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The Home Education Exchange PowerPoint Presentation
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The Home Education Exchange

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The Home Education Exchange - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Home Education Exchange. Shoreline Schools Parent Partner Program.

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The Home Education Exchange

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The Home Education Exchange

Shoreline Schools

Parent Partner Program


The Home Education Exchange is a program that provides home educated students in grades K-12 the means to access Shoreline School District resources under the direction of their parents and with the support of district staff.

The program is funded through the State’s general education fund as defined by the State Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) Program under WAC 392-121-108, identified as a Parent Partner Program, and is self-regulating.


The facilities located at the

Grace Cole Education Complex (old Kellogg) fulfill the unique requirements for this program.


The program serves 103 full and part-time students (96.97 FTE) in grades K-12.

Support includes on-site classes and workshops, coordination of special events, field trips, education planning and assessment. Members have access to curriculum materials and equipment as specified in their student learning plans.

Parents assume the primary role of teaching with the support of program staff. Students follow a written learning plan tied to the state learning goals.


The Home Education Exchange has three Shoreline staff members.

Ron Jones

Program Coordinator - 1.0 FTE

Laura Brown

Homeschool Curriculum Specialist - .6 FTE

Trudi Grimes

HEE Specialist/Office Manager - .9 FTE


The program serves K-12 students and their families. It is not a “drop-off” program, parents are required to be on campus while the student is attending.

Many parents bring their babies and toddlers.

The Home Education Exchange offers individual support to families; providing help selecting curriculum, obtaining materials, and formulating student learning plans.


More than 35 classes & workshops are offered on-site.

Subjects range from core curriculum classes in Reading, English, Writing, Math, Science and History to classes in P.E., Art, Music, Drama, Sewing, Cooking, Gardening, and Life Skills

Some classes are taught by “Contract Teachers” typically teachers on leave or retired and other qualified adults willing to teach a class once a week.

Shoreline Credits are not earned at the Home Education Exchange and do not lead to a Shoreline High School Diploma.


The program occupies the “E” Wing. Some rooms are specialized for the subjects taught, others are configured as general purpose classrooms. A few spaces are designated for common use and others are set up for quiet study areas. Toddlers and babies typically stay in the Cedar Spring Room. The gym and playground are used daily.


A number of the rooms are designated for specific subjects.

The Science Room was recently remodeled to provide a full high school lab capability.

Nutrition Center with a full kitchen was also added.


Our Sewing Room accommodates Life Skills, English and Writing classes.

Our Art Room includes the History and Social Studies classes.

The Drama Room is also used for large group meetings and rainy day activities.

The Gym is used frequently for PE and other large group activities.


The Cedar Spring Room is the Community Room. Everyone from parents with babies and toddlers to students from kindergarten to high school regularly access the learning stations and special activities.


The Science and Life Skills classes maintain a year-round garden.

The Large Projects Room is used to assemble projects that require a large area for extended periods.

When weather allows, students take advantage of the playground and field.


It’s about, learning, friends, and community,

The families value the facility for its privacy, safety, and sense of community. The students and parents put a high value on homeschooling and want to maintain a degree of separation from the all day public schools.