shopping places in hyderabad which are a shopper s delight n.
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Shopping Places in Hyderabad which are Shopper’s Delight PowerPoint Presentation
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Shopping Places in Hyderabad which are Shopper’s Delight

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Shopping Places in Hyderabad which are Shopper’s Delight - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Love street shopping? If so there is no better place better than Hyderabad, here is the complete guide to the best shopping market.

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hyderabadi biryani doesn t need an introduction

Hyderabadi Biryani doesn’t need an introduction. But apart from sizzling spices and mouth-watering Biryani, street shopping in Hyderabad has much more to offer. Here is a complete guide to the best shopping market in Hyderabad. Do keep some vacant space in your bags if you plan to go on a shopping spree.

laad bazaar
Laad Bazaar

Buy the famous lac bangles of Hyderabad at Laad Bazaar. This historical market was set up By Quli Qutb Shah at his daughter’s wedding. It continues to delight women from the word over with vividly coloured bangles.

jummet bazaar
Jummet Bazaar

This weekly flea market is among the many quirky shopping markets in Hyderabad. It comes up every Thursday near the Muslim Jung Bridge. Buy everything from nails and hammers to cricket sets and jewellery here at throw-away prices.

abids street
Abids Street

This is one of the most important shopping centres in the city. Right from electronics to clothing lines, and local spices to intricately carved craftworks, you’ll find everything you need in one area. This street is lit in the evening and can add to your experience of street shopping in Hyderabad.

mozzam jahi market
Mozzam Jahi Market

Traditionally a place to buy fruits, the market has transformed with time. It now sells a long list of royal merchandise. The market plays host to shops that sell a huge range of arms and ammunitions. Buy Royal collectables, and pick up antiquarian hookah pots and flavours. The celestial essence of ittars can be bought at this market.

begum bazar
Begum Bazar

The market has attracted loyal customers for more than 150 years and running. Begum Bazar holds the reputation of being the biggest tobacco market in the city. Yet, tobacco isn’t the only thing sold here. The market is full of daily groceries, toiletries, contemporary kitchenware, and the tiniest of household items. Retailers from all over the country depend on Begum Bazaar for trade.

pot market secunderabad
Pot Market Secunderabad

The pot market is a delight for anyone who loves ornaments. Street shopping in Hyderabad is incomplete without you exploring the mighty Pot Market. The market is a live exhibition of the rich heritage and culture Hyderabad has possessed for years.

antique market murgi chowk
Antique Market, Murgi Chowk

Give your decor a traditional twist with chandeliers, mirrors and more from this market. While some of these are genuine antiques, others have been created to look original. While you are at it, enjoy the yarns the shopkeepers spin to peddle their ware.

street shopping in hyderabad is one of those

Street shopping in Hyderabad is one of those experiences that you will never forget in a lifetime. If you love collecting silverware, handicrafts, and jewelry, Hyderabad is the place to be. So next time you land in the City of Sultans taking minneapolis to hyderabad cheap flights, make sure you look beyond its delicious Biryani and Kebabs. Stroll around the city markets and load yourself with souvenirs to take back home. Pick up aromatic scents that may put designer perfumes to shame.

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