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15 Expert tips to writing the perfect manuscript PowerPoint Presentation
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15 Expert tips to writing the perfect manuscript

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15 Expert tips to writing the perfect manuscript - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our goal is to provide with professional editing and proofreading services to suit all your manuscript needs. Here are 15 tips from experts to help you write the perfect manuscript.

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15 Expert tips to writing the perfect manuscript

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15 Expert tips to writing the perfect manuscript

Writing a winning manuscript requires proper planning, creativity and effort.

Every manuscript writer contends with writer’s block or not enjoying a productive writing

schedule. Take these in your stride.

Here are 15 tips from experts to help you write the perfect manuscript.

1.Don’t spend time worrying about the format. You will have enough time after you finish

to format your manuscript.

2.Make it a point to write every day. Set aside an hour each day, even if you don’t feel like

writing to pound on the keyboard of your word processor. This will help you stay


3.Create an outline for your manuscript. This will give you a roadmap to follow and make

it easier for you to stick to your idea and structure.

4.Write the first and last sentence of each chapter first. As strange as it may sound, this

will help you fill in the blanks between the two sentences and ensure you reach your


5.Set small goals every day. If you set daily goals, you will work that much harder to

achieve them. Make sure the goals are achievable so that you stay committed to

your manuscript.

6.Stay motivated. Motivation and inspiration will help you achieve daily results. Do things

that motivate you so that you can transfer some of that into your manuscript writing.

7.Be organized. It is important you collect your thoughts and follow the guidelines you

have set for yourself. This will make it easier to write.

8.Have an open mind. Read other people’s work to get inspired. And, let other writers

critique you so that you can improve yourself.

9.Refrain from throat-clearing. Make sure you set the scene and background of the story

quickly. The manuscripts are those that get to the point and keep readers engaged from

the word go.

10.Keep it simple. Refrain from using fancy phrases and vocabulary. You are writing for

your readers, so write in a way that they will understand and appreciate your work.

11.Give your reader some credit. Remember a reader is a fairly intelligent person. So there

is no need to explain everything that is taking place.

12.Avoid using clichés. This refers to words, phrases and situations.

13.Add specifics. Even if you are writing fiction, adding specifics to your manuscript will

lend it a ring of truth.

14.After you finish writing, it is time for editing the manuscript. You can use

professional manuscript editing services or online manuscript editing services. This will

elevate your work a notch higher.

15.Proofread the manuscript carefully. If you cannot do it, use manuscript proofreading

services. This will eliminate spelling, typing and punctuation errors.