a feature based analysis comparison of it automation tools comparing kaseya to handsfreenetworks
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A Feature-Based Analysis & Comparison of IT Automation Tools: Comparing Kaseya to HandsFreeNetworks

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A Feature-Based Analysis & Comparison of IT Automation Tools: Comparing Kaseya to HandsFreeNetworks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Feature-Based Analysis & Comparison of IT Automation Tools: Comparing Kaseya to HandsFreeNetworks. Developed By: Natalia Carvajal & Albert Fernandez Advisor : Dr. S. Masoud Sadjadi School of Computing and Information Sciences Florida International University [email protected]

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a feature based analysis comparison of it automation tools comparing kaseya to handsfreenetworks

A Feature-Based Analysis & Comparison of IT Automation Tools: Comparing Kaseya to HandsFreeNetworks

Developed By: Natalia Carvajal & Albert Fernandez

Advisor : Dr. S. Masoud SadjadiSchool of Computing and Information SciencesFlorida International University

[email protected]



  • Introduction
  • Comparison & Discussion
  • Glossary
  • Acknowledgements
  • References
  • ReSOFT with its extensive feature set and intuitive design powered with Device Healthcare technology with all the intelligence built-in to perform automated detection, problem diagnosis and problem remediation in a completely secured environment for Windows based device management. There is nothing more important than your global desktop and laptop being always up and running. The HandsFree Networks ReSOFT makes that a reality while offering you maximum control over every aspect of operations.
HandsFree Networks features include automating key desktop management processes, securely monitoring of your desktop environment, around-the-clock automated end-device management and problem resolution without the need to ever send someone on-site. ReSOFT builds automation into the system diagnosis and management process by mirroring best practice associated with the provisioning of service and automating repetitive work by machine-driven tasks and processes.
  • HandsFree Networks is a global company provider of software and services that automate the resolution of technology problems.They have into the market space for 10+ years and have released a number of versions for supporting each new operating system released.
  • They have into the market space for 10+ years and have released a number of versions for supporting each new operating system released
os coverage
OS Coverage
  • ReSOFT – Support Automation Solution covers a variety of operating systems which includes Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Windows Vista. We have tried installing the software in on machine Windows 7 but got an error stating that the operating is not supported.
grouping managed devices
Grouping Managed Devices
  • ReSoft allows you to group managed devices by several categories.
  • Automated Support Infrastructure (ASI) system management is based on a hierarchical group structure.
  • At the top of the hierarchy are group categories.
  • You cannot add groups to built-in group categories
functional coverage
Functional Coverage
  • The functionalities that are covered in this product include Agent base Architecture, Asset Management, Remote Control, Device Availability, and Application Monitoring, Microsoft Update Management, Malware protection and User Manager, Reporting, Microsoft Windows Service Management, Event Management and Notifications. All these features are accessible through the Automated Support Infrastructure Dashboard Overview(ASI).
1 1 architecture
1.1 Architecture
  • HandsFree Networks Software ReSoft, contains an agent based architecture.
  • There is only one agent and it is accessible through the website.
  • What makes this agent unique is the code that is entered by the user once the agent is installed.
  • Most of its functionality is based on scrips.
1 2 auditing asset management
1.2 Auditing & Asset management
  • HandsFree Networks does not include Auditing as part of its available tools.
  • The Asset information includes the assistant summary, network adapters, printer information startup programs, DNS servers installed programs, software version information, software license information, network services, network clients, network protocols, Bios information, Cache Information, port connector information, system slot information, on-board device information, language information, memory device, socket information, CD-ROM drive information, logical disk information, monitor information, physical disk information, user account information, video controller information, modem information, sound card information, installed software updates, update file version information.
1 3 remote control
1.3 Remote Control
  • ReSoft has the functionality to remotely connect to its clients through two different methods. The first using Citrix GoToAssitant and UltraVNCDiscusswhat can be done with remote control (file transfer, etc)
1 4 automation
1.4 Automation
  • ReSoft implements it’s automation through scripts..
  • Knowledge is required to create these scripts as well as run them, so without the proper knowledge the software becomes useless
  • Kaseya does offer a much easier way to take full advantage of its tools through the deployment of its agents.
1 5 monitoring
1.5 Monitoring
  • You can use one or more of spcripsto run an application, and Scrip 100 (File Distribution and Retrieval) to track execution completion
  • Processor Utilization -HandsFree Networks provides a configurable way to monitor processor utilization and report critical situations. It gives you the interrupt rate and queue length to enable understanding of the cause behind poor performance.
monitoring cont
Monitoring (Cont’)
  • Memory Utilization & Paging performance - Monitors memory usage, reports, and alerts critical memory utilization situations. This feature provides information on physical and virtual memory and also swap space. It can be used as an early warning system for low memory conditions. It is real time and therefore is considered as a better indicator of degraded system performance.
  • Disk Capacity & Disk Performance -ReSOFT gives you information on both logical and physical disks statistics. The information is fetched real time and can be used to alert critical conditions of disk utilization. It allows auto cleaning of unwanted data and files.
  • Network Utilization - This feature monitors and reports high bandwidth usage. It provides information on network utilization and bytes sent and received.
1 6 patch management
1.6 Patch Management
  • HandsFree Networks end-to-end software update management service enables the distribution of not only popular Microsoft application updates but also other common application updates, including Adobe Flash and Adobe Acrobat patches. This robust software distribution has both concepts of push-based software distribution and pull-based software patching mechanism with fine-grained endpoint targeting, giving IT organizations greater control and visibility into the patching process. Kaseya’s Patch Management function is a lot easier to use than Resoft’s. It lets the user Scan and Patch machines in less than 2 steps and even look at the history of all its machines.
1 8 endpoint security
1.8 Endpoint Security
  • The closest module our tool has that compares to Kaseya’s Endpoint Security is the Malware protection module.
  • ReSoft does not however includes any other type of protection
  • For each system that needs malware to be neutralized, the Scrip 27 configuration must be changed to enable protection.
1 11 reporting
1.11 Reporting
  • Through ReSOFT you can print all type of report summaries from section related activities, scheduled activities, legacy related reports, event notifications, one-time report covering a fixed period of time
  • The Automated Support Infrastructure (ASI) event log management report module (ELRM), makes the task of preparing reports on support activities and events taking place at your clients’ sites easy and straightforward.
1 12 system user admin management
1.12 System/User/Admin Management
  • HandsFree Networks System Management feature consists of internal client management and system related functionality.
  • The peer-to-peer communication between ReSOFT clients makes this feature a robust functionality for desktop management.
  • Kaseya’s System Management not only has a lot of features, it organizes them into groups were they are easily accessible
1 13 usability
1.13 Usability
  • The overall usability of this product was somewhat limited, since we had a demo we could only do limited tasks, but also while using the product we felt that the usability of Kaseya was a lot easier due to the fact that everything was organized in the left pane, whereas in the Resoft tool everything is done through scripts and everything is very disorganized when comparing it to Kaseya
1 14 reliability
1.14 Reliability
  • The Resoft product is somewhat reliable, while some functionalities are fairly dependable others just do not seem to get the job done with reliability. The System we were working with was a demo and it was located on a different site so as far as the demo goes it was reliable. The actual product on the actual site, based on user reviews, is usually reliable as the product is available for use during the critical hours of the day. As for the functions they are very comprehensive as they do cover a large area of Automation.
1 15 performance
1.15 Performance
  • The system is responsive most of the time and works quickly and efficiently. Since we were introduced with the demo site and with demo credentials we were not able to do some admin functions and were not able to test those, but for the most part the demo system was very fast and responsive.
1 16 supportability
1.16 Supportability
  • Licensed users get first priority on any questions asked as well as any features requests submitted.
  • Knowledge base help which includes a wealth of articles and information to help the user in installation and usage of the HandsFree Networks Support Automation frameworks.
  • You can communicate through their online support system and raise a support request online using their Web-Support Form
  • Introduction
  • Comparison & Discussion
  • Glossary
  • Acknowledgements
  • References
2 comparison and discussion
2. Comparison and Discussion
  • After reviewing the product we realized that the strengths of the product are in their functionalities not in its usability.
  • Everything is done through scripts and it is not user friendly, This could constitute as one the weaknesses .
  • There is a very steep learning curve and you must be well-trained in programming scripts in order to use the program efficiently.
  • While IT automation has increasingly grown in the market as providing a way to ease IT duties and jobs, using this particular tool has created more work than a regular IT automation tool like Kaseya which is definitely more user friendly.
3 glossary
3. Glossary
  • ReSoft: The Handsfree Networks tool that enables IT Automation 
  • ASI: Automated Support Infrastructure
  • Dashboard: ReSoft’s interface to manage functions
  • ELRM: Event log management report module
4 acknowledgements
4. Acknowledgements
  • Chetan Chandra

Director - Marketing & Sales (NA) |HandsFree Networks Inc.

Office: 1-603-889-6230

Mobile: 1-919-749-1563

Fax: 1-919-342-4010

Skype: chet32

5 references
5. References
  • www.HandsfreeNetworks.com
  • https://nanoheal.org