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WebFOCUS Developer Studio Update

WebFOCUS Developer Studio Update. Dimitris Poulos Technical Director July 16, 2014. WebFOCUS Developer Studio Update Agenda. Developer Studio editions Install Developing in the Data Servers area Source Control Using an external Text Editor Metadata tools . Developer Studio Editions.

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WebFOCUS Developer Studio Update

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  1. WebFOCUS Developer Studio Update Dimitris Poulos Technical Director July 16, 2014

  2. WebFOCUS Developer Studio Update Agenda • Developer Studio editions • Install • Developing in the Data Servers area • Source Control • Using an external Text Editor • Metadata tools

  3. Developer Studio Editions

  4. Developer Studio editions • Power Reporter edition will continue to be made available through 76x Additional info available from: http://techsupport.informationbuilders.com/tech/wbf/wbf_rln_power_reporter_support.html

  5. Supported Windows versions • XP Professional • Windows 7 64-bit and 32-bit • 2008 and 2003 Server editions Install requirements: • User installing software must have admin rights on PC • Product can be installed by a different user than the person that will be using the product.

  6. Install • Install options: • Interactive • Silent

  7. Install • Developer Studio is available as a 32-bit application • Packages a Reporting Server that is also 32-bit and requires Java 32-bit. Reporting Server is used for processing only by Developer Studio editions that allow local/standalone development. • When working against remote WebFOCUS environments java configuration can be 64-bit and Reporting Server can also be 64-bit • Java requirements: • SDK 1.5 and higher for releases 769 and higher • Option to install and configure Tomcat is only available for editions that allow local/standalone development

  8. Install Enhancements (as of 769): • Can install multiple versions • New folder names used by each installation • Separate registry entries for each installed version • New Advanced Configuration option • Custom web/app server aliases • Customize Reporting Server port • Customize Applications folder • Install on same PC with WebFOCUS and maintain independent configurations

  9. Prompt for Program Folder name • Program folder name can be customized by adding a suffix e.g. WebFOCUS 77 Developer Studio 7703

  10. Location for WebFOCUS Applications • Developers can specify location of WebFOCUS applications. This information will be used to configure the APPROOT alias and configuration files (CGIVARS.WFS and EDASERVE.CFG)

  11. Install and configuration Options

  12. Advanced Configuration Option • Allows developers to customize aliases/context roots for /ibi_html,/ibi_apps and /ibi_help • These entries should be changed from default values to support multiple Dev Studio versions or allow Dev Studio to have a separate configuration from WebFOCUS installations available on the same PC and use the same app server • Port for the Reporting Server can be changed to allow multiple Reporting Server instances to run simultaneously

  13. Install and configuration Options

  14. Update install option • When an earlier version of the same release is installed, the install program allows developers to select the version that will be updated Indicates release number Displays suffix number Used in folder name Example: ..\DevStudio77_7703 ..\DevStudio77_7702m

  15. Performing multiple installations • To install multiple versions, select the option to perform a Full Install when other versions are detected

  16. Performing multiple installations • When presented with Program Folder name, you need to provide a unique name by adding a suffix e.g. WebFOCUS 77 Developer Studio 7703 • This will install Dev Studio in a folder called ..\ibi\DevStudio77_7703\ and will create unique registry keys with names: HKCU\Software\Information Builders\Developer Studio\77_7703\ and HKLM\Software\Information Builders\Developer Studio\77_7703\

  17. Notes • When switching between versions you must run THISFOCI.BAT from the BIN folder of the Dev Studio version you are switching to • For Windows 7 you need to run THISFOCI.BAT with the option Run as administrator • For Standalone development, create environments with different descriptions for each of the Dev Studio versions (localhost has configuration based on the most recent install) Example: • For 769, change “localhost” to “localhost 769” based on aliases used (e.g. /ibi_html769 and /ibi_apps769) • For your 7703 version create an environment called “localhost 7703” with the aliases for that installation (e.g. /ibi_html7703 and /ibi_apps7703)

  18. Nested apps • Support for Reporting Server applications with sub-folders • On by default with Reporting Server 7703 • Sub-folders are added to the application search path • Server can be configured to search all sub-folders or a number of levels of sub-folders

  19. Nested apps • WebFOCUS Client needs setting IBFS_enabled=yes added to Custom Settings:

  20. Nested apps • Working with nested apps from Dev Studio:

  21. Working in the Data Servers area • View files grouped in virtual folders or display physical view is controlled from the explorer toolbar • Virtual folders enabled. Overlay in folder icon used to distinguish a virtual from a real folder • Physical view

  22. Working in the Data Servers area • Application baseapp is used to store shared resources and it is always gets used by the server and gets added to the end of the servers search path. baseapp will also display in dialogs and tools. If not needed it can be deleted. • foccache is an application created by the server per user, per session to store users temporary files.

  23. Working in the Data Servers area • Development against WebFOCUS environments that are configured with Cluster Manager (CLM) Processing are supported from Developer Studio. • Development against Cluster node configurations are also supported. Nodes configured in a Cluster node can be hidden from the Windows options dialog:

  24. Source Control • Source Control allows versioning of files. • Supported in the Projects and the Managed Reporting area • We currently support the following version control systems: • Visual SourceSafe • Subversion • CVS • ClearCase • Serena ChangeMan DS • Razor • We are finalizing development for Aldon LM(e), Perforce and we will be working on adding support for Team Foundation Server and AccuRev

  25. Source Control • It gets automatically enabled if a supported source control client is detected on the developers PC • Developer Studio will enable Source Control menus and add a new column in the explorer that shows the Source Control Status • Configuration and selection of the Source Control Provider to be used is done from the Windows options dialog

  26. Source Control

  27. Text Editor • Support for third party editors is available from Developer Studio • When a file type such as .fex/.htm is associated to open with a default program through Windows Explorer, an option is also made available in the Developer Studio explorer when a developer right clicks on a file to allow them to edit file in the Windows registered program.

  28. Metadata tools • Synonym Editor • Business Views • Cluster Joins • Foreign key Developer Studio provides metadata tools to allow synonym creation and edits, configure adapters, set server APP PATH and provides links to connect to the server web console to perform administrative and configuration tasks.

  29. Metadata • Synonym Editor: • Used to view, modify synonyms • Provides error checking • Allows certain parameters in the master and access file to be parameterized. Example: connection name, table name These options display in blue font

  30. Metadata • Business Views • By default are created within the real master file • New synonym can be created to store the Business View information • From Synonym Editor click on the Business View icon in the toolbar to open the Business View pane. • At first a root folder needs to be created and fields can be dropped under this folder. Sub-folders can be created to organize data. • Allows customization of field names • Fields can be grouped in custom folders

  31. Metadata

  32. Metadata • Use of a Business View master file from Report Painter

  33. Metadata • Synonyms are created with Foreign Key if it exists and info is added to the Access File.

  34. Metadata • If the option to create the Synonym with the Foreign key is selected, the synonym will get created as a Cluster join and will have the referenced tables included

  35. Metadata

  36. Cluster Join • Tables can be included by reference

  37. Cluster Join • Synonym is now referenced by code CRFILE

  38. Thank you for attending our session and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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