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Careers Beyond Hospital & Primary Care PowerPoint Presentation
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Careers Beyond Hospital & Primary Care

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Careers Beyond Hospital & Primary Care - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Careers Beyond Hospital & Primary Care
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  1. Careers Beyond Hospital & Primary Care Calum Leckie, PhD The Careers Group, University of London

  2. Widening Horizons Clinical Practice Using Health Knowledge Using Transferable Skills Global Health & International Development Health Care & Pharma Industry Effort /Time /Risk Non-UK & commercial practice General Medical / Scientific Services Other Not for Profit UK Government / public sector

  3. Defence Medical Services Navy, Army, Air force Prison Health Service Overseas Medicine Developed Countries Developing Countries Other: Occupational Medicine Sports & Exercise Medicine Expedition Medicine Benefits work (Medical Adviser) Maritime Medicine Clinical Practice Beyond the NHS

  4. Medical Practice in Developed Countries - Examined • Issues to Consider • Huge variety of healthcare systems • Clinical roles & responsibilities will vary • UK equiv. training may or may not be sufficient to practice • Registration essential • Lot of competition • Advice - RESEARCH • Roles, registration, visas, application process, • return to UK implications • Network with colleagues • Make clear – clinical skills, management, research, publications

  5. Not for Profit & International Development UK Health Charities: • Health promotion • Advocacy • Research • Policy NGO’s, Multilateral Agencies & Consultancies All the above and: • Health Economists • Technical Advisers • Monitoring & Evaluation • Programme Managers • Analyst / Researcher • Medic / Medical Coordinator

  6. Job Specification: Medical Coordinator Requirements: • Medical background (doctor or nurse) • Post-registration experience in public health or tropical medicine (e.g. studies in infectious diseases (HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis), refugee health, MCH) • Minimum of 3 months' travel or work experience in developing countries • Overseas NGO experience in a supervisory role of medical programs as a project co-coordinator or medical team leader • Demonstrable experience in supervising, managing and training others • Notable experience in project proposals and planning and health assessments • Willingness to commit for a minimum of 12 months • Willing to work in unstable areas • Adaptable and able to work in a team • Flexible and able to manage stress • Desirable: • Previous field experience with MSF • Training in epidemiology, refugee health care and/or the MSF PSP course • Familiarity with health and human rights issues

  7. PublicHealth • Health Improvement e.g. senior health improvement manager, e.g. medical education • Health Protection e.g. emergency planning coordinator • Health Intelligence e.g. epidemiologist • Academic e.g. research associate • Health & Social Care Quality e.g. health & safety adviser • Strategy & Management e.g. strategic director

  8. The Healthcare Industry • Consultancy • Analyst - consultant - senior consultant / manager • Freelance • Communications • Medical writer • Corporate communications • Public Relations • Intellectual Property • Technical assistant – patent attorney • Patent examiner • Biotechnology & • Pharmaceuticals • Safety & pharmacovigilance • Clinical Trails management • Medical Affairs • Marketing • Research & Development

  9. Medical Affairs - Examined Nature of Role: • Understanding & sharing prod. Info. • Work with: marketing + commercial team, external experts & medical authorities Skills Used: • Team working, communication, medical expertise, experience of research and regulatory affairs Issues to consider: • Membership of Royal College • Several years experience • Recruitment: multiple testing & interviews • Mobile career e.g. between CROs, consultancy, other agencies • Not restricted to industry

  10. Medical affairs ‘You'll be providing expert medical insight and strategic direction to how our organisation presents both itself and its products to the world. With particular focus on our relationships with the NHS, clinicians and patient advocacy groups, you'll work across a range of internal departments interpreting data, ethical codes, clinical opinion and environmental issues. You'll also contribute to strategy development at a UK and European level. Far from playing a support role, you'll be right at the heart of a fully integrated medical marketing team, allowing you to make a real impact on the business.’

  11. Something a bit Different! • Medical Translation: reports, research, patents, validation • Medical Journalism: print media, radio, television • Medical Education • Medical Devices: R&D, regulation, sales & marketing • Forensic Research: University, civil service • Other Professions: • Law • Management consultant • Civil service • Equity research analyst

  12. The Role Provide tech expertise, solve business problems & offer solutions Areas: management & strategy, implementation, technical The Firms Generalist e.g. McKinsey, Deloitte Niche e.g. Bazian, Futures Group,UnitedHealth Skills & Issues Interpersonal & communication Intellectual ability Teamwork Analytical Multitask Long hours / pressure Management Consultant - Examined

  13. Beyond Clinical Practice: General Issues • May require new courses and qualifications • Some relevant – related experience • Applications: require emphasis on transferable skills • May have to consider entry level positions – salary implications • Do your research – networking & informational interviewing • Labour Market Research essential – future trends e.g. funding, recruitment

  14. Managing Career Change Four Stages Self exploration Option exploration Decision making Implementation

  15. Self Exploration What am I good at? What am I not so good at? What’s important to me? What bores me? What do I enjoy? What do I avoid? Where do see myself working well? What Constrains me?

  16. Option Exploration How much research have you actually done? Which careers have you written off? Why? Which are your ‘top three’ at the moment? Why? Can you identify 5 that you will explore in further detail?

  17. Informational Interviewing ‘A meeting in which a job seeker asks for career and industry advice rather than employment’ • Build networks in area of interest • Don’t ask for a job straight away • Do your research • What’s your aim? – informed questions • Ask for further contacts

  18. Building your Networks • Industry professional bodies • Trade journals • Vacancy pages • Careers directories e.g. • Newspaper articles • Employer websites • Networking events • Careers fairs • Online networks • Alumni databases & societies

  19. How have you made previous decisions? Procrastination or knee-jerk reaction? SWOT analysis Keep external/internal factors in context Keep options open Decision Making

  20. Online Tools Career Options career options for medics (Clinical & Non-Clinical) General careers Libraries Pharma. & Biotech. Communications Public Health (UK & International) Career Management

  21. C2 – who we are • Part of The Careers Group, University of London • One of the largest careers service providers in Europe: over 40 Careers Consultants, and 24 support staff • C2 was established in 1998 to work with external organisations, and individual clients with considerable career experience • Considerable experience working with clinicians and researchers - in academia and beyond • Clients include: BMA, Cancer Research UK, London Deanery, Institute of Cancer Research, Disability Rights Commission, English Nature, EBI, and Council of Europe

  22. The aim of career counselling at C2 • Enable clients to build and maintain successful careers by helping them to develop: • deeper self-understanding • increased awareness of their options • the ability to make good decisions • the appropriate skills and tactics needed to make successful career transitions

  23. BMA Careers Services • • BMA members can choose services from an integrated package which includes: • Free comprehensive careers information – BMA website • Free impartial online careers guidance – Sci59 – online psychometric questionnaire • Confidential one-to-one careers coaching • Tailored career skills development workshops

  24. You need to Be self aware Have explored your options? Be clear in your decision making Apply effectively Utilise all the support available to you You don’t need a crystal ball

  25. Any questions? ?