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INERELA+ KENYA Turning The Tide: Overcoming Stigma and Discrimination through HIV Positive Religious Leaders; Lessons from Kenya. Jane M. Ng'ang'a National Coordinator. Overview. Share with you what INERELA+ Kenya is about

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    1. INERELA+ KENYA Turning The Tide: Overcoming Stigma and Discrimination through HIV Positive Religious Leaders; Lessons from Kenya Jane M. Ng'ang'a National Coordinator

    2. Overview • Share with you what INERELA+ Kenya is about • Highlight the challenge of stigma and discrimination in the response to HIV and AIDS • Describe what we are doing to overcome S&D working with religious leaders • Key lessons and challenges we have faced

    3. INERELA+ Kenya International NEtwork of REligiousLeaders living with or personally affected by HIV and AIDS

    4. Kenya Uganda Malawi Tanzania Zambia DRC Nigeria Madagascar Mozambique South Africa Rwanda Zimbabwe Lesotho Swaziland Namibia Ethiopia Botswana Sierra Leon INERELA+ Chapters

    5. The Challenge of Stigma and Discrimination • Moralization • Denial • Inaction • Misaction

    6. Mis-Action Posters 'It is immoral to teach family life education in schools’. Sex education is not the cure for AIDS, Abstinence and fidelity are!’ • opposing reproductive health education in schools.

    7. Mis-Action Posters 'No legalization of abortion, it is murder'; 'More contraceptives, more abortions' and 'Trust condoms, trust death'. Source: English-Health Science

    8. INERELA+ Kenya Implementation cycle Encourage, Support faith leaders to know their HIV status Mobilise for Capacity Building Live openly and use self and voice for change Encourage, support to Disclose – gradual personal voluntary disclosure, e.g. C tthrough Call Service Advocate at regional and national level Mutual Support – through Support Groups Engage /develop faith community responses

    9. Approach by INERELA+ Kenya • Multiplying SAVE SaferPractices Access to treatment and nutrition VoluntaryCounseling & Testing Empowerment • Partnerships

    10. Turning the Tide “We want to apologize for not doing what we should have done and for doing what we should not have done. We need to wake up to meet the needs and challenges of the pandemic” Reduced SSDDIM Archbishop Emeritus B. Nzimbi, during INERELA+ meetings in Kenya

    11. Lessons Learnt • Training enables disclosure • Creation of Agents of change and supporting them brings about the Environment of trust • SAVE model of prevention • Partnership and networking

    12. Challenges and Next Steps • Capacity at grassroots • Increasing the number of Agents of change • National debates and advocacy

    13. HIV is a virus ...........Not a moral Issue

    14. Thank You for Your Time! • Questions…