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Women in Technology

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Women in Technology. Module 2 Man or Woman. Inventors: Man or Woman. There are eleven inventions noted. Play as a team or by yourself. Team with the most right wins. Invention 1. Click for answer. Windshield Wiper. Woman: Mary Anderson. Invention 2. Click for answer. Thermometer.

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women in technology

Women in Technology

Module 2

Man or Woman

inventors man or woman
Inventors: Man or Woman

There are eleven inventions noted.

Play as a team or by yourself.

Team with the most right wins.

invention 1
Invention 1

Click for answer

Windshield Wiper

Woman: Mary Anderson

invention 2
Invention 2

Click for answer


Man: Gabriel Fahrenheit

invention 3
Invention 3

Click for answer

Flush Toilet

Man: Alexander Cummings

invention 4
Invention 4

Click for answer

Common Business-Oriented Language or COBOL

Woman: Grace Hopper

invention 5
Invention 5

Click for answer


Woman: Josephine Cochrane

invention 6
Invention 6

Click for answer

Kevlar used in Police Vest

Woman: Stephanie Kwolek

invention 7
Invention 7

Click for answer

Microwave Oven

Man: Percy Spencer

invention 8
Invention 8

Click for answer

Computer Mouse

Man: Douglas Engelbart

invention 9
Invention 9

Click for answer

Disposable Cell-Phone

Woman: Randice-Lisa Altschul

invention 10
Invention 10

Click for answer


Man: Dr. William Bennett Kouwenhoven

invention 11
Invention 11

Click for answer

National Inventor of the Year in 1978

Woman: Barbara Askins

thank you for taking this module
Thank You for taking this Module

Hopefully you've learned that gender does not determine the invention. Everything starts with Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities.

To learn more about Women in Technology please go to www.csmd.edu/technicalstudies/wit.html