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The Female Advantage PowerPoint Presentation
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The Female Advantage

The Female Advantage

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The Female Advantage

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  1. The Female Advantage Ginny Carroll Twitter: @gc_inginuity

  2. Our History • First college in the U.S. was founded in 1636. • It took over 200 years for the first college to confer degrees upon women (1841).

  3. Our History • When women were admitted, they were treated as second class citizens, ignored in the classroom and ridiculed outside of the classroom by male students, faculty and townspeople alike!

  4. “Higher education damaged a woman’s health by inhibiting her reproductive system, thus upsetting the natural order of society.” Dr. Edward Clarke, 1873

  5. Scientific Evidence? • In late 1800s, scientists joined to debate by providing “scientific evidence” that females were physiologically unsuited for academic training. . . • “that the female brain and body could not survive book learning.”

  6. By 1920 (just 50 yrs. later), the number of women attending college jumped to 47% of U.S. collegiate population. Today, women make up approximately ___% of U.S. collegiate population.

  7. Where Are We Today? • In the U.S., women preside as a paltry 4% of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. • As well, women account for 37 percent of middle management, but only 26 percent of VP and senior executive positions.

  8. Pay • Today, there are three times the total number of women MBA graduatesthan in 1982. • In the U.S., the pay gap is 77 cents on the dollar, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. • For female MBAs, the pay gap vs. male MBA grads is 85 cents on the dollar. • Women in the consulting field are earning more than men by $1.04 to the dollar. • In manufacturing and technology, women are nearly even with men at 99 cents to the dollar.

  9. But… • Research demonstrates that companies with a higher representation of women in senior leadership make better decisions, have better returns, risk management and corporate governance. • Gender diversity is increasingly at the top of corporate agendas and gaining momentum globally.

  10. To Maintain Competitiveness… globally, countries will undoubtedly strive to understand the impact of women in the workforce, including their access to education, and assess how these factors can contribute to overall economic growth.

  11. Changing Leadership Landscape

  12. Leadership Today Contemporary Leadership Approaches Are Responding to: • Demands of accelerated technological growth • Increasing workforce diversity • Intense competitive pressures • Weakening of geopolitical boundaries

  13. 21st Century Leadership Conceptual Age (creators and empathizers) Information Age (knowledge workers) Industrial Age (factory workers) Agricultural Age (farmers) • Source: A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink

  14. The Conceptual Era Today’s workers will have to command a new set of aptitudes: • forging relationships vs. executing transactions • tackling novel challenges vs. solving routine problems • synthesizing the big picture vs. analyzing a component

  15. Historically Masculine Qualities • Hierarchy • Command-and-control • The assertion of authority • The accumulation of power • Access to political, economic and military power • Influence • Strategy

  16. Typical Feminine Qualities • Reduction in hierarchy • Creating sense of community • Empowering subordinates • Communicating/listening effectively • Teamwork • Support • Leader as coach or mentor • Transformational

  17. Women exude high touch, high concept21st Century Skills Synthesizer Empathetic Storyteller Lighthearted Perceptive Purposeful

  18. What They’re Saying… “Men could become losers in a global economy that values mental power over might.” - Business Week “The future of business depends on women” - Fast Company Women have the “Right Stuff”- Business Week

  19. New study finds… • that assertive black women leaders are viewed positively while just as assertive white women in the same roles are viewed negatively. • black women in leadership roles who show dominant behavior see less of a backlash than their white female or black male counterparts—ergo, putting black women on par, in this respect, with white men.

  20. What Does This Mean for YOU? It is estimated that more that 70% of what a student learns during college results in out-of-classroom experiences. The Entering Student: Attributes and Agents of Change Wilson, E.K.

  21. According to the latest research… IQ accounts for what portion of career success? • 50 to 60 percent • 35 to 45 percent • 23 to 29 percent • 4 to 10 percent 4 to 10 percent

  22. College = academic intellect Extracurricular = social dexterity (EI) Combination = career/life success

  23. Social Dexterity or emotional intelligence Capabilities which determine how we: • manage relationships (interpersonal) • manage ourselves (intrapersonal)

  24. “Extra-curricular activities and leadership responsibilities are good indicators of managerial performance… Since every college experience is limited in terms of the many skills needed in organizations, a well rounded curriculum and campus life is the most appropriate preparation for future executives and leaders.” AT&T Human Resources Study Group. College Experiences and Managerial Performance New York: AT&T

  25. Let’s take a Little Assessment… Do you… • recognize your mood & its impact on those around you? • know your mental strengths and limits? • feel self-confident most of the time? • keep disruptive emotions under control? • display honesty and integrity? • remain flexible to changing situations? • desire to improve your performance?

  26. Do you… • seize opportunities to try new things? • have optimism? • understand the perspective of others & take an interest in them? • have the ability to read group “politics?” • recognize and meet follower needs when in a leadership role? • guide with a compelling vision of what you see as future success?

  27. Do you… • feel persuasive & engaging? • motivate others through feedback and guidance? • initiate and manage needed change? • understand differing perspectives and resolve disagreements? • cultivate and maintain instrumental relationships? • draw others into active, enthusiastic commitment to a collective effort?

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  29. When Deciding on twoEqually Qualified Candidates… Employers rate these influences on a 5 point scale: • Major 4.1 • Has held a leadership position 4.0 • High GPA (3.0 or above) 3.7 • Has been involved in extracurricular activities 3.6 • School attended 3.1 • Has done volunteer work 3.0 Research conducted by NACE

  30. What candidates lack? #1 Communication skills • Overall interpersonal skills • Writing skills • Presentation skills • Teamwork skills #2 Good work ethic • Trouble with time management • Unable to meet deadlines • Unrealistic expectations of work demands • Not committed or loyal to organization • Lack of patience #3 Professionalism • Lack of maturity • Lack of business etiquette • Lack of understanding how to dress appropriately in a professional environment

  31. Skills/Qualities Sought Listed here are skills rated above 4 on a 5 point scale: • Communication skills • Strong work ethic • Teamwork skills (works well w/ others) • Initiative • Flexibility/adaptability • Interpersonal skills • Problem-solving skills • Self-confidence Research conducted by the NACE social dexterity (EI)

  32. Out-of-Class Experiences… include, but are not limited to: • Interactions with faculty • Collaboration on research projects • Residence hall participation • Social organizations and clubs • Recreational sports • Work opportunities, internships • Community service

  33. You are positioned to… • To capitalize on the overwhelming frustration of employers … • To capitalize on the high need for female leadership abilities … • Use your time in this environment to your advantage!

  34. Thank you!! Ginny Carroll, CEO of inGiNuity Twitter: @ginny_carroll