ftm 483 global trade and sourcing in textiles and apparel n.
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FTM 483: Global Trade and Sourcing in Textiles and Apparel PowerPoint Presentation
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FTM 483: Global Trade and Sourcing in Textiles and Apparel

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FTM 483: Global Trade and Sourcing in Textiles and Apparel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FTM 483: Global Trade and Sourcing in Textiles and Apparel
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  1. FTM 483:Global Trade and Sourcing in Textiles and Apparel Research Resources @ NCSU Libraries Greg Tourino Associate Director Textiles Library & Engineering Services greg_tourino@ncsu.edu

  2. Main Topics • Approaches to Research • First Steps • Market Research • Demographics and Cultural Analysis • Trade Statistics • Competitors • Citing your sources & Research Assistance

  3. Two Approaches to Market Research Primary data: Secondary sources: Generate original data Compiled Information Specific/ focused Generic/ higher level Difficult Relatively easy to access to access or afford or afford $$$$$$ Custom Reports Market Research Reports Scholarly Research Government Statistics & Reports NCSU Libraries subsidizes & facilitates access

  4. Primary Research

  5. Secondary Research • Books • Business & Academic Literature • Internet NCSU Library & TRLN Catalogs: TripSaverNCSU, UNC, Duke, and NCCU Library Databases: Business Source Premier, LexisNexis, IBISWorld Websites: OTEXA - U.S. Department of Commerce, NC Textiles Connect, Company websites

  6. “Top 10” Issues/Challenges Identified 1. Quality (product and service) 2. Sustainability 3. Production/sourcing 4. Ethics/compliance/workers rights 5. Economics/financial/exchange rates 6. Political, social, cultural, legal (including illegal), government (including trade laws) issues 7. Communication and cultural barriers 8. Technology 9. Intellectual Property -- protection and violations 10. Market characteristics, market development (including branding, market structure -- developed/developing)

  7. First Steps:Who might publish the information you need? Common sources of market information: • Trade Associations (Cotton Incorporated) • Government Departments (OTEXA – Office of Textiles and Apparel U.S.Commercial Service) • Business Press (Library Databases) • Academic Researchers (Library Databases) • Private Research Firms (Forrester.com)

  8. First Steps:Where do you find the information? Economic Information LOOKING FOR: CPI, labour Production GDP Import/Export FIND IT IN: Government websites, NGO websites, Library databases Industry & Company Information LOOKING FOR: Profile, Market size, Key players, customers Trends, Forecasts, Opportunities FIND IT IN: Library databases, Trade associations, Company web sites, Government websites Consumer Information LOOKING FOR: Behaviour Demographics Preferences Motivators FIND IT IN: Government websites, NGO websites, Library databases, Reference Books

  9. First Steps:NCSU Libraries Website The library’s home page: www.lib.ncsu.edu Click on “Course Tools”

  10. Then enter FTM 483

  11. Market Research • Articles in the business press are a great source of information about industry trends, new products, market projections, and other topics.

  12. Market Research

  13. Business Source Premier LexisNexis Market Research

  14. Analyzing Your Topic • Before searching the databases, analyze your topic: break it down into concepts and think of synonyms for each idea. • Use AND / OR / NOT to combine terms to narrow or broaden your database searches. • Use * Truncation symbol to find all variations of a word ex. A search for "forest* " will result in items containing any of:  forestry, forest, and forests

  15. Basic Search Question • Topic: What are the trends in the women's clothing market? • Concepts: clothing AND women AND trend* • Synonyms: apparel AND female AND fashion

  16. Business Source Premier

  17. Business Source Premier

  18. Business Source Premier

  19. Market Research LexisNexis Academic

  20. LexisNexis Academic

  21. Business Conditions, Demographics & Cultural Analysis

  22. Business Conditions, Demographics & Cultural Analysis • Government or NGO Sources CIA (World Factbook), U.S. Department of State (Background Notes), World Bank (Enterprise Surveys) • SearchBusiness Source Premier, and/or LexisNexis for articles on business conditions and economic forecasts.

  23. Business Conditions, Demographics & Cultural Analysis • Databases: Search the Global Market Information Database (GMID) or UNData for consumer expenditure patterns or trends • US Commercial Service Market Research Library • Search Business Source Premier, and/or LexisNexis for articles on demographics and consumer behavior.

  24. CIA World Factbook

  25. US Department of State: Background Notes

  26. World Bank: Enterprise Surveys

  27. GMID

  28. UNdata

  29. US Commercial Service: Market Research Library

  30. US Commercial Service: Market Research Library

  31. US Commercial Service: Market Research Library

  32. Trade Statistics

  33. Trade Statistics OTEXA (Office of Textiles and Apparel)

  34. TradeStats Express

  35. NC Textile Connect

  36. NC Textile Connect

  37. NC Textile Connect

  38. Competitors – Market Share

  39. Competitors – Market Share • Business Source Premier (Search Industry Profiles – ex. Apparel) • Market Share Reporter(NCSU Libraries Reference Collection; Online) • Also search Business Source Premier, and LexisNexis for articles in the business press.

  40. Industry Profiles Business Source Premier

  41. Business Source Premier

  42. Market Share Reporter

  43. Writing your Assignments, Citing your Sources & Research Assistance

  44. Citing Your Information Sources

  45. Doing Your Research @ Home

  46. Reference & Research Assistance • In-person, Telephone, E-mail Honora Eskridgehonora_eskridge@ncsu.edu Phone: 919 | 515-6120 Greg Tourino greg_tourino@ncsu.edu Phone: 919 | 513-3862 David Zwickydavid_zwicky@ncsu.edu Phone: 919 | 515-6602

  47. Find more FTM 483 resources at:http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/course/FTM/483