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  1. Fads • 1980 the Rubik’s Cube became popular • 1983 Cabbage Patch Kids are popular • May 22, 1980 Pac Man is released in Japan→ October 1980 it is introduced to the US • It is one of the most popular games in history • 1981 Ms. Pac Man came out unauthorized, but it became so popular Nameco made it an official game • It took 19 years for someone to beat Pac Man • The Smurfs also became popular in the 1980s • Originally popular from the comics created by Pierre Culliford, the comics became a T.V. show in 1981 by Hanna Barbara Studios

  2. Nintendo • Nintendo was originally founded in 1889 to manufacture Japanese playing cards • 1983 Nintendo releases home game console called Famicom • 1985 the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES was released • 1985 Mario Bros→ 1986 The Legend of Zelda→ 1987 Metroid are released • In 1989 DiC released the Mario Bros Show and the Legend of Zelda was not far behind • NES was an International success and continued to create more like the hand held Gameboy in 1989

  3. Nike • Nike entered the 1980s in a roll due to the success of the Nike Air Technology • By the end of 1980 Nike completed its IPO and became a publicly traded company • Nike sales went down due to the aerobic boom, but NBA rookie Michael Jordan helped bolster Nike’s bottom line in 1985 • 1987 Nike created something new in their Air Max: Visible Air Bags • Memorable commercial to the Beatles’ song “Revolution” •

  4. Slang • Bad: very good, excellent, cool, awesome • Chocoholic: a word to describe an alcoholic • Ditz: less harsh way to describe some one who isn’t very bright • Dweeb: geek, nerd, someone who is not “in” • Stoked: To be ready to do something •

  5. Fashion • Hair • Girls: Glitter, side ponytails, feathered hair, multi colors, crimped, ultra teased • Boys: Mullets, Mohawks, long, curly, slightly teased • Face • Girls: vivid make-up, glitter, light pink lips • Boys: glasses, punk piercings • Clothes • Girls: Leg warmers, spandex, tight stone washed jeans, neon, mini skirts, headbands, crop tops, off the shoulder tops • Boys: Sleeveless shirts, spandex, chains on leather, Rock Band Shirts • ANY KIND OF AEROBIC WEAR

  6. Reagan's Approach To The Soviet Union • When Reagan took office for his first term he was very harsh against communist Soviet Union. He put weapons (Nuclear) in Germany and Great Britain. • When Reagan took office for a second term it was peaceful confrontation with the Soviet Union and arms build up in the United States. • He advocated a huge military build up so the Soviet Union would eventually have to surrender because it wouldn't be able to match the power of the army. • in 1987 A treaty was filed with eliminated nuclear weapon (Medium Range) From Europe

  7. Aerobics • Became very popular in the 1980s • Cross of dance, calisthenics, and athletic training that is choreographed to music • The routines were very hard to perform • Routines were all synchronized • Aerobics led to the fashion in the 1980s since a trend was spandex and leotards • Aerobics became so popular that the Nation Aerobic Championship was held

  8. Television (Cable TV) • With this invention ABC, CBS, and NBC lost their monopoly over the other TV channels • 1980 Ted Turner unveiled the Cable News Network (CNN) • Rupert Murdoch and Barry Pillard create Twentieth Century Fox and created Fox TV for 1 Billion dollars • 1986 82% if American adults watched TV daily • Average household had TV on for 7 hours each day • Sunday night was the most popular night to watch TV • 1985 68% (60 million) American households had cable TV and 88% of those Americans subscribed for HBO and Showtime

  9. Movies • The Breakfast Club • This movie deconstucts the stereotypes of kids • Creative ending because audience is left wondering what will happen on Monday • How each person feels at the end is due to what stereotype he or she may believe in • In 1984 the PG- 13 rating was created • In 1982 E.T. was released and quickly became one of the most loved movies of all time

  10. Movies (War Games 1983) • About a young computer whizz who accidentally connects to the War Operation Response Plan, a super computer when trying to play a game • The super computer has control over the US nuclear arsenal • The computer whizz decides to play global Thermonuclear War where he is Russia and the computer is the US • The innocent game they are playing almost launches the two countries into World War III

  11. MTV • MTV was established in 1981 • The first Music Video Played was “Video Killed the Radio” by the Buggies • I asked my mother who was in college what was most memorable about MTV in the 1980s: • Becky Condo: “I remember when Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was going to air in 1983. One of my friends and his roommate had a cable T.V. in their dorm room at Gannon, something out of the ordinary. At midnight on the night it aired, my roommate and I actually got to watch the music video on cable TV!”

  12. Popular TV Shows • The Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show (1983) • Bill Cosby (1984) • Roseanne (1988) • Saved by the Bell (1989) • Degrassi Junior High (1989)

  13. Music of the 80’s • Revolutionary decade • Teen pop replaced disco • Urban pop • Rock • New Wave

  14. Cyndi Lauper Prince Queen Music New Kids on the Block MötleyCrüe Whitney Houston MichaelJackson Madonna Def Leppard

  15. Music • MTV debuted with “Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Buggles as the first music video ever made. • Music became a marketing tool for advertisements and movies • Compact disc were created

  16. Music • Music had positive and negative impacts on society: • Positive: Artists’ popularity revived • Negative: “Visual over music” idea

  17. How Did Anti-Communism Shape Reagan's Foreign Policy • Reagan increased military spending on weapons and called for new weapon systems. He was against communism. • He created the Regan Doctrine- Aiding anticommunist countries and movements (Asia, Africa, Latin America) • He put a higher military presence where he felt that people or countries were threatened by communist influences (El-Salvador, Nicaragua)

  18. Collapse of the Soviet Union • Began in 1985 when Mikhail Gorbachev became the leader of the USSR • Soviets are burdened by failing economy, repressive political system, and heavy military costs • Glasnost: Gorbachev’s promise to provide more freedom for the Soviet Union Citizens • Glasnost encouraged people to criticize the government • Complained about the economy because of the arms race

  19. Perestoika • Perestroika: Gorbachev’s economic plan to restructure Soviet economy and government • Modernized Soviet Factories • Opened ideas of a capitalist democratic government • Dramatically began to change lives of Soviet people • To further domestic goals and defuse the costly war Gorbachev pursued for détente

  20. Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty • In 1987 Gorbachev and Reagan signed the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) • Eliminated all medium range weapons in Europe • With drawl of Soviet Troops from Afghanistan • May 1988 US Senate ratifies treaty

  21. End of The Cold War • Gorbachev’s changes helped end the Cold War and the USSR • 1989 pro- democracy movement in East Germany • Tens of Thousands of East Germans fled to West Germany through Hungary • Erich Honecker the current ruler of East Germany was forced to resign • November 9, 1989 the Berlin Wall was opened to promote peace • The fall of the Berlin Wall signified the end of the Cold War • The destruction of the Berlin Wall was celebrated World wide •

  22. Iran-Contra Affair (1985-1992) • Boland Agreement- prohibited aid to the Contras by any executive branch agency that was involved in intelligence agencies. • Congress wanted to give humanitarian aid, not military aid. • Contras- Nicaraguan rebel army recruited, financed, and armed by the CIA to overthrow the Sadinista government in Nicaragua. • Reagan’s administration was secretly sending weapons to Iran in exchange for their releasing of U.S. hostages • 1986-Reagan finds out – sends an investigation

  23. Iran-Contra Affair • Question: How did Reagan’s staff break the law by giving Contras money? • Taken to court, but North plead his innocence. • Poindexter insisted that even if he asked Reagan, he would have approved. National Security Advisor John Poindexter Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North

  24. Iran-Contra Affair • How did the Reagan supply the Contras? -North created an organization called The Enterprise that would serve as the secret arm of the Council. -Assisted by the CIA and other government agencies, without any accountability required from the US government.

  25. Iran Contra Affair • North was convicted of lying to Congress and unlawfully destroying government documents. • Poindexter was convicted of deceiving Congress. • However, in 1992, President Bush issued presidential pardons to all indicted in the scandal as they were said to be “acting strictly out of patriotism”.

  26. Iran-Contra Affair • Reagan’s legacy was not impacted significantly because he was able to deny his involvement in the affair. • Popularity declined 67%  46%