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How to Apply for Short Term Loans PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Apply for Short Term Loans

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How to Apply for Short Term Loans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Apply for Short Term Loans

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  1. How to Apply for Short Term Loans Simple and Flexible Short Term Loans Direct Lender Installment Loans Over 3, 5 or 6 Months

  2. Flexible Borrowing Short Term Loans

  3. If you are in need of a little spare money, there are thankfully a number of different options which can be considered. There can be times in life with through no fault of our own, we face an unexpected cost or bill. Whether this is as a result of a broken down car or an emergency pet bill for example, these are the sorts of costs which effectively ‘creep up’ on us from time to time. It is often difficult to plan for these type of costs because the reality is, we have no idea when they are going to occur. The good news is that such costs are usually on a one-off basis and all being well do not highlight the need for a new on-going financial concern.

  4. Affordability Short Term Loans

  5. Take for example a broken car, most of us who own a vehicle will sadly find at one point or another that it will need a form of repair. Whether it’s a flat tyre or something engine related, it is often true to say that the cost involved needs to be given immediate attention. So for those of us who find ourselves in a position where we need to cover a cost which we did not and could not have planned for, what are the resources which are readily available to us? Let’s look at the different options which could be considered.

  6. Short Term Loans - Easy To Apply With No Hidden Charges

  7. How to contact us? Email: By Post: Fidelity Works Ltd T/A True Blue Loans, 1, Forbes Business Centre, Kempson Way, Bury St Edmunds, IP32 7AR Tel: 01284 724651 (We CANNOT take applications over the phone - ALL application must be made online) We can be contacted between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. We will do our best to answer any question or concern as soon as possible. We are a direct lender and there are NO FEES to apply. If you wish to make a payment direct into our bank account please use the details below. It is really important that you use your reference number as it will be the only way we can identify that the payment came from you! Our bank details: Fidelity Works Ltd t/a True Blue Loans Sort Code: 20-83-50 Account Number: 63943976

  8. Short term loans, which is right for you?

  9. Short term loans from Short Term Loans At Short Term Loans, we like to keep things simple. We don’t try and force you in to a ‘one size fits all’ product because you’re not the same. Instead, we offer products to fit the different situations that life can throw at you. We offer loans which are instalment-based and are repaid when your salary is paid into your bank account, whether that is weekly or monthly, in order to help you manage your money.

  10. What is a short-term loan? A short-term loan is a cash loan that you pay back in instalments, usually within a year. Whether your boiler’s on the blink, your car won’t start or you just find yourself in a sticky situation, short-term loans are great if you need a relatively small amount of cash, quickly. Typically, people take out a short-term loan: For emergencies. To tide them over. If they go overdrawn.

  11. How do Short Term Loans work? After taking out a short-term loan, you’d pay it back in regular instalments, usually between 3 months and a year. Note that, usually, the longer your borrowing window the more you’d end up paying back in the long run.

  12. Are short-term loans safe? Generally speaking, yes. Two things to note: Always take out a short-term loan from a responsible, reputable lender – one who’ll carry out credit and affordability checks and only approve people they’re comfortable can repay. And always be honest about your financial position. If you’re unsure that you’ll struggle to pay back the loan, don’t apply for it.

  13. Choosing the True Blue Loans that’s right for you The True Blue Loans market is full of lenders. To choose the short-term loan provider that’s right for you, think about: Annual percentage rates (APRs). Additional fees. Are interest rates fixed, or could they change? Can you change the payment schedule?

  14. Direct Lender Installment Loans Over 3, 5 or 6 Months

  15. For More Information Learn More: Trueblueloans.CO.UK

  16. Thank You