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Getting to Strategic:. Performance Planning Document Brown Bag Workshop. AGENDA. Why the Performance Planning Document (PPD)? What should be included in the PPD? Process/Timeline for completing and reviewing PPD. OUTCOMES.

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getting to strategic

Getting to Strategic:

Performance Planning Document Brown Bag Workshop

  • Why the Performance Planning Document (PPD)?
  • What should be included in the PPD?
  • Process/Timeline for completing and reviewing PPD
  • Understand how to use the performance planning document to get the most out of your employees
  • Understand how to communicate clear expectations to your employees
  • Write S.M.A.R.T. goals and objectives
why the ppd
  • One document that can be used to plan outcomes and manage employee performance
    • Performance goals set in core competency areas with relevance to employee’s position
    • Additional goals may be set as appropriate
    • Organizational goals included with this document
  • Shared understanding between supervisor and employee of individual and organizational priorities, desired results and performance goals
  • Individual Development Plan (IDP) is thing of the past
performance management

There are 3 levels we use for employee Performance Management:

  • Executive – Management Team Members
  • Leadership – OLT Members
  • Employee – All other employees

Each level has a Performance

Planning Document and Evaluation Form

performance planning documents
Performance Planning Documents
  • Performance Planning Document can be found on the Intranet under:
      • FORMS/Human Resources
  • PPD should be completed for EACH employee
      • Discuss goals and seek employee input
  • Develop S.M.A.R.T. goals
what are s m a r t goals
What are S.M.A.R.T. goals?
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Results Oriented
  • Time Bound
helpful hints
Helpful Hints
  • What do you want the POSITION to do/accomplish?
  • What can an employee do to become strategic in your eyes?
performance management the review
  • Evaluation Form
    • The evaluation form is completed annually in conjunction with the performance planning document
    • It is used to determine whether or not employee performance goals were met or exceeded
    • The evaluation form should mirror the performance planning document
    • Employees are evaluated as Strategic, Valued or Needs Improvement
ratings definitions

Performance is below expectations. All objectives are not achieved. Requires close supervision. Definite need for improved performance. The employee must develop an action plan for improvement. If immediate and sustained improvement is not made in the rated category within 60 days, disciplinary action will be initiated. This rating should not be given overall unless counseling and/or documentation of deficiencies have taken place during the rating period. The employee should be reviewed again in 60 days at which time an overall rating with this value may result in termination.

ratings definitions1

Performance meets expectations. Employee may at times perform more than is expected. Produces quality work that is usually reliable and priorities are completed by deadlines. Follows routine plans, shows initiative at times, routinely handles problems as situations occur and takes authorized actions, at times will anticipate actions needed in advance. Requires occasional to routine supervision.

ratings definitions2

Performance is substantially above expectations. Employee has contributed to the City and Department to a significant degree. Produces the highest quality work that is consistently reliable and is often completed in advance of deadlines. Demonstrates outstanding initiative, anticipates and solves problems and takes appropriate empowered actions. Requires little or no supervision.

performance management the quarterly review

Quarterly Performance Reviews

  • These sessions should be scheduled every 3 months in advance with the employee
  • The goals on the Performance Planning Document should be reviewed and progress discussed with adjustments, if necessary.
  • Both employee and supervisor should have a good understanding of employee progress at the close of the meeting
  • Summarize the session on the Performance Planning Document and both parties should initial
process timeline

SEPTEMBER 15 – PPD Completed and Uploaded into E1

  • Both employee and supervisor should keep copy of SIGNED document)
  • PPD will back up to July 1, 2008

10/1/08 – Q1 Review

1/1/09 – Q2 Review

4/1/09 – Q3 Review

6/30/09 (approx) – ANNUAL REVIEW DUE

  • Call your friendly HR team!
    • MAIN LINE – x18735
    • MARY MILLER - x18723
    • ANITA DICKEY – x18934
    • ERIN VADER – x18612
    • SHELBY TEUFEL – x16402
  • Call a fellow Supervisor/Manager