thermomechanical cuttings cleaner n.
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Thermomechanical Cuttings Cleaner

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Thermomechanical Cuttings Cleaner. Baroid’s Drilling Waste Management Solutions. Why Baroid?. 1925 Filed patent for first barite-based drilling fluid 1930 First mud school 1932 First mud-testing procedures and kit 1939 First mud-logging service 1940s Pioneers service by air and sea

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thermomechanical cuttings cleaner

Thermomechanical Cuttings Cleaner

Baroid’s Drilling Waste Management Solutions

why baroid
Why Baroid?

1925 Filed patent for first barite-based drilling fluid

1930 First mud school

1932 First mud-testing procedures and kit

1939 First mud-logging service

1940s Pioneers service by air and sea

1950s Invents foam drilling technology

1960s Invents oil-based fluid, Invermul® system

1970s Develops new fluids for hostile geology

1980s Develops mud loop testing, improves waste management

1990s Pioneers biodegradable invert drilling fluids

2000s Rolls out first families of clay-free synthetic and high performance water-based fluids 2010s Introduces automated mud monitoring equipment to industry



Reducing Waste to Landfill with Maximum Oil Recovery



  • Maximize oil recovery for re-use in system
  • Reduce the need for buying fresh base oil make-up
  • Safe infield transportation of unmixed cuttings
  • Improve environmental leadership image through reduction of waste disposal, resource consumption, GHG emissions, transportation exposure


  • Thermomechanical Cuttings Cleaner is a perfect tool to combat issues related to:
  • Drilling in environmentally sensitive and/or remote areas
  • Drilling waste disposal


Halliburton Baroid’s TCC unit, used at the source of the drilling waste, can eliminate transportation costs and reduces excessive manual handling improving HSE benefits over other thermal options and maximize oil recovery by 99% for system re-use.



  • Thermomechanical Cuttings Cleaner applications:
  • Oil Based Drill Cuttings
    • Rock Cuttings
    • Salt Cuttings
  • Slop’s
  • Other Hydrocarbon wastes
  • Onshore operations
  • Offshore operations

offshorePeripheral Equipment

  • Pneumatic Cuttings Transfer Pumps
  • Additional Bulk Handling Tanks
  • Air Compressors
  • Storage Containers

onshorePeripheral Equipment

  • Variable size recoverable fluid storage tanks
  • Treated and Untreated Cuttings Transfer Equipment
  • Excavators


  • Mobile Modular Design
  • Quick Installation
  • Flexibility in layout and configurations
  • High Processing Rate
  • Small Footprint
  • Low Power Requirements
  • Easy integration with Halliburton pneumatic storage and conveying systems, Honey Comb Base Tanks (HCB™) & SupaVac SV400.


  • Direct heating of the waste stream results in maximum energy efficiency
  • Recovered base oil can be directly recycled
  • Dried solids are clean and can be repurposed in commercial applications such as road construction
  • Unit offers rapid start-up and shutdown, which facilitates simple maintenance tasks


Baroid scientists and engineers work with state of the art equipment and an extensive global database in order to perform comprehensive testing analysis on a global scale.

Baroid’s Laboratory Services include:

  • Analytical technical support
  • Bioassay technical support
  • Reservoir fluids technical services
  • Drilling fluids technical services
  • Industrial drilling products lab
  • Quality assurance
  • Research and development