mountain ranges as well as       the Kanchenjunga could be watched at     close quarters from Pelling. Pelling also       createsthebasewheretrekkersaswellas                             the   region       is                                           other peripatetic adventurers carry out the laborious and tough treks in West Sikkim. 

  3.   Namchi Namchi Namchi or Namtse is the area headquarters of the South Sikkim district in the Indian state of                 Sikkim. The appellation Namchi suggests Sky High in Sikkimese. The small town, Namchi is the             embodiment of culture, variety, faith, altruism, and shows the munificence of ​Sikkim tour packages​​. Namchi is blessed with inviting monasteries, traditional temples, rich greenery,             plants, and woodlands. On a trip to Namchi, vacationers could reveal the best kept secrets of                 the Himalaya. The appeal of Namchi cannot be defined in a single word or expression.                                                                                            Company Details: Company Details: Flamingo Transworld Pvt. Ltd. Address:​​​​201/202, Gala Business Centre, St. Xaviers College Corner, Near Classic  Address: Gold Hotel, Off C. G. Road, Ahmedabad 380009, Gujarat, India    Contact person: Contact person:​​​​Mr.Alap patel­ 0091 9825081806, 07940001500    Email: Email: ​​    Website: Website:​​​​