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  1. Florida Journeys COMMUNICATIONS Infra-structure Promoting Florida’s Natural & Cultural Heritage Florida Journeys Communications

  2. Florida Journeys COMMUNICATIONS: The Vision As Florida grows, and our unique environments and resources are stressed, preservation efforts become increasingly important to the state’s economic and ecological future. Florida Journeys Communications specializes in creating strategic communications that promote Florida’s Natural & Cultural Heritage based on the following core beliefs: • The economic benefits of our natural and cultural resources are the backbone of Florida's economy. • Healthy ecosystems make economic contributions that transcend conventional accounting. • Florida's natural and cultural heritage define our “sense of place.”  A sense of place is the culture, heritage and diversity of a region. It is finding inspiration in the past, creating meaning for the present and planning for the future. • These are the very assets that always have, and will continue to create a sustainable Florida. • Our mission is unequivocal: To provide our clients with the tools to inspire, inform and influence positive action. Promoting Florida’s Natural & Cultural Heritage Florida Journeys Communications

  3. Florida Journeys COMMUNICATIONS: What Sets Us Apart • Expertise: Adept at translating complex ecological and scientific content into compelling, relevant and accurate communication campaigns. • Depth: Able to go deeper and discover new insights, connecting the dots in new and purposeful ways. • Creative philosophy: Personal service and direct client contact leads to a free flow of information and the best result. • Streamlined: Full-service support without the bureaucracy and high costs of larger agency—clients work directly with the founder. • Key benefits: On-target, on-time creative results at an uncommon value. Florida Journeys Communications

  4. Florida Journeys COMMUNICATIONS: Prestigious Client Roster • Florida House Institute • Sarasota Bay Estuary Program • Global Organic Specialty Source, Inc. • Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute • 1,000 Friends of Florida • Florida Park Service • Wildlife Foundation of Florida • Seven Rivers Foods LLC • Vicki’s Vegan Kitchen • Little Everglades Ranch/Coalition to Preserve Our Water Resources • the John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art Foundation • Discovery Communications, Inc. • The Travel Channel • BRAVO/IFC • Tampa PBS station WEDU/Channel 3 We showcase clients whose organizations are leading the way in such areas as ecotourism, water resource management, marine science, land conservation, sustainable communities, green business, and natural food distribution. Promoting Florida’s Natural & Cultural Heritage Florida Journeys Communications

  5. Florida Journeys COMMUNICATIONS: Capabilities Comprehensive or a la carte services include: • Brand development • Web-based marketing • Interactive media and PR campaigns • Communications strategy, planning, implementation • Strategic partner and sponsor development • Full-service video production services • Full-service website development and design services • Creative design & execution Florida Journeys Communications

  6. CLIENT SPOTLIGHTThe Sarasota Bay Estuary Program (SBEP) is dedicated to restoring the area's greatest and most important natural asset—Sarasota Bay. • Incoming Challenge: • Communicating the social, ecological and economic value of SBEP’s mission to diverse target audiences with a limited budget and staff resources. • Specifically, SBEP wanted to: • Raise public awareness of the need for Bay protection and stewardship • Engage and educate the local citizenry about the connection between the many things they do daily that directly influence the health of Sarasota Bay • Encourage and promote change in behavior and public policy • Publicize the significant gains achieved by the program Florida Journeys Communications

  7. CLIENT SPOTLIGHT • Solution: The development and execution of an integrated strategic communications and branding plan with these main elements: • Message Platform: • Sarasota Bay is the primary economic engine of the region. • Sarasota Bay defines our region’s “sense of place.” • Healthy ecosystems make economic contributions that transcend conventional accounting. • New Communications Vehicles: • Video - Sarasota Bay: Celebrating Our Water Heritage • Interactive website – • Brochure • eNewsletter • Social Media • State of the Bay 2010 Florida Journeys Communications

  8. New Video: Sarasota Bay: Celebrating Our Water Heritage 27-minute documentary that makes a compelling case for what’s been achieved - and still needs to happen - to sustain the health of Sarasota Bay. Written & directed by Caroline McKeon, the video premiered April 2008. A sense of place is the culture, heritage and diversity of a region.

  9. New Articulation of SBEP’s Vision: Compelling and Succinct “Since 1989 the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program and its partners have had a vision….a vision of a Sarasota Bay with clear waters and abundant habitat supporting a rich diversity of aquatic life…of people experiencing that abundance while soaking in its natural beauty. And a commitment through education to engage the community to become our partner in cultivating this vision of a healthy Sarasota Bay.” Florida Journeys Communications

  10. SBEP Core Messages: Achieved continuity across all media • ABOUT SARASOTA BAY • The health of Sarasota Bay has seen significant gains since it was named an estuary of national significance by the US Congress in 1989. • HABITAT RESTORATION • SBEP has engaged in more than thirty habitat restoration projects. • THE WATER CONNECTION • You are the solution to stormwater pollution. • NEIGHBORHOOD ACTION RESOURCES • Protecting the Health of Sarasota Bay Begins in Your Yard. • EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH • Engage, educate and encourage citizen action. • ECOTOURISM • The Gulf Coast Heritage Trail connects those special places that weave together the fabric of our history. • RESEARCH • Quantifies the environmental health of the Sarasota Bay system. • GET INVOLVED • Citizen participation in restoring and protecting Sarasota Bay and its tributaries is critical. Florida Journeys Communications

  11. New SBEP Website:Interactive and Educational Florida Journeys Communications

  12. SBEP Brochure: A fresh new look with updated content Florida Journeys Communications

  13. SBEP Brochure (inside spread): Updated photography, content and highlights of Program’s accomplishments Florida Journeys Communications

  14. SBEP eNewsletter: New masthead / Newsletter goes paperless April 2008 Editor: Caroline McKeon Florida Journeys Communications

  15. Sarasota Bay Guardians Tee-shirt design / logo: Florida Journeys Communications

  16. CLIENT SPOTLIGHTHighlights of Results • 1) Sarasota Bay: Celebrating Our Water Heritage video • * Front page coverage promoting film in the Herald Tribune: “Film • focuses on economics of bay” (4/14/2008) • * Film premiere reception and screening attended by approx 200 public partners, media, and community leaders (4/16/08) • * More than 100 public screenings and local television airings • * Set the stage and content for all other messaging • 2) eNewsletter launched (April 2008) & distributed quarterly • 3) New Website launched (January 2009) • * January – July 2009 an average of 44,000 hits/month with approximately 750 unique visitors/month • * January – July 2010 an average of 61,000 hits/month with approximately 1,155 unique visitors/month • New SBEP brochure published(February 2010) • New SBEPFacebook page launched (February 2010) • 6) Sarasota Bay Guardians launched - logo/Tee-shirt design (April 2010) • 7) State of the Bay 2010 release reception at Crosley Estate (9/24/ 2010) • * Attended by approx 150 public partners and community leaders • * Generated unprecedented level of local, regional and statewide media coverage (TV, radio, print, web) about the SOB 2010– more detail page 20 Florida Journeys Communications

  17. CLIENT SPOTLIGHTHighlights of Results • Media Coverage highlights: • 2008 • * Cover Story Sarasota Magazine “Can Sarasota Bay Be Saved?” (Feb) • * Interview about SBEP and film premiere on WSLR (4/10) • * Front page coverage promoting film in the Herald Tribune: “Film • focuses on economics of bay” (4/14) • * Front page HT coverage about scallops in Sarasota Bay” (6/24) • * Bay News 9 coverage about scallops in Sarasota Bay (7/1) • * Front page HT about stormwater and outfalls (7/18) • * SNN6 “Every Child’s Voice” dip netting with Bay Buddies (8/5) • * SNN6 interviews Burch about National Estuaries Day (9/25) • * Front page HT “In a Clearer Sarasota Bay, Clearer Signs of Life” (11/30) • 2009 • * Front Page local Herald Tribune about SBEP’s roll in Whitaker Bayou shoreline restoration (1/26) • * HT editorial supporting funding of Whitaker Bayou project (1/30) • * HT Guest column - “Landscaping for Climate Change” (4/7) • * Positive Change magazine - “Landscaping for Climate Change” (April) Florida Journeys Communications 17

  18. CLIENT SPOTLIGHTHighlights of Results • Media Coverage highlights: • 2009 (continued) • * Front page Pelican Press “Seagrass Bed Coverage Increases in Sarasota Bay” (5/14) • * Front page HT “Seagrass in Sarasota Bay makes big comeback” (5/17) • * Guest Column Pelican Press - “Protect public health and Sarasota Bay, pick up after your pet” (7/16) • * Front page local HT “Grasses grow deep in the Bay” (7/22) • * Guest column HT - “To protect the Bay, pick up after your pet” (7/30) • * Bay Soundings news brief - Pooches and WUSF sponsorship (August) • * Front page local Bradenton Herald “Program aims to keep pooch poop out of waterways” (8/1) • * HT feature Business Weekly “A Contract with Nature” mentions SBEP restoration projects ( 9/7 • * Front page Pelican Press “More seagrasses, more critters in Sarasota Bay” (10/1) • * Biz941 Daily Newsletter “SBEP names new Public Outreach Coordinator” (10/14) • * Pelican Press “Sarasota Waters: Let the Sunshine In” showcases SBEP winning Gulf Guardian Award” (12/3) • * Anna Maria Island Sun “Explore the Gulf Coast Heritage Trail” (12/30) Florida Journeys Communications 18

  19. CLIENT SPOTLIGHTHighlights of Results • Media Coverage highlights: • 2010 • * Front page HT “Spoil Islands Dilemma: Save the view or the Bay” (2/1) • * Front page local HT “Waterway blacklist updated - Roberts and Blackburn bays are out while Hudson and Whitaker bayous are in” (2/10) • * “Sarasota Bay Guardians Earth Day Restoration Native Planting” on event calendars of HT, Bradenton Herald, Tampa Bay On-line, Biz941 Daily on-line, Bradenton Times on-line, and YPG (3/25-30) • * Bradenton Times On-line “SBEP’s Bay Guardians honor Earth Day at Robinson Preserve” (4/13) • * Bradenton Herald “Proposed water criteria could be costly” (5/2) • * ABC 7 “State of Emergency issued for City of Sarasota” quote from Alderson about Deepwater Horizon oil spill and potential impacts (5/5) • * “Unified Oil Spill Command Activated for West Coast of Florida” SBEP mentioned in local and regional media as part of multi-agency team created to respond to oil impacts (, Eurasia Review News & Analysis, and Bradenton Herald) (5/5-5/6) • * SNN6 “Bay Guardians Intergenerational Air Potato Roundup” (6/26) • * Front page local HT “Sarasota Bay seaweed study focuses on causes of growth” (7/31) • * Guest column HT “Why scallop count is down” (Leverone) (8/26) • * Tampa Tribune “Tampa Bay scallop search less than bountiful” (8/29) Florida Journeys Communications 19

  20. CLIENT SPOTLIGHTHighlights of Results • Media Coverage highlights: • 2010 (continued) • * Longboat Key News “Creating new oyster habitat in Sarasota Bay” (9/3) • * SNN6 - “Bayfront park green roof” (9/17) • * Unprecedented coverage for release of SOB 2010 including: • - Pelican Press “Bay slowly showing progress” (9/22) • - SNN6 Television (9/23) • - Front page Herald Tribune “Water is better and habitat richer in Sarasota Bay” (9/24) • - Florida Trend Daily Pulse (9/24) • - WUSF Radio - evening news / story posted on website (9/24) • - ABC 7 Television - evening news / story posted on websit) (9/24) • - Front page Bradenton Herald “Sarasota Bay bouncing back” (9/25) • - WSLR radio “Truly Sustainable Sarasota” interview with Sara Kane (9/30) Florida Journeys Communications 20

  21. CLIENT SPOTLIGHTKudos U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SBEP Program Evaluation (Oct. 13, 2009) Strengths - Outreach & Public Involvement “The SBEP has developed a very successful outreach and public involvement program. The Program provides a wealth of current scientific information and educational materials through its website (, newsletters, and, videos. In 2008 the SBEP released a documentary highlighting Program and partner accomplishments over the past decade. The video has been extensively shown on local TV stations.” Video: “I loved the video.  I thought it was factual, intelligent, and informative.  I was very pleased to see the septic tank program get mention and in a very positive light.  I've been working on straightening out the bugs in that program for three years and I am very pleased with the progress we have made so I am somewhat biased.  I think this is the first positive light I have seen shone on the program!!!” Greg Rouse, PM for the Phillippi Creek Septic System Replacement Program. “Great job!” Kelly Westover, Sarasota County Environmental Scientist Florida Journeys Communications

  22. CLIENT SPOTLIGHTKudos (continued) eNewsletter: “This looks outstanding!” Jon Thaxton, Sarasota County Commissioner & SBEP Policy Board “Great newsletter” Shannon Staub, Sarasota County Commissioner “Great newsletter!  You all have gotten some fabulous media attention….well deserved”. Susie Bowie, Community Foundation of Sarasota County “ I would like to commend you on this incredible Summer 2010 newsletter.  My two children are in third and fifth grade and are currently enrolled in the Florida Virtual School.  FLVP is a homeschooling experience, and this newsletter was such a help to me when the children's science curriculum recently included, watershed, water treatment  and water pollution.  Our family will certainly be using this newsletter to bring us the needed information to participate in the upcoming events that have been posted.  The layout of this newsletter is user friendly, and full of valuable information for those of us that care deeply about Sarasota's natural environment.  As a non-profit you have provided our community with a class act in providing this exceptional newsletter.” Holly Cita, parent & environmental steward Florida Journeys Communications

  23. CLIENT SPOTLIGHTKudos (continued) eNewsletter (continued): “Awesome newsletter” Dianne Rosensweig, Scheda Ecological Associates“Just wanted to let you know I’m a big fan. This month’s newsletter is a work of art!” Janet Newman, Sarasota Memorial Hospital Coordinator Website: “The new SBEP website has been launched ( and includes excerpts of the new Bay video throughout. Julia and Caroline deserve much credit for this work. The photography alone is phenomenal.” Mark Alderson, Executive Director SBEP “Kudos for all!!!” Deborah Getzoff, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Chair SBEP Policy Board Florida Journeys Communications

  24. Founder, President, Executive Producer Since 1998, Caroline McKeon has developed, written and produced campaigns that captures Florida’s unique sense of place and heritage. Her credentials include executive positions at The Discovery Channel and The Travel Channel, where she both developed and acquired television programming, and agency leadership. McKeon combines a knowledge and passion for Florida’s environment with the ability to work with multiple stakeholders, including scientists, administrative leaders, boards and diverse public groups. To every project, large or small, she brings a big-picture vision, the ability to integrate complex subjects and the attention to the details that make or break successful campaigns. Florida Journeys Communications