My treatment process
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My treatment process. By Leah Rafferty. A treatment is a document finalising the ideas for a product. Masthead .

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My treatment process

My treatment process

By Leah Rafferty

Masthead product.

  • My masthead ‘Harmony’ because harmony is a musical term meaning 'simultaneous combination of notes in a chord‘ and I think fits in nicely into the genre of POP music. I came up with the idea of adding the pink neon glow to my masthead to show that my magazine will

House style colour scheme
House style & colour scheme product.

  • For the majority of my text I am going using ‘Century Gothic’ but for my main masthead I am using then for my sub headings I am going to use

  • I am going to use the colour pink denim blue and white. I was going to use a more darker blue but from my feedback they said that they were going to clash so I changed the shade of blue to a lighter colour.

Ideas for main cover image
Ideas for main cover image product.

  • I am going to get three girls to model as my girl band, for the main image I am wanting them all together in a side ways line up but looking forward to the camera smiling. I am going to have very minimal cover-lines like they do in ‘Q’.

  • I will use a sticker to advertise competitions I will be doing.

  • The main story will be in a denim blue font on a bright pink background. My other cover lines will be in the same colour but a different font the font I used for my main cover image looks like this.

Front cover flat plan
Front cover flat plan product.

  • I have the masthead right at the top left corner in a sharp pink colour. I have the main image of the girls together of the girls close together. I have the strap line ‘The UK’s best music magazine for young adults’ just under the masthead. For my banners I don’t want to use the usual box shape but instead I want to use a brush stroke. This is to show that its new and just made and it is making a change to something.

Contents flat plan
Contents flat plan product.

  • I will have a large image of the girls at them bottom, it will be in three columns like many other generic contents pages. I will also have another image of when me and my friend met a band. This will be under the article ‘Your Harmony’. I will have pictures from when I went to a concert and some signature I have gotten from famous people. I will have a ‘Hey readers’ where I talk about what’s going on in HQ.

Double page spread flat plan
Double page spread flat plan product.

  • I will have a full image of the girl group on the right side of the page while having the interview on the left. I will use a large pull quote on top of the main picture. In the bottom corner I will have a picture of all three girls and who they are. In the top right corner I will have the masthead to identify that it is my magazine that did this interview. In the top left corner I will have something saying ‘Pop’s new shock’.

Price and frequency
Price and frequency product.

  • My magazine will be £2.49 each issue and will be released fortnightly

Image ideas
Image ideas product.

  • For my contents page I will use the pictures I took when I went to a gig with my friend and we met this band. I will also need more images of the girls for the dps I will have them posed like this but I will also try get some in the moment shot of them laughing and being themselves. I will need photos from the live concert and pictures of the signatures I have gotten.