relationships with the regulator n.
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Relationships with the Regulator

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Relationships with the Regulator - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Relationships with the Regulator. IAOPA 2012 world Assembly Session Two. Need for a safety and security oversight regulator is accepted This regulator must meet criteria ICAO defined 8 Critical elements Serve the aviation participants. ICAO.

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relationships with the regulator

Relationships with the Regulator

IAOPA 2012 world Assembly

Session Two

Session two - IAOPA 2012


Need for a safety and security oversight regulator is accepted

This regulator must meet criteria

  • ICAO defined 8 Critical elements
  • Serve the aviation participants

Session two - IAOPA 2012

categories of activities

Commercial scheduled and non-scheduled operations

  • General aviation

General aviation is threatened

(Economics, fuel prices, land use)

Categories of activities

Session two - IAOPA 2012

iaopa objectives

To encourage representatives of national general aviation member groups to meet with and work with their national authorities in the interest of promoting better understanding, enlightened regulation and adequate facilities for general aviation;

IAOPA Objectives

Session two - IAOPA 2012


Can be positive –

  • The need for a strong GA fleet is understood and supported;

Can be negative –

  • GA is over-regulated and suppressed.

Session two - IAOPA 2012

regulator organization

Can have many forms

  • Public service
  • Regional grouping
  • Agency


  • Tax payer
  • User pay

Session two - IAOPA 2012

what can go wrong

Simple aspect such as a service provider being unable to process a renewal;

  • Timely processing of documentation –niggling delays;
  • Non-standard interpretation of regulatory requirements;
  • Power-ego;
  • lack of adequate service provision.
What can go wrong?

Session two - IAOPA 2012

the win win solution

Accept regulatory oversight;

  • Regulator to encourage GA development and not to overregulate;
  • Regulator to note that they exist because of aviation and not that aviation exists because of their involvement;
  • Regulator activities to be transparent and rational.
The win – win solution

Session two - IAOPA 2012


Continued contact and discussion with NCAAs;

  • Promote better understanding of the importance of GA;
  • Participate in development of enlightened regulation;
  • Call on government for adequate airspace and facilities for general aviation.
How ?

Session two - IAOPA 2012


With an open and rational approach by both regulators and GA participants [the AOPAs], a positive and supportive relationship can be established;

And thereby


Session two - IAOPA 2012

way forward

Discussions to provide adequate solutions on how to proceed to a win-win for all.


Way forward

Session two - IAOPA 2012