10 Tips for a Perfect Presentation
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10 Tips for a Perfect Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint offers many features that you can use to create a killer presentation. This page draws on published advice from expert presenters around the world, which will help to take your presentations from merely ‘good’ to ‘great’. You can use professional PowerPoint presentation UK services.

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10 Tips for a Perfect Presentation

PowerPoint offers many features that you can use to create a killer presentation. You can use

professional PowerPoint presentation UK services. However, even then you will have to give

the concept to the service provider. In case you want to use just the presentation formatting

UK services, you can do that while using the following tips.

1.Use PowerPoint Tools Based on Your Needs

PowerPoint offers many tools, but you don’t have to use all to create an impactful

presentation. Just use those that suit your needs. Avoid the default fonts along with action


2.Customize Each Slide Size

While PowerPoint provides default slide size, you can easily adjust the size of the slide to make

your presentation appear bigger for larger displays. You can do this from the Page Setup option

in the File menu. Select the size of the file before you insert any objects or text.

3.Work with the Template Design

Just edit the template before you start creating your presentation. This will make it easy for you

as you will not have to design each slide prior to adding content and objects to it. Use the Edit

Master feature in the Themes menu tab.

4.Align Everything Properly

A presentation looks professional when you format and align the objects in each slide. If you

don’t have the time and patience to align objects, use professional PowerPointformatting

services UK. Such services format presentation to make them look professional and

outstanding. In fact, these service providers also offer edit presentation UK services to

proofread and edit each slide to do away with errors.

5.Use Format Menu to Fine Tune Your Presentation

You can fine tune any adjustment to the slide by using the Format menu to adjust text inside a

shape, create natural shadow behind objects and recolour photos. Professional

PowerPoint formatting services UK will be using these tools to format your presentation.

6.Use PowerPoint Shape Tools

Use the PowerPoint shape tools to go beyond the usual patterns, like oval, rectangular and

rounded. This will make your presentation stand out.

7.Don’t Hesitate to Create Bespoke Shapes

Customize any shape using the Edit Points option. This option appears when you right click and

gives you more control over the look and feel of the slide.

8.Crop Images to Customize their Shapes

PowerPoint allows you to create customized shapes for images through the Format menu tab.

Choose Crop and thereafter Mask to Shape and the select the shape you want. That’s it.

9.Embed Multimedia Files

Rather than linking externally to audio and video files, embed them in your presentation to play

the media in the presentation.

10.Save Your Presentation as JPEG

If you are not going to use your own hardware, be ready for typefaces to change. You can avoid

any visual changes in your presentation by saving your presentation as a JPEG file which will

also let you add animation.

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