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COE Student Submission Tool - for District Assessment Coordinators PowerPoint Presentation
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COE Student Submission Tool - for District Assessment Coordinators

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COE Student Submission Tool - for District Assessment Coordinators - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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COE Student Submission Tool - for District Assessment Coordinators. Cindy JoupeR , ESD 113 Amanda Mount, OSPI May 15, 2014. Topics Covered:. Using current tools to check eligibility New COE online tool for District Assessment Coordinators to: track student submissions

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coe student submission tool for district assessment coordinators

COE Student Submission Tool - for District Assessment Coordinators

Cindy JoupeR, ESD 113

Amanda Mount, OSPI

May 15, 2014

topics covered
Topics Covered:
  • Using current tools to check eligibility
  • New COE online tool for District Assessment Coordinators to:
    • track student submissions
    • view and respond to scoring alerts
  • How to request access to the COE Scoring Manager to get real-time data about student submissions
  • Strategies, timelines and forms to ensure a smooth submission
  • Who to call for help when needed
checking eligibility
Checking Eligibility

Method 1

  • Log in to EDS with District Assessment Coordinator account
    • Need both District Assessment Coordinator and District Administrator roles
    • Choose eCOE from the application list
    • “Work in School”
    • Under Status > Student eligibility
    • Most global view
    • Shows all students in school and all content areas
add remove students
Add/remove students
  • Method 2: Add/Remove Students screen
    • Content area specific
    • Info on full and augmentation eligibility
    • Teacher view
student submission screen
Student submission screen
  • Method 3: Student submission screen
    • Specific to student/content
    • Available after at least one task is completed
    • Teacher view
key dates
Key dates
  • Math and biology eligibility updated 4/30/2014
  • Reading and writing update by 6/2/2014
    • Possible eligibility changes:
      • “Y” to “A” – if student meets standard on HSPE, not eligible to submit COE
      • “N” to “Y” – student failed to meet standard on HSPE for second time; now eligible for COE
    • “Y” to “N” – problem with data; call or email to resolve
    • “N” to “N” – check assessment records – contact OSPI if records don’t match
take action
Take action
  • Check math and biology now
  • Re-check reading and writing on June 2
  • Submission closes 6/11/2014
strategies for a smooth submission
Strategies for a smooth submission

Plan ahead

  • Resolve student eligibility issues well before the submission deadline
      • When possible,have students submit final collection to teachers 2 weeks before the submission deadline
      • Complete teacher and building/district review of submissions the week before the submission deadline
      • When possible, submit before the very last day. Submission opens June 2 and remains open until June 11 at 5 pm
checking submissions
Checking submissions
  • New for June 2014 submissions
  • Beta testing – feedback welcome
  • Need to request account
  • Next year you will log in with EDS credentials
  • Real-time information
  • For District Assessment Coordinators and designees
  • District Assessment Coordinator needs to request the accounts – DAC email will be verified
requesting account
Requesting account
  • Send email to Cindy at
  • Subject line: COE Account
  • Include:
    • Name
    • Email
    • District
    • Fax number
    • Name and email of designee if applicable
  • On June 2 we will send you a fax with a link to log in and account information
  • Please retain information securely
submission status
Submission status
  • Reading/Writing/Biology = “Sufficient”
    • Tells you that the State has received the electronic submission and the collection is ready for scoring
    • All sufficiency checks are managed by the system before submission
    • Biology diagrams are not part of the sufficiency check
  • Math Year 1/Math Year 2
    • “Submitted” – electronic submission complete; work not scanned
    • “Scanned, sufficient” – student work received and scanned; no sufficiency errors found
    • “Failed sufficiency” – submission missing one or more required elements
    • Allow 3 – 4 weeks after submission for scanning to complete
math coe submissions
Math COE submissions
  • Two part submission process
    • Electronic submission – generates work sample documentation form
    • Paper submission – all student tasks plus work sample documentation form signed by the student
  • If actual submitted tasks do not match the work sample documentation, collection may be insufficient
  • Do not include tasks that are not listed on form – they will not be scored
  • Do not write in tasks on form
  • On-demand indication comes from the system, not what is printed on the paper
collections with submission errors
Collections with submission errors
  • Common errors include:
    • No principal signature
      • What we do:
        • Contact district
        • Offer tech support
        • Reduce stipend
    • Math submitted electronically, but not paper
      • What we do:
        • Contact district
        • Reduce stipend
    • Math submitted on paper but not electronically
      • What we do:
        • Contact district
        • Offer tech support
        • Reduce stipend
resolving scoring alerts
Resolving scoring alerts
  • District Assessment Coordinator can view and respond to test irregularities online
  • Link to actual student work (as submitted)
  • Annotations from OSPI
  • Opportunity to respond online
scoring alerts
Scoring alerts
  • Listed by content area
  • Clicking on the link will display original student work
  • Annotations will indicate why the work was alerted
  • After investigating the irregularity, District will be able to agree or refute the claims of the alert. OSPI will make the final determination on refuted alerts/scoring irregularities after reviewing the district investigation.
viewing alerts
Viewing Alerts
  • Two clickable links
    • Barcode number – shows the task or prompt that was alerted
    • Status – shows the annotations and provides a place for district input
timeline for 2013 14
Timeline for 2013-14
  • Spring Scores
    • Augmentation results posted on WAMS May 30
    • Score appeal results posted on WAMS May 30
  • June submission
    • Deadline is June 11 at 5 pm
    • Score results posted on WAMS
      • Reading and writing July 18
      • Math and Biology August 29
coe level 2 cut score
COE Level 2 Cut Score

The L2 cut-score for COEs are effective immediately, allowing for retroactive application of ‘Basic’ in the established content areas (reading, writing, and math).

“Retro Basic” updates will be available to any students still enrolled in the K-12 system, per concurrence of the IEP team.

For more information:

level 2 by content
Level 2 by content
  • For COE Reading, Writing & Math, the current augmentation score band will be used as the L2.
  • COE Biology will have its proficient cut-score established; at the same time the L2 cut-score for Biology will be derived. The L2 cuts-score will also be used as the augmentation score for Biology.
  • As new COEs in ELA and Math are transitioned to assess the Common Core State Standards, new cut-scores will be established.
requesting level 2
Requesting Level 2
  • Forms are to be submitted by District Assessment Coordinators or their designees
  • Write-in “COE” as the test type
  • The Retro Basic Request form can be found at this link:
  • Fax the form to OSPI at: 360-725-6509
    • OSPI will process the forms starting June 1, 2014.
    • Inquiries will be responded to after June 15th, not before.
new policy subsequent coe
New policy: Subsequent COE
  • OSPI will provide students the opportunity to submit subsequent COEs per content area
  • Financial obligations beyond the first submission will fall to the district
  • June 2014 - the district will not receive the $200 stipend.
  • 2014-15 onward - district will not receive the $200 stipend and the $200 vendor support costs will be deducted from the district’s apportionment check
criteria for subsequent coes in june 2014
Criteria for subsequent COEs in June 2014:
  • must include 6 to 8 work samples
  • two on-demand work samples
  • consist of any combination of
    • unrevised previously submitted tasks
    • revised previously submitted tasks
    • new tasks
  • if an on-demand work sample is revised it becomes an extended time task; a new on-demand task may be needed to fulfill sufficiency criteria.

We highly recommend at least half of the subsequent collection consists of new tasks.

math subsequent coe
Math – subsequent COE

For original exact copies of (retired task) work samples:

retired tasks still appear in the student’s task bank

print out a new cover sheet for the task

submit it in place of the copied cover sheetFor original revised (retired task) work samples:

retired tasks still appear in the student’s task bank

print out a new copy of the task for the student

revisions must be completed on a fresh copy of the task, and not by crossing things off of the old taskFor all new tasks using the current inclusion bank:

using the online COE system, print and have the student complete the task as per the usual instructions

Additional information can be found at:

subsequent coes and augmentation
Subsequent COEs and Augmentation

An augment eligible student must choose between augmenting or submitting a subsequent COE in any one scoring round for each content area. A student may not submit a subsequent COE and then augment a previously submitted COE in the same content area.

preparing for june
Preparing for June

Request Direct Access, Access Appeals or Score Appeals 2 to 3 weeks prior to the submission date

All COE related forms can be found at:

contact information
Contact Information

Cindy Jouper, ESD 113

Amanda Mount, OSPI

Technical Support or #360-464-6708

Feedback welcome! Send to or