topics discussed in adc uic re aip n.
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Topics discussed in ADC & UIC Re AIP PowerPoint Presentation
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Topics discussed in ADC & UIC Re AIP

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Topics discussed in ADC & UIC Re AIP - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Topics discussed in ADC & UIC Re AIP. Multiplicity of clearinghouses End-to-end discovery How to make the searches “better” Usability testing results Comments & recommendations on pilot process. On the multiplicity of clearinghouses.

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Presentation Transcript
topics discussed in adc uic re aip
Topics discussed in ADC & UIC Re AIP
  • Multiplicity of clearinghouses
  • End-to-end discovery
  • How to make the searches “better”
  • Usability testing results
  • Comments & recommendations on pilot process
on the multiplicity of clearinghouses
On the multiplicity of clearinghouses
  • Currently different results when searching different clearinghouses
    • Each clearinghouse is augmenting its database with different community catalogs and resources
    • Different information model per clearinghouse
  • Multiplicity currently useful for testing but can be confusing
    • User shouldn’t have to know about clearinghouses and registries and shouldn’t have to select a clearinghouse to search (portals offer drop down for selecting clearinghouse to search)
  • Task Force should recommend one clearinghouse for the operational phase
on end to end discovery
On End-to-End Discovery
  • Emphasis on rigor of registration for better discovery
    • Also discussion about current small number of registered components/services (with ~ half of them web sites)
  • Proposal to add sub-categories for SBAs
    • Pro: More targeted discovery; better user experience
    • Con: Higher registration burden
  • Discussion regarding level at which data should be registered
    • E.g. one entry for all of the climate change db? (emphasis on the system of “systems”
  • Areas for improvements
    • Increase content and quality of GCI
    • Improve user interface of geoportals per usability testing
    • Continue working on and testing the architecture
    • Reach out and involve user communities
    • Support “better searches”
on better searches
On “better” searches
  • Distributed searches across multiple catalogs/clearinghouses
  • Different proposals for searching beyond the registries
    • Sitemaps from catalog and Google Search (Marten)
    • Google Search on content of websites registered (Robert)
    • Tags for services for ease of discovery in regular Google searches (Herve)
on usability testing
On Usability Testing
  • Usability Testing of geoportals
    • Higher than expected participation (120 participants)
    • Most of them (~86% will use portals again)
    • One of the easiest features to use: Mapping
    • One of the most difficult features to use: Simple Search
  • Discussion in ADC about user types and definitions
    • UIC to work on those so that other committees can use them
    • Discussion about target audience (casual user vs. experienced user)
  • Discussion regarding cost of maintenance of geoportals
    • To keep in mind that content management is time-consuming
on pilot process
On Pilot Process
  • Efficient way to exercise and evolve architecture
    • Especially with respect to cross-community exchanges of information
    • Need to continue working with UIC to engage communities of practice
  • Need for how-to guides, cookbooks and/or recipes
    • Good response to how-to user guides deliverables of AIP-2
    • Good response to Publish, Register, Test and Monitor video
  • Recommendations
    • Develop glossary of terminologies
    • Propagate results and process to users and technical committees
      • Publish videos to youtube
      • Cookbooks for using the GCI for discovery (geoportals) and for tactical guidance on registration of resources