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The World Wars PowerPoint Presentation
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The World Wars

The World Wars

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The World Wars

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  1. The World Wars

  2. T/F World War I was fought in Europe and Asia

  3. T/F Hitler ruled Germany during WWI

  4. T/F Soldiers fought in trenches during WWI

  5. T/F The United States was bombed at Pearl Harbor during WWII by the Germans

  6. T/F Machine guns and poisonous gasses are introduced as weapons during WWI

  7. T/F The United States and its allies won in both WWI and WWII

  8. The World Wars Timeline Map 1: Europe: Before the World Wars Causes Warfare World War I Art and Literature Results Map 2: Europe between the Wars

  9. Hitler’s Rise to Power Hitler’s Germany Between the Wars Causes Warfare Causes Warfare In Europe World War II In Asia Map 3: Europe after World War II Results Results Essential Questions

  10. Map – Europe Before the World Wars Allies Central Powers Great Britain Russia Germany Austria-Hungary France Italy Bulgaria Ottoman Empire Serbia

  11. 1920-1940Global Economic Depression 1914-1918 World War I 1939-1945 World War II 1945→ Cold War 1910 1915 1920 1925 1930 1935 1940 1945 1950 May 1945 – Germany surrenderedAugust 1945 – Japan surrendered 1914 Archduke Ferdinand Assassinated WW I began 1917 U.S. entered the war 1918 Russia got out of the war 1919 Treaty of Versailles 1941 – Japan attacked Pearl Harbor: U.S. enters WW II 1933 – Hitler became the leader of Germany 1939 – Hitler Invaded Poland:WW II began 1935-1939 – Germany took back lands lost in WW I 1935-1941 – Japan took more lands in Asia • Timeline – The World Wars

  12. V. World War I

  13. Causes of World War I – MAIN A • Militarism – New technologies encouraged nations to develop and stockpile more weapons – Led to WWI

  14. Stop and Think! • Partner A: What is militarism? • Partner B: How did this lead up to WWI?

  15. Causes of World War I – MAIN A • Alliances – to keep balance of power – nations teamed up for or against one another (Central Powers/Triple Alliance – Allied Powers/Triple Entente) – Led to WWI Video

  16. Stop and Think! Partner A: What is a military alliance? Partner B: How did these alliances cause WWI?

  17. Causes of World War I – MAIN A • Imperialism – nations competed to gain territories and resources. Germany took land from France (Alsace and Lorraine) creating conflict between them. Led to WWI

  18. Stop and Think! • Partner A: What is imperialism? • Partner B: How did imperialism lead up to WWI?

  19. Causes of World War I – MAIN A • National Rivalries –a uniting and dividing force, nations became proud of their land and culture and were willing to fight for it.

  20. Stop and Think! • Partner A: What does nationalism mean? • Partner B: How did nationalism lead up to WWI?

  21. Stop and Think • M – Partner A explain to Partner B what the “M” stands for • A – Partner B explain what the “A” stands for • I – Partner A • N – Partner B

  22. Create a poster –For each cause of WWI, explain what it means and create a visual. Militarism - explanation Picture Imperialism - explanation Picture Picture Alliances - explanation Nationalism - explanation Picture

  23. Just prior to World War I, the nations of Europe believed that the balance of power could best be maintained by 1) a system of alliances 2) an international court 3) increases in tariff barriers 4) open agreements, openly arrived at

  24. Growing nationalism and militarism in Europe and the creation of secret alliances were 1) reasons for the rise of democracy 2) causes of World War I 3) requirements for economic development 4) reasons for the collapse of communism

  25. _______________________________A. Formation of secret alliancesB. Conflict over colonies in AfricaC. Military buildup of European armies and naviesD. Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand Which title would best complete this partial outline? 1) Scramble for Africa 2) Causes of World War I 3) Results of World War II 4) Reasons for the United Nations

  26. What was a major cause of World War I? 1) rebellions in colonial lands in Africa and Asia 2) expansion of communism into western Europe 3) militarism in the nations of Europe 4) inability of the League of Nations to keep the peace

  27. The term militarism can best be defined as 1) Loyalty to a nation or ethnic group 2) Buildup of armaments in preparation for war 3) Avoidance of military involvement in civil wars 4) Control of territories for economic and political gain

  28. Causes of World War I – MAIN A • Assassination – of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria kick started the alliances immediate cause of World War I – “Spark” Article Activity

  29. Archduke Newspaper Article • With a partner… • Create a newspaper article describing the events of the day. Information that must be included: • Who he was and why he was there • How the terrorist group tried to kill him • Who actually killed him and how • Along with the article, you must include three scenes in chronological order

  30. For example Scene 1 – First two terrorists attempting to throw grenades Scene 2 – Third terrorist throwing his grenade and exploding under the car Archduke Shot!!! Today, June 28th, the terrorist group The Black Hand shot and killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian thrown, and his pregnant wife Sophia. He had come to Sarajevo to inspect the Austro-Hungarian troops there. The terrorists saw this as a perfect opportunity to try and get rid of him. As his car traveled down the city streets of Sarajevo, two men were going to throw grenades but the streets were too crowded. A third terrorist was successful in throwing his grenade but it exploded under the car injuring several of the Archduke’s attendants. Finally, on his way to visit his injured attendants at the hospital after lunch, his driver made a wrong turn and as he began to reverse, Gavrilo Princip fired two shots, one in the stomach of pregnant Sophia killing her and her unborn baby almost instantly. The second shot hit the Archduke in the neck, killing him a short time later. Princip will not receive the death penalty because he is too young, but he was sentenced to twenty years in prison. Scene 3 – Archduke and wifey shot The caskets of the husband and wife

  31. Which statement is best supported by the data contained in the table? 1) Austria-Hungary could not afford a large military expenditure in 1880. 2) France spent the greatest amount of money on defense in 1900. 3) Germany rapidly increased its military spending after 1890. 4) Great Britain attempted to prepare for a long ground war.

  32. What was the immediate cause of World War I in Europe? 1) start of the civil war in Russia 2) sinking of the British liner, Lusitania 3) assassination of the heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire 4) attack on Poland by the German army

  33. Type of Warfare • Trench: Soldiers fought, lived, and died in ditches, called trenches, on two fronts • Eastern Front – Russia • Western Front - France

  34. Reading activity

  35. Type of Warfare • New technologies: New weapons (machine gun, grenades, flame thrower, tank, poison gas) - very effective against old style strategies.

  36. New weapons activity

  37. Trench warfare is a phrase that best describes which event: 1. Imperialism 3. World War I 2. World War II 4. The Holocaust

  38. Type of Warfare • Women contributed to the war effort

  39. U.S. Position • The United States remained “neutral” for the first years of the war. The sinking of the Lusitaniadrug the U.S. into the war.

  40. The sinking of the Lusitania was significant enough for the United States to enter WWI True/False

  41. Stop and Think! • Everyone: Explain to your partner whether you think the statement was true or false. If true, what could the U.S. government do to rally support for their cause?

  42. Art and Literature • Propaganda: organized information meant to sway public opinion on a certain issue

  43. Current Propaganda • Subway • McDonalds • Army

  44. Who is represented by the “Mad Brute?” What is the purpose of this poster?

  45. Who are the three men supposed to represent? What is the purpose of this poster?

  46. Who is this man supposed to represent? What is the purpose of this poster?

  47. Art and Literature • All Quiet on the Western Front: • Novel about life for soldiers during WWI • Put-down glory of war