our solar system n.
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Our Solar System

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Our Solar System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our Solar System. Unit Portfolio Presentation Kathy Pipes. Unit Summary.

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Our Solar System

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our solar system

Our Solar System

  • Unit Portfolio Presentation
  • Kathy Pipes
unit summary
Unit Summary

This unit is focused on the observation and exploration of some of the objects in the sky and their describable characteristics. The structure and composition of the solar system will be investigated, using various reference documents and models, as well as direct observations of visible bodies.

curriculum framing questions
Curriculum-Framing Questions
  • Essential Question
    • What effects you?
  • Unit Questions
    • What do you see when you look up?
    • How would you travel to the moon?
    • Why is it important to understand how the Sun and Earth move?
    • What is unique about each season?
  • Content Questions
    • What are the planets names, given in order from the Sun?
    • Why does the sun appear to move across the sky throughout the day?
    • Why does your shadow change throughout the day?
    • How does the rotation of the Earth cause day and night?


solar system project
Solar System Project
  • Students will design a research report on the planets and present them orally.Reports should include a written description of the planet and a trading card with a picture of the planet along with a short description.
  • Using that information, students will create a model of the solar system to help them visualize the order of the planets.
21st century skills
21st Century Skills

This project will help my students develop 21st century skills by:

  • Collaborating with peers and assuming shared responsibility for their collaborative work.
  • Monitoring one’s own understanding and learning needs.
  • Analyzing data and drawing conclusions to answer Unit Questions
  • Understanding the interconnections among systems.
gauging student needs

Purpose of the Assessment

  • To gather information about what students already know and what
  • they wonder about the solar system.
  • What I want to learn from my students?
  • I want to find out what they already know about the Unit Questions
  • and what they know about writing a report.
  • How I have tried to promote higher-order thinking?
  • I ask students to analyze the different aspects of the solar system
  • and prepare a report to present their findings.
  • How the assessment information helps me and my students plan for upcoming activities in the unit?
  • I can use the information from the assessment to meet my students
  • needs before we start the unit. If students have misconceptions about, I can provide scaffolds. If students have different levels of
  • understanding, I can provide various resources. We will revisit this
  • assessment throughout the unit for students to add their knowledge.
Gauging Student Needs
goals for my students
Goals for My Students

To learn how scientists collect and think about data

  • To use technology as a tool to research, organize, evaluate and communicate information,
  • To become more independent learners as well as learn to workappropriately and productively with others