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Management Plan. Jillyne Keene. Physical Arrangement. Procedures Bulletin Board. Smart Board/White Board. Unit Vocabulary Bulletin Board. Doo r. Motivational Posters. Inboxes. Student Desks. Motivational Posters. Student Folders. Teacher Desk. Bookcase. Computers. Supplies.

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Presentation Transcript
Management Plan

Jillyne Keene

physical arrangement
Physical Arrangement

Procedures Bulletin Board

Smart Board/White Board

Unit Vocabulary

Bulletin Board


Motivational Posters


Student Desks

Motivational Posters

Student Folders





Wall of Fame

Work Table


materials list

Materials List

Expect students to bring their own materials to class whenever possible.

Student List

Three-ring binder

College-ruled paper

Section dividers

Pencils and pens


  • Highlighters
  • Composition book
  • Silent reading book


materials list1

Materials List

Ask students to donate supplies that everyone may use.

Classroom List

Coloring supplies

Index cards

Dry erase markers



  • Glue sticks
  • Tissues
  • Anti-bacterial hand soap


classroom procedures

Classroom Procedures

Create a self-regulating learning environment.


Students must place completed work in inboxes.

Students must retrieve absent work from their folders.

Students must complete absent work within 3 days.

Students must arrange for makeup exams.


classroom procedures1

Classroom Procedures

Create a diversified learning environment.


Self-directed, independent learning anchor activities

Differentiated learning modules

Student choice of assessments and products

Modified assignments


classroom policies

Classroom Policies

Minimize disruptions and distractions.


Only issue hall passes during individual activity time.

Only dismiss students after they have cleaned-up.

Prohibit cell phones and I-pods in the classroom.

Prohibit food and beverages in the classroom.

communication methods

Communication Methods

Invite parent participation and feedback.


Send parents newsletters at the beginning of unit.

Schedule conferences with parents as needed.

Share student concerns and successes with parents.

Post assignments on school website.

Send parent surveys.

communication methods1

Communication Methods

Invite student participation and feedback.


Give students syllabus at the beginning of year.

Provide overview and checklist at beginning of unit.

Share concerns and successes with students.

Post assignments on school website.

Give students surveys.

classroom motto

Classroom Motto

Ask students to create a classroom motto.


“I Can Do Hard Things”

“Dare to Soar”

“Attitude Determines Altitude”

motivational strategies

Motivational Strategies

Use intrinsic motivation.


Reward students with homework passes.

Express appreciation for positive behavior.

Display students’ work on Wall of Fame.

motivational strategies1

Motivational Strategies

Use extrinsic motivation.


Activate students’ prior learning.

Prepare authentic performance tasks.

Give students choices for assessments.

behavior expectations

Behavior Expectations

Ask students to create a classroom code of ethics.


Be respectful.

Be prepared to learn.

Be willing to try new things.

behavior expectations1

Behavior Expectations

Ask students to create a hierarchy of consequences

for violating the classroom code of ethics.


First offense: Verbal warning

Second offense: Note sent to parent/guardian

Third offense: Referral to administrator

intervention strategies

Intervention Strategies

Maintain students’ dignity.


Use “I” messages rather than “you” messages.

Use guidance rather than criticism.

Give students ownership of their behavior.

Teach them how to be self-regulating.

Address misbehavior in private whenever possible.

sense of community

Sense of Community

Help students connect with each other.


Conduct getting-to-know-you activities.

Hold weekly class meetings to share ideas.

Model appropriate behavior.

sense of community1

Sense of Community

Divide students into learning teams and rotate responsibilities.


Team leader

Team scribe

Team technology specialist

Team resource coordinator

Team quality control specialist

cultural diversity

Cultural Diversity

Teach students to cherish diversity.


Conduct student surveys.

Celebrate holidays from students’ cultures.

Use examples and images from various cultures.

Invite parents to share their heritages with students.

management summary

Management Summary

Create a community of learners and leaders.


Establish safe environment.

Celebrate student successes.

Encourage student initiative and responsibility.

Foster culture of acceptance.

Model open and caring communication.