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OCLC PICA A general overview

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OCLC PICA A general overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OCLC PICA A general overview. SELL Presentation Madrid 16/03. Janifer Gatenby j.gatenby@oclcpica.org Sébastien Vellay s.vellay@oclcpica.org. General Overview. OCLC PICA now. -Basics -New situation -European presence -Our network in Southern Europe Various services -Ebooks

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OCLC PICA A general overview

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    1. OCLC PICAA general overview SELL Presentation Madrid 16/03 Janifer Gatenby j.gatenby@oclcpica.org Sébastien Vellay s.vellay@oclcpica.org

    2. General Overview OCLC PICA now. -Basics -New situation -European presence -Our network in Southern Europe Various services -Ebooks -Databases -Online collection management system -Reference Service -Other -Collaborative catalogue WorldCat -Worldcat overview -European library holdings in WorldCat -OpenWorldCat and WorldCat.org -Support of Union Catalogues -Future Directions and Research

    3. Some basics -OCLC founded in 67 in Ohio -PICA founded in 69 in the Netherland -Organizations joined in 2003 -We serve 57.000 libraries in 112 countries

    4. New situation -SISIS acquisition -FDI acquisition -Dimema integration -RLG integration -OpenWorldCat project

    5. USA: 12 NL: 97 UK: 74 F: 3 GER: 46 AU: 6

    6. Our network in Southern Europe

    7. Main services: -Collection: www.netlibrary.com/titleselect -130,000 ebooks -On going or annual access -2 simultaneous users per copy -No subscription, no entry fee

    8. Main services: FirstSearch -75+ Online Databases (Worldcat) -More than 5.9 million full text articles -6,000 journals -53 databases with full text or links to full text Where to find more information: http://www.oclc.org/firstsearch/default.htm

    9. Main services: CONTENT dm -Online collections -All formats of records -All items (video, audio, images, books - compound objects…) -OCR – Jpeg 2000 -WorldCat ContenDM URL: www.contentdm.com

    10. QuestionPoint Main services: QuestionPoint -Collaborative digital reference service -Proximity with users (Online Form) -Professional reference assistance (KB) QuestionPoint web site: http://www.questionpoint.org

    11. Main services: in a nutshell -ILL systems (VDX/OCLC Resource Sharing) -Portals -Dewey classification - WebDewey -Cataloguing repository (Connexion – WorldCat)

    12. Main services: CBS – Union Catalogue system Flexible solution for collaborative catalogues : -All formats -Automatic updates -Deduplication of records -Local OPAC via web -Architecture customizable (8 modules) -WorldCat

    13. WorldCat.org and other initiatives

    14. Agenda • WorldCat overview • European library holdings in WorldCat • OpenWorldCat and WorldCat.org • Support of Union Catalogues • Future Directions and Research

    15. WorldCat Overview • 83 million records, 1.115.907.505 holdings • All types of materials • print, maps, visual, electronic, serials, all date ranges • All languages • Unicode support includes non-roman scripts • Global Exposure & also • Cataloguing • Resource sharing • Reference • Collection analysis • Interfaces • Connexion, Z39.50, SRU, SRU update, FirstSearch, WorldCat.org

    16. OCLC PICA contribution to WorldCat • 36 million European holdings • Contribution methods: • via online cataloguing, retrospective conversion, batch loading, SRU update • Major OCLC PICA contributors: • UK, Scandinavia, South Africa, France (pre-2002) • Batch loaded files: • BL, Czech National Bibliography, GGC, LinkUK, Helsinki University, NUKAT, Danish National Library of Education • Major ILL users: • BLDSC, South Africa, Scandinavia

    17. Open WorldCat – making the library visible in search engines • Started 2004 pilot with Google and Yahoo now extended to further partners • Partners harvest limited fields in OCLC WorldCat records • Search engine displays results as “Find in a Library” • Link to library holdings • Deep linking to OPAC and full text

    18. Find in a Library Open WorldCat : meeting the user where the user is • 84% use search engines to begin information search • Only 1% begin an information search on a library web site • Search engines use achieves high satisfaction rates • People trust what they find on search engines • Search engines are a better ‘life style’ fit than physical libraries • ‘Self serve’ is a growing trend • findings from “Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources : a report to the OCLC Membership” OCLC, 2005

    19. Find in a Library Open WorldCat Limitations on loading imposed by harvesters – Google only interested in titles with many holdings

    20. Firefox Google Yahoo! Self-service models Linking by ISBN, ISSN, OCLC Number and now by search termAccounts for 10% or more of all traffic! Exposure

    21. Start with an Internet search …

    22. Exposure

    23. Exposure

    24. Library Info Exposure

    25. Ask a Librarian Exposure

    26. Other Editions Exposure

    27. Reviews Exposure

    28. Tables of Contents

    29. Purchase options

    30. Pilot - link to Amazon.co.uk Clicks and orders every day during the pilot Exposure

    31. Google Scholar Exposure

    32. WorldCat.org - OCLC’s own destination portal • builds on Open WorldCat • access to all WorldCat records • holdings of subscribing libraries only • OWC interface translations (inc Dutch) • initial beta release August 2006 Exposure

    33. WorldCat.org Deliver Library Capacity to the User at the Point of Need • WorldCat.org will enable users to . . . • Discover and access libraries, their collections, their expertise and their services – at the point of need • Participate in an online community of library users, researchers, librarians • Manage personal identity, relationships, collections, reading and research Exposure

    34. WorldCat.org

    35. WorldCat.org Brief results

    36. WorldCat.org – registration

    37. WorldCat.org Tracked Statistics at-a-glance It’s worth noting that our conversion rate is well above Google’s “typical” range of 1-3%. Impressions: 300M to 1B/year Click-through: 10M/ month 120M per year Conversion: 550k/month 6.6M/year Conversionrate: • Overall: 5.5% = “best in class” for web site 5.9% in January 07

    38. Click-throughs to WorldCat.org pages Month over month Referrals In millions 10 6 2 Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

    39. Clicks to Library Services

    40. Worldcat.org Traffic Drivers - Today

    41. WorldCat.org - where next? • More Add more European holdings • More “Get it” options • Integrate with European resource sharing services • Request Transfer Message • Add payment options • Add authentication and other resolvers • Add more personalisation and social features

    42. WorldCat Future Directions • Add more non-US union and national catalogues (particularly non roman scripts) • Add more full text and digital content • Improve holdings level for e-serials • Merge with RLG Union Catalog (rich in non-roman scripts esp Arabic and Hebrew, archival materials and special collections) • Integrate into OCLC PICA services Exposure

    43. Timeline: Social Networking Features

    44. 0.62 work Human-readable interface manifestations in workset

    45. Contribution : Follow on Services • Collection Analysis • Analyze collection age & subject content • Compare collection to other OCLC member libraries to identify overlap and uniqueness • Analyze group collections for uniqueness & overlap for cooperative collection development • Registry of Digital Masters Exposure

    46. UK Public Library group analysis

    47. Union Catalogue Support • Data services • FRBR • Faceted searching • Audience Level • Holdings Count - Rarity

    48. FRBR – Divide and conquer • Harvesting • Loading IDs & records • Authority records • Improved user interfaces • Suggestions for the improvement of the algorithm and records • Creation of works (38 million) • Algorithm • Authority records • Cleaning bibliographic records where necessary • No manual links created • Improved user interfaces

    49. Without clustering