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Welcome!. Patrice Gordon, Benefits Administrator (A-D) 792-9679, gordonp@musc.edu Lisa Beattie, Benefits Administrator (E-M) 792-5922, beattie@musc.edu LaDeidra Berry, Benefits Administrator (N-Z) 792-5924, berr@musc.edu

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Patrice Gordon, Benefits Administrator (A-D) 792-9679, gordonp@musc.edu

Lisa Beattie, Benefits Administrator (E-M) 792-5922, beattie@musc.edu

LaDeidra Berry, Benefits Administrator (N-Z) 792-5924, berr@musc.edu

Benefits Fax and Email 792-9533, benefits@musc.edu

Topics to be covered
Topics to be Covered

  • Retirement Plans

  • Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

  • MoneyPlu$

  • Life Insurance

  • Long Term Disability Insurance

Retirement plan participation
Retirement Plan Participation

Mandatory Participation

  • Classified Employees and Faculty

  • Employees with current SCRS accounts (active or inactive)

    Optional Participation

  • Research Grant employees

  • Residents and Postdoctoral Scholars

  • Employees with annual salaries less than $1200

Retirement plans
Retirement Plans

South Carolina Retirement System (SCRS)

  • Defined Benefit Plan

  • Benefit based on service

    Optional Retirement Plan (ORP)

  • Defined Contribution Plan

  • Benefit based on investments

    The pre-tax contribution amount is determined and set by the SC Public Employee Benefits Authority.

8% contribution

Quick overview
Quick Overview


  • The SCRS plan pays a monthly check for life

  • Retirement eligibility with 8 yrs earned service

  • Full benefits: age 65 or rule of 90

  • Reduced benefits: age 55 with 25 years or age 60

  • Disability Retirement: based on approval of Social Security approval

    ORP Plan

  • Employer contributes 5%, vested immediately

  • Vendor Choice: VALIC, MetLife, Mass Mutual, and TIAA CREF

  • Must be 59 ½ to withdraw funds without penalty

    Benefit With Either Plan

    • Group Life Benefit: life insurance equal to 1x salary-after 1 yr of service

    • Eligible to continue health, dental and vision insurance if retirement and service criteria is met

Retirement plan participation1
Retirement Plan Participation

You have 30 days from your hire date to select a plan.

If you have the opportunity to participate and do not select a plan, you will automatically default to Non-Membership.

If you select or are defaulted to Non-Membership, you will only be eligible to select a retirement plan if you are assigned to a position that requires participation such as a Faculty or Postdoctoral Scholar position.

Per SC Code of Laws, election of membership is permanent until you separate employment which means you cannot cease contributions at a later time.

Retirement contributions will begin to be withheld from your paycheck as “Undecided” until you elect a plan.

Retirement open enrollment
Retirement Open Enrollment

  • January 1st - March 1st each year

  • If currently enrolled in ORP, may irrevocably elect to switch to SCRS if by March 1st if it is at least 12 months from your initial enrollment, but no more than 60 months

  • May switch ORP vendors


Please review the “Select Your Retirement” brochure on the MUSC Residents website for detailed information on each plan.

You can also watch an overview of the plans:“Its Your Choice: SCRS Plan or the State ORP”

Insurance guidelines
Insurance Guidelines

Effective Date

July 1, 2014 (for residents who begin employment 7/1)

Initial New Hire Period

May make a change to any insurance within 31 days of your hire date

ACGME Institutional Requirements

The MUSC Resident webpage contains resources should you need health or disability insurance prior to your MUSC benefits beginning on 7/1.


Affordable care act guidelines
Affordable Care Act Guidelines

  • There are no pre-existing condition limitations for health insurance.

    • Dependent children can stay on health, dental and vision until age 26 even if they are eligible for another employer’s insurance. (age 19-25 for life insurance if they are a FT student)

Insurance guidelines1
Insurance Guidelines

Family Covered by State Insurance

  • The State Employee Insurance Program does not allow an employee to cover their spouse or children on health, dental or life insurance if they are covered by another State Insurance Plan.

  • This guideline results in lower premiums for the entire family!

Transfer from another State Entity

  • If you have less than a 15 day break in service, you must continue the same coverage you had with your previous employer.

Documentation required for dependents
Documentation Required for Dependents

  • In an effort to control costs, the Employee Insurance Program will begin auditing subscribers who cover dependents to ensure that only eligible dependents are insured.

  • According to experts, 4 to 8 % of the dependents covered under an employer-sponsored plan are ineligible for coverage. About 187,000 dependents have health coverage through EIP. Based on these estimates, if only 4 % of dependents are ineligible, it will save our self-insured plan more than $19 million a year!

  • You will be required to turn in the appropriate documentation to Human Resources if you are adding dependents to your insurance. Your insurance will not be activated until all documents are received.

Documentation required
Documentation Required

  • Legal Spouse: Marriage license

  • Former Spouse: Copy of divorce decree ordering subscriber to cover former spouse

  • Common Law Spouse: Common Law Marriage Affidavit

  • Natural Child: Copy of birth certificate (long form) showing subscriber as the parent

  • Step Child: Copy of birth certificate showing the name of the natural parent (long form), plus proof the natural parent and subscriber are married (see Legal Spouse/Common Law Spouse)

  • Adopted Child: Court documentation verifying completed adoption or letter of placement from an adoption agency, an attorney or the S.C. Dept of Social Services, verifying the adoption is in progress

  • Foster Child: A court order or other legal document placing the child with the subscriber, who is a licensed foster parent

  • Other Children: For other children for whom a subscriber has legal custody, a court order or other legal document granting custody of the child to the subscriber. Documentation must verify the subscriber has guardianship responsibility for child, not merely financial responsibility.

  • Incapacitated Child: Incapacitated Child Certification Form plus proof of relationship. See the appropriate child type (natural, step, adopted, foster or other) in the above list for acceptable proof of relationship.


Enables you to deduct certain expenses before Federal, State, and FICA taxes are calculated-

resulting in higher take home pay and lowering your taxable income!


Pre-tax Insurance Premiums (Eligible Immediately)

  • Pays health, dental, and optional life* premiums before taxes

  • ($.28 monthly administration fee)

    • *Pre-tax premiums up to $50,000 in optional life coverage

      Dependent Care Spending Account (Eligible Immediately)

  • Allocate pre-tax funds to reimburse for dependent care expenses for children age 12 and younger($5,000 maximum)

  • $3.50 monthly administration fee

  • Expenses incurred in the calendar year and money not reimbursed is lost

    Medical Spending Account (Eligible after 1 year of employment and must wait until October of that year to enroll)

  • Allocate pre-tax funds to pay for you/family’s eligible

    medical, dental, and prescription expenses ($2,500 maximum)

  • $3.50 monthly administration fee

  • All remaining funds at calendar year-end not used by

    March 15th of the following year are forfeited.

  • Insurance guidelines2
    Insurance Guidelines

    • The MUSC Health Plan requires notification within 24 hours of any specific diagnosis, injury or illness. It is the subscribers responsibility to call Medi-Call to notify BlueCross BlueShield.

    • There are monetary penalties for failure to obtain certification when required.

    • You must also notify them within the 1st trimester of pregnancy and within 48 hours after delivery.

    • The number will be located on the back of your insurance card.


    MUSC Health Plan

    MUSC Health Plan Information


    Tobacco Surcharge

    Effective January 1, 2010, the SC Budget and Control Board has approved a

    monthly surcharge be added to the health insurance premiums of tobacco users.

    The subscriber is charged based on the level of health insurance.

    • Enrollee Only: $40/ month

    • Enrollee/Child(ren): $60/month

    • Enrollee/Spouse: $60/month

    • Family: $60/month

      Employees are required to certify whether they, or anyone covered on their

      insurance, are tobacco users.  A non-tobacco user is someone who has not

      used tobacco within the past six months.  Tobacco use is smoking tobacco in

      such forms as a cigarette, pipe or cigar, or using smokeless tobacco, such as

      snuff or chewing tobacco (nicotine chewing gum is excluded).

    Tobacco surcharge
    Tobacco Surcharge

    If you fail to complete the certification you will automatically be charged the tobacco-user premium based on your level of health insurance coverage. Once the certification is completed, the lower premium will be effective the first of the month after the certification is received.

    -If a subscriber certifies that all dependents covered are non-tobacco users and it is determined that you or any of your covered dependents have used tobacco products within the past six months or started using tobacco products after the date of your certification as non-tobacco user(s), and you did not notify EIP, you will be subject to penalties including, but not limited to:

    -Payment of the additional surcharge, plus a 10-percent penalty, for each month since your last certification

    -Elimination of the out-of-pocket maximum for the current and the subsequent year.

    Mental health substance abuse
    Mental Health & Substance Abuse*

    • Visits are subject to co-payments, deductible, and/or coinsurance based on the type of service

    • Pre-Authorization is necessary for hospital and some outpatient services

    * included in medical premiums

    Prescription drug benefits
    Prescription Drug Benefits*

    • 31 day supply (retail)

      • Generic

      • Preferred Brand

      • Non preferred Brand

  • Mail order available for 90 day supply at discounted rates

  • MUSC Pharmacies offer discounted retail and mail order prescriptions.

  • Tricare supplement
    TRICARE Supplement

    • Employees eligible for TRICARE may choose to enroll in the TRICARE Supplement sponsored by the American Military Retirees Association (AMRA).

    • The TRICARE Supplement Plan is secondary coverage to TRICARE. It pays the subscriber’s share of covered medical expenses under the TRICARE Prime (in-network), Extra and Standard options. Eligible participants have almost 100 percent coverage.

    • Eligible individuals must be registered with the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) and must not be eligible for Medicare.

    Vision care discount program
    Vision Care Discount Program

    Vision Care Discount Program

    • Is free for all State Employees and their dependents.

    • The program offers you discounted vision care services. Participating providers have agreed to charge no more than $60 for a routine eye examination and give a 20% discount on all eyewear (except disposable contact lenses).


    Basic Dental Plan

    Class I - Preventive Services:

    • 100% of Allowable Charges

      Class II - Basic Services:

    • 80% of Allowable Charges with $25 deductible

      Class III - Prosthetics:

    • 50% of Allowable Charges with $25 deductible

      Class IV – Orthodontia :

    • 50% of Fee Schedule

    • $1000 Lifetime Benefit (dependents under age 19)

  • The yearly maximum for each dependent is $1,000.

  • Allowable Charge - The maximum

    amount paid for a covered service.

  • Dental plus
    Dental Plus

    • Raises the allowable charge to an amount higher than on the basic plan

    • Combined benefit year maximum benefit is now $2,000 per dependent

    • Same coverage as carried on Basic Dental Plan

    • NO additional orthodontia benefits

    • Employee must pay the basic and plus premiums

    Dental premiums
    Dental Premiums

    Please review the Classes of Dental Procedures in the

    Insurance Benefits Guide.

    Dental premiums can be found on the

    MUSC Residents Website.

    Basic life insurance
    Basic Life Insurance

    • Free with enrollment in any health plan

    • $3,000 coverage

    Optional term life insurance
    Optional TermLife Insurance

    • As a new hire, an employee may select up to 3 times their current salary, without providing medical evidence

    • Employee may select up to $500,000 if medical evidence is approved

    • Premiums based on coverage and age

    • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits

      • Accidental Death equal to amount of life insurance

      • Dismemberment Benefits (see IBG for schedule of benefits)

      • Seat Belt (25% ) and Air Bag (5%) Riders for automobile accidental death

      • Felonious Assault Benefit

      • Day Care Benefit- the lesser of 5% of the face value or $10,000 per year, 2-year max

      • Education Benefit- the lesser of 5% of the face value or $5000 per year, 4-year max

  • Repatriation Benefit

  • Accelerated Death Benefit (under age 60)

  • Will preparation and estate resolution services at no charge

  • Optional life premiums
    Optional Life Premiums

    Please review life insurance benefits in the

    Insurance Benefits Guide.

    Life insurance premiums can be found on the

    MUSC Residents website.

    Dependent life insurance
    Dependent Life Insurance


    With Employee Coverage

    • $10,000 or $20,000-with no medical evidence needed

    • May increase up to 50% of employee’s coverage or $100,000 -if medical evidence is approved

      Without Employee Coverage

    • Only $10,000 or $20,000

    • Premium is based on amount of coverage and employee’s age

    Dependent Child(ren)

    • $15,000

    • Premium is $1.24 for any number of children

    Dependent life premiums
    Dependent Life Premiums

    Dependent life insurance premiums can be found

    on the MUSC Residents website.

    Spouse life insurance premiums are based on the employee’s age.

    Basic long term disability
    Basic Long Term Disability

    • Free with enrollment in any health insurance plan

    • Monthly benefits

      • 62.5% of base salary

      • Maximum monthly benefit is $800 per month (annual salaries over $15,000 will exceed the monthly benefit)

    • 90 day waiting period

    • Benefits are coordinated with other group benefits such as Sick Leave, Annual Leave, Retirement, Social Security, Workers’ Compensation, etc.

    • Pre-existing conditions will not be covered for 12 months from date of coverage.

    Supplemental long term disability
    Supplemental Long Term Disability

    • Premium based on salary and age.

    • Monthly benefits

      • 65% of base salary up to $147,692/year.

      • Maximum monthly benefit is $8,000 per month.

      • Minimum monthly benefit is $100 per month.

    • 90 or 180 day waiting period

    • Benefits are coordinated with other group benefits such as Sick Leave, Long Term Disability, Retirement, Social Security, Workers’ Compensation, etc.

    • Pre-existing conditions will not be covered for 12 months from date of coverage.

    Supplemental benefits
    Supplemental Benefits

    • Additional benefits not provided by the state Public Employee Benefit Authority are available through supplemental providers

    • Benefits include Short Term Disability, Whole Life Insurance, Hospitalization Benefits, Cancer Insurance, Accident Insurance

    • Premiums are available for payroll deduction

    • Visit the Benefits website at for list of approved companies

    • May enroll at any time of the year

    Changes to employee benefits must be made within 31 days
    Changes to Employee Benefits(Must be made within 31 Days)

    Initial Changes

    (Within 31 days of your hire date)

    • Add/Drop health, dental, or vision coverage for yourself or dependents

    • Add/Drop Optional and Dependent Life and Supplemental Long Term Disability

      Qualifying Event Changes

      (31 Days from Date of Event)

    • Marriage

    • Separation/Divorce

    • Birth or Adoption

    • Death

    • Employment/Insurance Change of Dependent

    • Dependency Change for Children-eligible to be covered on health, dental and vision until age 26 (until age 19, or age 25 if a FT student for life insurance)

    Year round allowable changes
    Year Round Allowable Changes

    The following changes are allowed anytime during the year with medical evidence of good health:

    • Add/Increase Dependent Spouse Life Insurance

    • Add/Increase Supplemental Long Term Disability

      The following changes are allowed anytime during the year:

    • Drop Dependent Life, Supplemental Long Term Disability, or Long Term Care Insurance

    • Change beneficiaries

    Insurance enrollment periods
    Insurance Enrollment Periods

    OCTOBER 1st – OCTOBER 31st

    Changes made during October

    will be effective January 1st

    of the following year

    OPEN ENROLLMENT-every year

    • Add/drop health and/or vision coverage for yourself or dependents

    • Enroll/re-enroll in MoneyPlu$ Dependent Care, and/or Medical Spending Accounts for the following year

    • Increase Optional Life with medical evidence (if enrolled in the Pre-tax Premium feature)

    • Any special changes allowed for the year

      OPEN ENROLLMENT-odd numbered years

    • All of the above mentioned changes

    • Add/drop dental for yourself or dependents

    • Add/drop Dental Plus


    Please return all forms in the packet you receive from Human Resources as directed in the instructions. Even if you are undecided on some selections, please sign and return the forms to the Benefits Office. Our counselors will process your paperwork and meet you at your Orientation to obtain information that was incorrect or omitted.

    If you need assistance selecting your benefits, please do not hesitate to contact your counselor for more information. We look forward to meeting you in person at Orientation!