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Engineering Consultants Group Clifty Plant OVEC November 15, 2006 PowerPoint Presentation
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Engineering Consultants Group Clifty Plant OVEC November 15, 2006

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Engineering Consultants Group Clifty Plant OVEC November 15, 2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digital Fuel Tracking Mike Santucci President, ECG-inc Jim Mooney Consultant. AccuTrack- Digital Fuel Tracking System supporting Coal Fired Generation Reliability and Fuel Flexibility initiatives. Engineering Consultants Group Clifty Plant OVEC November 15, 2006.

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Engineering Consultants Group Clifty Plant OVEC November 15, 2006

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Presentation Transcript

Digital Fuel Tracking

Mike Santucci

President, ECG-inc

Jim Mooney


AccuTrack- Digital Fuel Tracking System supporting Coal Fired Generation Reliability and Fuel Flexibility initiatives

Engineering Consultants Group

Clifty Plant


November 15, 2006


Ash Deposition ImpactsIn The Power Industry

N. S. Harding

N. S. Harding & Associates

D. C. O’Connor

Energy Conversion Division – EPRI

N.S. Harding & Associates


Slagging/fouling and blending leading coal quality concerns

Coal quality impacts have approx. same number of outages/derates as deposition; economics were less due to shorter duration

Annual estimated impact of coal quality and deposition is ~$1.2 billion annually

No significant improvement made over last 10 years!

Presented at Coal Quality Impacts conference, October 31, 2006, Snowbird, UT

today s agenda
Today’s Agenda
  • Coal Quality contributions to Slagging/Fouling mechanism
  • Fuel Flexibility and Operating with Precision
  • Introduction Digital Fuel Tracking with AccuTrack from ECG
slagging vs fouling
Slagging vs Fouling


Fouling: Deposition where convection is the predominant form of heat transfer

Slagging is defined as deposition where radiation is the predominant mechanism of heat transfer


slag control
Slag Control

“The potential for slagging (i.e., fused slag deposits that form on furnace walls and other surfaces exposed to predominantly radiant heat) is temperature and ash composition related.” Coal Energy Systems, Bruce G. Miller, PSU

  • Units designed for bituminous coals have found it necessary to switch to sub-bituminous fuel for various environmental and economic reasons.
  • Coal is a very heterogeneous substance and cannot be simply represented by a single set of melting or ash fusion temperatures, particularly when blended.
  • Sodium content of Western Fuels (PRB) varies considerably between Northern and Southern PRB coals.

Gaining control over fuel blends requires:

KNOWING the real time quality of the fuel you are receiving

KNOWING the real time temperatures in the furnace

ash deposition conference october 31 2006
Ash Deposition Conference October 31, 2006

“The heart of the system is the analyzer and DFTS software bringing the information to the operators.”

David Tillman presentation on managing slagging @ DTE energy.

Link to Ash Deposition Conference October 2006

operations excellence fuel flexibility



Real Time



Data fed


Current Blend




Operations Excellence&Fuel Flexibility



  • AccuTrack Experience
  • Applying the available tools.

The AccuTrack system is fed by more than 160 sensors and updates information about every aspect of coal movement at Monroe every 10 seconds. Plant managers and operators use the information to optimize the fuel supplied to the plant.


“Boiler’s have outlived

their designers considerations

for the fuel they consume”

“The potential for slagging is temperature and

Ash composition related.”

“The array of opportunity fuels is as broad and diverse as the ingenuity of the engineering community.”


A prototype currently being tested will provide measurement of Mercury and Arsenic; expected to be commercially available December 2006.


Low Alarm: Opacity potential for the next 2 hours

BLUE indication is the coal is excellent, but not economical

High Alarm: Slagging potential in 4 hours

Performance with flexibility


425 MW






Mobilized data

AccuTrack and e-Notification is in place at plants ranging in size from

425 MW’s to +3000MW

utilizing the system reporting capabilities
Utilizing the SystemReporting Capabilities
  • Historical reports via web browser
    • Exact on-the-belt blend results for any loading period
    • On-line analyzer results (wt. average) can be reported by silo
    • Variance between vendor supplied tons and plant unload tons automated & alarmed
accutrack references
AccuTrack References
  • Pennsylvania
    • Penn Power’s Bruce Mansfield Plant
    • 3 units
    • 2640 MW
    • Blends Three Primary Fuels
  • Ohio
    • FirstEnergy’s Eastlake Plant
    • 7 units
    • 1200 MW
    • Blending PRB
  • Michigan
    • Detroit Edison’s Monroe Plant
    • 4 units
    • 3200 MW
    • Undersized Precips are sensitive to fuel changes
maintenance plan
Maintenance Plan
  • Software maintenance plan is advised to ensure system integrity
  • Daily tasks to check the system health
  • Correct AccuTrack database for missing or corrupt data due to PI or AccuTrack outages
  • Monthly tasks to verify data
  • Reports on fuel activity and system availability
  • Training for new users
  • Software updates and enhancements

Performance FIRST through Operating with Precision followed by Fuel Flexibility to get the maximum performance at the lowest cost!!

contact information
Contact information

Michael Santucci


Engineering Consultants Group

1236 Weathervane Lane

Akron, Oh 44313

(330) 869-9995

James R. Mooney

Bulk Materials Specialist

45 St. Andrews Drive

Beaver Falls, PA 15010

(724) 312-1293

intellectual property statement
Intellectual Property Statement

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