weathering erosion and deposition n.
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Weathering, Erosion and Deposition PowerPoint Presentation
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Weathering, Erosion and Deposition

Weathering, Erosion and Deposition

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Weathering, Erosion and Deposition

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  1. Weathering, Erosion and Deposition BY: BRIANNA SHIELDS

  2. DO NOW How are igneous rocks made? When rocks are pushed into the mantle, what do they become? Where do sedimentary rocks typically form?

  3. Weathering The breaking down of rocks on the Earth’s surface without carrying them away

  4. Mechanical Weathering Rocks are physically broken into smaller pieces Rock’s chemical makeup stays the same Types of Weathering

  5. Chemical Weathering Minerals in the rock change New minerals created by chem. reaction Types of Weathering

  6. Weathering Video • What are atleast three types of weathering?

  7. Mechanical Cracking due to temp changes Frozen water cracks Rootpry Landslides Abrasion by wind Chemical Water dissolving Oxygen reactions Co2 in rain (pollution) Acid rain Plant acids Weathering

  8. Erosion Deposition Weathered rock particles are carried away Eroded rock particles are dumped off in a new location Erosion and Deposition

  9. What are 2 major causes of erosion?

  10. Gravity How does it erode? Pulls rocks down slopes How does it deposit? Materials pile up at lower elevations Erosion and Deposition


  12. Wind How does it erode? Carries loose rocks through air- scrapes at other rocks FAST= carries more How does it deposit? When it slows down, dumps off rocks to form dunes/piles Erosion and Deposition

  13. Wind Erosion

  14. Wind Erosion

  15. Running Water How does it erode? Drags rocks along in water Bumping of rocks widens and deepens waterways FASTER= carries more How does it deposit? Where water slows down, rocks are dumped off Form deltas/fans or plains Erosion and Deposition

  16. Running Water

  17. Running Water

  18. Glaciers How does it erode? Moving mass of ice Picks up and drags rock- grinds across other rocks Digs into land, widens valleys How does it deposit? Rocks dump when glacier melts Makes moraines and drumlins Erosion and Deposition

  19. Glaciers

  20. Glaciers

  21. Glacial Striations

  22. Glacial Drumlins

  23. Glacial Drumlins and Valleys

  24. Waves How does it erode? Crashing waves chip away at rocks Abrasion forms cliffs, arches and caves How does it deposit? Carried particles are dumped on shore Form beaches, sand bars, spits Erosion and Deposition

  25. Wave Erosion

  26. Beach Erosion

  27. Sandbars

  28. Sea Arch

  29. Sea Arches

  30. Sea Cave

  31. Sea Cliff

  32. Sea Cliffs and Stacks

  33. Assessment • Quiz • Weathering and Soil Packet