sybase startup com a complete solution for startup coms n.
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Sybase Startup.Com A Complete Solution for Startups PowerPoint Presentation
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Sybase Startup.Com A Complete Solution for Startups

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Sybase Startup.Com A Complete Solution for Startups

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Sybase Startup.Com A Complete Solution for Startups

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  1. Sybase Startup.ComA Complete Solution for Startup.coms

  2. Agenda • Business Realities for Startup.coms • Solution Requirements • HA, JAVA, WP list • Architectural Design Considerations • Sybase Solution for Startup.coms • What is Sybase Startup.Com? • Adaptive Server Enterprise • Enterprise Application Server • PowerDesigner Object Architect • Benefits of Sybase Start-up.Com • Customer Success

  3. Limited IT budgets for world-class architectures Must rapidly develop prototype to prove business case with limited resources Production environment must be up and running in “web time” after funding is secured Minimum development costs Flexible deployment costs that scale Seek risk free enterprise architectures Migration from prototype to production Develop and deploy robust and stable e-commerce applications Availability, scalability, security, support and services Unable to predict future architectures What is your projected subscriber base? What is your strategy for acquiring new customers? Business Realties for Startup.coms

  4. Solution Requirements for Startup.coms • Availability - .Coms are open 24 x 7 and can never go down • Scalability - capacity to support enormous and rapid growth • High performance while executing secure and reliable transactions • Rapid development environment with robust and flexible deployment options • Ease of use for customers • Transparent access to all relevant systems • Infrastructure for future integration with legacy systems and data

  5. Architectural Considerations • What type of business are you in? • Business to consumer vs. business - business • High transactions vs. storage • What are your site characteristics? • A large number of subscribers will mean a large volume of transactions • Built in authentication • Distributed architecture • Load balancing • Scaling • What are your up-time goals? • What is your average page-load time? • What are your response time goals? • Dynamic or static web architecture? 5

  6. Architectural Considerations • Support for multiple client types required? • Ultra-thin, Java, Client/Server • Support multiple component models required? • Java, C++, PB, etc. • Static vs. Dynamic? • Most sites will be dynamic • No frames • Lump queries together • Design for simple interfaces/lowest common denominator • No Java or Javascript • Future open architecture for wherever clients, customers or partners data currently resides? • Sybase, Oracle, Mainframe, etc. 6

  7. Design Goals for Startup Architectures • First proof of concept architectures tend to be simple and inexpensive • As site matures, additional needs arise and architecture changes • Key aspects often overlooked: • Availability - Fault Tolerance • No protection against partial or complete failure • Scalability • Initial hardware and software investment barely supports volume growth • Productivity • Development and deployment flexibility • Security • Protection for the customer, and you

  8. Complete Software/Service solution for Startups PRODUCTS: Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.0 - 2 copies, 10 seats High Availability (2) Java (2) Enterprise Application Server Developer Edition 3.5 - 5 seats Power J jConnect for JDBC PowerDesigner Object Architect 7.0 - 1 seat SERVICES: Extended 24 X 7 technical support and upgrades 1 day of professional services consulting – onsite Sybase Startup.Com Solution

  9. Availability Scalability Sybase Productivity Availability with Sybase Startup.Com: Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.0 • Continuous Database Availability • Automatic Server Failover • Automatic Client Failover • Highly Scalable • Realtime Database Maintenance & Tuning • Monitor: Q Diagnostics • Manage: Sybase Central • Maintain: Online Utilities • Deploy: License Management

  10. Availability with Sybase Startup.Com: Continuous Database Availability Primary Server Server High Availability • Active/Active configuration • Integration with vendor HA solutions • Sun - Sun Cluster • IBM - HACMP • HP - ServiceGuard • Compaq - TruCluster • Windows NT - MCS • Automatic Database Fail-over and Recovery Companion Server Primary Server x Companion Server

  11. Availability Scalability Sybase Productivity Scalability with Sybase Startup.Com:Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.0 • Load balancing • Resource governor and logical process manager • Multiple network engines and affinity scheduling • Parallel query execution and parallel I/O • OpenSwitch: • Load balancing and chaining • Connection cache • Resource governing

  12. Browser HTTP PB App EA Server COM Java App EJB CORBA C, C++ App Java Applets JDBC Scalability with Sybase Startup.Com:Enterprise Application Server • Load balancing • Instance, thread, and database connection pooling • Allocation of application accesses and transactions to the least used server hardware • Access to a broad range of popular databases • JDBC and ODBC support

  13. Client Logic Logic HTTP(S) Web Server IIOP(S) CGI, ISAPI, NSAPI Enterprise Application Server Wrapper Wrapper Wrapper Wrapper Adapters Enterprise Systems Flexibility with Sybase Startup.Com: Enterprise Application Server • Support for every major component model • Support for every major client model • Support for every major database access system • Enterprise Class Services • Open design supporting any front end, back-end or development paradigm

  14. PowerBuilder Java ActiveX C/C++ CORBA Session Management Result Set Transaction Management Role Based Security Object Instance Pooling Connection Pooling Sybase Application Server (EAS):The Quintessential Internet Glue for Startup.coms High Speed Connectivity HTTP TDS IIOP High Speed Connectivity JDBC - ODBC Sybase CT-lib Oracle OCI Java Sybase ActiveX Mainframe Naming Services Multi-byte Character Sets Custom Services Web Multi-Threaded Kernel Oracle, Informix,Microsoft Enterprise Application Server Business Logic and Access Rules Power Builder Use native JDBC to interface from Java directly to Database Java Applets

  15. Availability Scalability Sybase Productivity Productivity with Sybase Startup.Com: Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.0 • Productivity Technologies for Startup.Coms • Native Java Support • Java VM in ASE 12.0 • Java Language Support • Java Standards • SQL J 0, 1, 2, Java Beans • Tight XML Integration • Manage XML Content • Store,Manage,Retrieve • Index and Search • Generate XML data

  16. Step Definition Deliverable Data Discovery (Business Rules and Data) Data-Flow Diagrams Analysis Business logic Definition (Class Diagrams) Class Diagrams Entity Relationship Diagrams Physical Data Models Business Rule & Data Definition (Conceptual Diagrams) Design Database Schema (Java Objects and Database-Resident Code) Database Code Generation (Server) Data Definition Language Implementation Business Object Generation (Client, Application Server) Java / PB Source Code The Application Design Life Cycle

  17. Productivity with Sybase Srtartup.Com:PowerDesigner 7.0 Object Architect • Forward engineer class diagrams or conceptual data models into physical models • Generate over 30 types of RDBMS • Forward engineer business logic from a class diagram • Database, application server or rich client • Reverse engineer backend database information • Both physical and conceptual data models • Reverse engineer existing business logic into a class diagram SYBASE Integrated Database And Business Logic Modeling Sybase PowerDesigner 7 ObjectArchitect

  18. Benefits of Sybase Start-up.comImproves Startups Chances of Success • Rapid set-up of e-commerce infrastruture for a start-up company • Enterprise class from the start • High availability architecture • Highly scalable • Fast and easy to get “up & running” • Flexible development and deployment • 24 x 7 extended support • Low cost entry point for development • Work with customer according to their business requirements

  19. • Business Challenge: • Create an online gift solution • Allows individuals and businesses to give personalized gift certificates • Redeemable at major malls and retailers across the U.S. • Solution: •, powered by • Results: • Rapid development and deployment • infrastructure will support the company’s anticipated growth • Enable rolling out additional products in the future. “We’ve built on Sybase. I know first-hand that was created specifically to make dot com CIOs’ jobs easier, and it’s certainly done that.” - David Bloom, CIO,