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Ancient Egypt. By Jake Brunt. Introduction.

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By jake brunt

Ancient Egypt

By Jake Brunt

By jake brunt


Ancient Egypt has been a really interesting topic so far, and that is why I’m presenting this power point. There are many different facts that we already know about Egypt and many more to add on. However if we went on a trip to Egypt we would still learn but it would be much more of an exciting adventure! So please take to detail what I have put and have a long, hard think about it to see if this makes up your mind.

By jake brunt



The river Nile is 4,160 miles long!

Egypt is home to some of the most famous landmarks in the whole world which were from ancient Egypt as we already know. But in order to find out the most interesting facts we need to visit these places. One of the most famous out of all of them is the river Nile, being the longest river in the world it attracts thousands of people each year. Another famous landmark in Egypt is the pyramids of Giza, the largest pyramid in the world and out of the pyramids in Giza is, Khufu. We would all be able to visit these and many more! Plus we’d get to see these close up instead of just looking at pictures in a boring text book.

By jake brunt


Did you know Tutankhamun was only 17 when he died?

We will also learn about the Pharaohs who once ruled Egypt and what happened to them once they died. As soon as the Pharaoh was in power people would start building the Pharaoh a pyramid so that once they died they could be placed inside these tombs after mummification. One of the most famous Pharaohs was Tutankhamun who is still known for his incredibly young age. This would be something else that we could learn about if we went on this once in a life time experience.

By jake brunt

This visit would be so beneficial and we would learn many new facts to add to what we already know about ancient Egypt. When asked more than ninety five per cent of people in 6H wanted to go to Egypt on a visit. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy the sun whilst learning and visiting the extraordinary landmarks?

I hope you make the right decision, as I know you definitely will.

Thank you for reading!