Wicked part ii
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Wicked Part II. Grace Diaz, Adrian Hernandez, Rocio Sanchez. Characters. Elphalba , Elphie Glinda Ama Clutch Maddam Morreble Doctor Dillamond Boq Avaric Miss Shenshen , MissPfanne , & Miss Phann. Quick Summary. Elphalba.

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Wicked part ii

Wicked Part II

Grace Diaz, Adrian Hernandez, Rocio Sanchez


  • Elphalba, Elphie

  • Glinda

  • AmaClutch

  • MaddamMorreble

  • Doctor Dillamond

  • Boq

  • Avaric

  • Miss Shenshen,MissPfanne, & Miss Phann

Wicked part ii

Quick Summary


  • Do you see Elphies hair has something meaningful? Why would the author bring it up?

  • “It was beautiful hair, in an odd, awful way, with a shine like the pelt of a healthy giltebeest. Black silk. Coffee spun into threads. Night rain. Galinda, not given to metaphor on the whole, found Elphaba’s hair entrancing, the more so because the girl was other wise so ugly.” (pg.95)


  • Elphalba always stands out because of her skin color but can her skin color signify something more in depth?

Awkward moment
Awkward Moment

““My father is a unionist minister,” said Elphalba “I’m just curious what its all about, that’s all.”

“Why don’t you just ask him?”

Elphalba didn’t want to answer. Her face took a slid waiting look, like that of an owl just about to go for a mouse.””(pg.102)

Evil vs good
Evil VS. Good

“I’m not interested in it. Its just that the early sermons are all on about. So I’m thinking about what they are thinking about, that’s all.” (pg. 103)

What thoughts does this stir up for you? Do you see it as a foreshadow or is this simply Elphies curiosity?

“Well I wouldn’t know an evil thing if it fail on me.” Galinda said.


As you read through out the story what are the reason for why Galinda didn’t talk much to Elphalba? What can we say about her personality?

Page 94
Page 94

After hearing the story Galinda told Madame Morrible about Ama Clutch did it change your perspective of Galinda’s character?

After reading about Ama Clutch’s illness description, do you see someone having it in our world? If so, how do you think society would act towards these type of people?


  • “ Galinda did wonder about the capriciousness of weather. Was it even possible for a storm to pitch itself against one part of town and overlook another? “

  • What do you think about this scene of the storm change?

Madame morrible
Madame Morrible

  • Madame Morrible ended the Quell saying “Animals should be seen not hear.”(pg.114) Do you think there was a motive to her saying this at the poetry event.

Doctor dillamond
Doctor Dillamond

Doctor Dillamond is upset about the comment Madame Morrible said plus the the events going on in the Emerald city regarding Animal rights.

Is this this event in the book relatable to actual events going on in our real world?

Wicked part ii

  • Do you see Oz being percieved differently in this book than in the Wizard of Oz?

Wicked part ii

  • After the Quell, Boq approaches Galinda & Elphalba. He quickly recognizes Elphalba but she denies ever meeting him in the past. Why do you think she reacts this way to someone she knows from back home?

Ana clutch
Ana Clutch

  • Ana Clutch is Galindas nanny in college, how would you feel about having a nanny with you at all times now that your in college? What does that tells us about Galinda who always likes having someone around?

The letter
The Letter

In the summer Elphie receives a letter from Galinda saying that she wishes she could come out and visit her before school starts again. Boqencorages her to go but when she arrives she finds out Galinda never actually wrote it. It was all a prank, if they don’t like Elphie why would they bother to have her travel so for no good intent?

Nanny nessarose
Nanny & Nessarose

Toward the end of the book we see Nanny & Nessarose enter Elphies life once again. We finally get to see a gimps to Nessarose and Elphalba’s relationship. Would you consider them to have a sisterly relationship at all?

Doctor dillamond1
Doctor Dillamond

  • In this section Doctor Dillamond is found dead. Do you believe it was a murder? Who would have a motive to kill someone very well recognized in the community for his research?

Family history
Family History

Elphalba tends to keep a lot to herself regarding her past. While talking to Galindaone day she talks about her family, Father, Nessarose, Shell, Nanny and mother who past away in labor. Knowing the way the mother was do you think her death was a way to make up for all her motherly mistakes?


  • So far into the reading of Wicked, has your perspective of the story “The wizard of Oz” change? Or if not, why so?

Wicked part ii

  • “You were born a frog. You got sacrificed to the Clock of the Time Dragon and were turned into a boy. But on you marriage night when you wife opens your legs you’ll turn back into a tadpole and-” (112)

  • What were your reactions to this descriptive scene?

Character perspective
Character perspective

  • Giving the information we know so far about Elphaba point of view, do you think her action truly represent her personality throughout the book so far?

Political aspect
Political Aspect

  • Giving all the characters that we introduce in “Wicked” do you think these is a political connection relating to the Wizard of Oz and the real world?


  • So far into the reading of Wicked, has your perspective of the story “The Wizard of Oz” change? Or if not, why?


  • Giving all the character that show up in Elphaba life, do you think they made a huge impact towards her future as the “Wicked Witch of the west”?